Kentucky Headhunters, The - Cowboy Best Lyrics

Well, I'm doin' my cowboy best
To ride off in the sunset
But without your love by my side
This cowboy just can't ride
You taught me the ways of love
You showed me, tender dove
How to hold you, how to hold you
And I held you

But not close enough - not near enough
You became my lonesome dove
And I'll love you - yes, I'll love you

And I'm doin' my cowboy best
To ride off in the sunset
But without your love by my side
This cowboy just can't ride

I told you to hold on tight
You just laughed and closed your eyes
Said, "We'll ride on. Yeah, we'll ride on

Then, you rode away - so far away
Well, in my heart you'll always stay
And I'll love you - yes, I'll love you

Sometimes I wonder
Where your wheels are rollin'
And if you ever miss the times
You'll know which way to ride

And I'm doin' my cowboy best
To ride off in the sunset
But without your love by my side
This cowboy just can't ride

Yeah, without your love by my side
This cowboy just can't ride

Let it ride

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Kentucky Headhunters, The Cowboy Best Comments
  1. Stevedore Votes

    I found this album in a 1970s trailer in the mid 1990s while working on a farm. I still have the compact disc.🇺🇸

  2. Anthony Beesly

    tweekers of twang

  3. Kristen Jordanna mckay

    Is that Ben Stiller jk good song

  4. Tammy Phelps

    People probably wont believe this but doug & ricky lee phelps are my first cousins my dad & their dad were brothers we moved from missouri to texas when my mom married my stepfather who was in the military so i haven't seen them since i was a little girl im 62 now

  5. Linda Zeabart

    Awesome song and awesome group of guys

  6. jason hallman's inventions

    Lmfao mullet city huh

  7. Gregory James Dilmore

    I wonder how Bill Monroe felt about this version of his song?

  8. Linda Stevenson

    Woot woot

  9. Clint Walls

    where have y'all been ??

  10. Stanley Thompson

    2020 who's still w me?

  11. jvega419

    Back in 91' this was the jam on the reservation.

  12. Baxter Mark G.

    you like this ,try a song by these guys called Dumas Walkers ,

  13. Doug Pickell

    Country music when it was bad ass. Not like today’s wuss ass!

  14. dusty moore

    Happy birthday Stephen 🎂🎉 love you:,-) soon in June

  15. FlamQ Dbltap

    I love the headhunters. I hope they’re all doing well. They are an amazing band to see live. They do a Beatles medley if you can believe it and it’s absolutely awesome.👍🏻

  16. Morgan Pepper

    This is always my opening number. Good way to get the party started. My favorite KHH

  17. mimi0731

    If I ever have to have a heart operation, and I just may because I have issues, I want them to play this in the operating room. This song is great!

  18. al hatley

    love it, amen, walk softly on this heart of mine, oh too late,,,,

  19. Linda Zeabart

    One of my favorite groups my other one is highway 101

  20. G-Man

    I see now why drummer Fred Young is so thin. Just playing air drums made me tired.

  21. Bill Wilson

    Great band..

  22. golden fawn

    2020 yes and will always love this group I grew up with this music I was born in 69.

  23. Peggy Shumar

    Love this it love it...😊🎶🎸🎵❤️

  24. Alex Citron

    One of the greatest country bands... ever!

  25. rick flood

    this is the ultimate country rock song to play on a hootenany Saturday down

  26. SWS Recovery and Transport LLC

    2020 still here

  27. Aline Malcolm

    Still givin’er in 2020 ✌🏾

  28. Monte shockley

    you left too soon. you were a tight band

  29. Barrett Tallman

    2019 will go down as one of the shittiest years ever in country music. All the current artists really sucked.

  30. Nosaj Iksnek TooUglyForPorn

    This cassette was on constant play, along with Metallica's And Justice For All in 1989.

  31. Haydn Leaf

    I liked Eric church's cover

  32. kenneth scott

    dang good music

  33. John Hardesty

    A gem wrought from the depths of Glasgow Kentucky, diamonds beyond Mammoth Cave!

  34. 6891 NEL

    Great song

  35. Terri Wronker

    Fred Young the drummer was actually in the movie Sweet Dreams the Patsy Cline story. Q

  36. Lisa Fury

    Most excellent 💋

  37. Patty Keiffer Green

    Hey guys I remember partying with u guys at a club in Flatwoods WV boy what a blast

  38. jada jan

    Our jamz ❣️ Hope Life treats u Good... Good luck in life

  39. Ashley Carpenter

    2019 -Macon GA still listening to this. Miss this kind of music.

  40. Lynda Norris

    Give a like if you're still listening in December 2019😎☮️💞🌎

    Shirley Ramey

    And 2020 😊


    2020, I'm here.

    Lawerence Mann

    One of the most underrated groups they have talent

    Baxter Mark G.

    january 29,2020,still listening ,and still liking

    Scott Vance

    Jan 2020 still jamin to the headhunters

  41. Kozara Moja

    These guys were awesome!!!

  42. Terry Lewis

    Sing it and they will come

  43. jessebfly

    One of the best roots bands ever

  44. Geoff Adams

    I'm an old 61 yr old English football fan that just happens to love country music. I was in a band around 15 yrs ago most of our material was stuff I'd wrote but threw in a couple of Kentucky head hunters and the odd Dwight yoakam song.we had lots of fun
    We tried to get on the road around the south island of new Zealand. Big fucking fail.due to my manager/music mentor lying his arse off..he ripped me off along side my then fiancee. They both let me down destroyed my confidence and I've never tried to start another band again.but when I go busking I always include this song in my repertoire. It's such a good arse kicking southern rocker

  45. G Roberts

    I remember watching KH videos in college on Nashville Network/CMT in the early 90's .. Good stuff.. but now you have to pay EXTRA $$ to the cable company for CMT .. WTF

  46. Chuck Thompson

    still one of my favorites..

  47. Joel Mosier

    Just some cats who were ahead of their time. Boy it is good.

  48. Duane Brown

    One of the best country/southern rock bands ever. Sad it only lasted a little while. Imagine all the great music we would of had had they stayed together all these yrs. Time sure flies I was 19 n still wet behind the ears when this song came out.

    George Sawtooth

    They are still together! The only one missing is the lead singer who became a minister.

  49. Ryan Downs

    Love these guys old short box c10 windows down middle of july radio thumping mufflers blatting as you pass everything south bound big ass smile little hottie riding shot gun at that moment you are entering heaven...😎😜

  50. Marty Hightower

    I love them

  51. Marty Hightower

    These are my cousins

  52. J B

    Im from Brazil and discovered this band yesterday, great band, great song, this is a good music for me.

  53. Ashley Bonanno

    I had the honor of meeting them in a Jonesboro, Arkansas Wal-Mart in 1991!🤠 They were set to play "Pickin' on Nashville" at the A.S.U. Auditorium. I took off my tshirt & had everyone of them sign it! That was one of my #1 memories!💝

  54. Fran Barker

    i love this song. and its so true.

  55. wrendall nahmiwan

    still playin' ... 2019

  56. Rex Shumpert

    One of my favorite tunes.........
    Seen them live.
    "Walk on" dear

  57. Josh Miller

    Liking now 😁

  58. Rondell Schuyler

    Early 1990s raging bull saloon downtown indianapolis. Kentucky HeadHunters Travis Tritt Marty Stuart Alan Jackson . good time on that dance floor.

  59. David R. Davidson

    Howdy and salute Kentucky Headhunters from far Western Kentucky!

  60. Christine Carroll

    One of the best country songs ever. Brings me back to my bar days and how I loved to dance the night away. Good job !

  61. J Berry

    Now this was country . A nd what i listen too today thank you you tube 2019

  62. Dapper Dan


  63. Jolita Morrison

    Love Oldies....

  64. Pauline Ludwig

    love it boys

  65. Rick Andrews

    1st song I played on my new computer! Still sounds great!

  66. Randy Reed

    Always one of my favorite Rebel country band way cool I miss them

  67. Lynda Norris

    Cause loneliness moves in as you move on... 👏👏👏

  68. Norman Peterson


  69. caddyman7725

    Still just the best! I remember where I was 30 years ago when I first heard it. Still incredible!

  70. Joel Mosier

    These cats were just ahead of their time.

  71. Holly Wilson


  72. christy harrison

    Love ya still 2019

  73. Tony Summerlin

    Man, that drummer beats the shit out of those drums. Love it!

    George Sawtooth

    Yep Fred Young is an amazing drummer. Neil Peart I bet gets jealous.

  74. Dodge Ram 01

    And this is how we do it here in Kentucky by God!

  75. Michael Sizemore

    If this song doesn’t make you tap your boot 🥾 check your pulse, your not breathing!

  76. David Yeary

    you can really tell when a band lives and loves their sound and songs. dig it

  77. Larry Garry

    such Kentucky harmony and flow--this Texas gal loves the Headhunters

  78. Pamela Szillinsky

    They came to Ft Campbell Ky when we came back from the Gulf War. They were great

  79. Larry Smokey Jones

    Got to hear them live at the 2019 foothills festival in Albany Kentucky

  80. Edith Young

    Paris = I see you guys have been visiting this quite a lot well this music is a part of our past .........Charles Young .

  81. rip van winkle

    the drummer steals the show

  82. Charlie Parson

    Hey! Business in the front, party in the back!

  83. Eboogie What

    Grab a girlfriend. Woo.

  84. Peter Goettler

    Cool Country, Thxs. Intoxicated Shaman Ramblings, Keep Rocking.

  85. MrJustDIY

    Still loving this music in 2019

  86. MrPerfect1986

    back when real men had mullets and not girly man buns. SO miss that era. 2019 sucks

    Paul Andersen

    I realize it may be my age speaking, 64, but I do not get the man bun thing either.


    AWE Ha Ha Ha!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! The girly buns are so FREAKING STUPID LOOKING!!!!!!

  87. Bobbie LaVanway

    Liked it back it now.....good stuff

  88. Heather Stanfield

    Country golden

  89. Brian Whitford

    beautifully song

  90. I'm Not-Tarded

    Still a song to play full volume in my truck

  91. KingoftheCatnap

    These boys hit the market runnin'. Anyone remember them getting their award on CMA? Absolutely humble!

  92. Aurelijus Sabaliauskas

    The drummer - Travis GTAV

  93. Billy Ray

    Sedalia mo 1974

  94. J Morris

    Played this song to my Betta. Now he's a Mullet


    lmao! Good one...

  95. rheaume rube


  96. Brian Blake

    Totally forgot about these guys until I heard this song on Siruis/XM Red. White and Booze channel... :(