Kenny Rogers - Where Or When Lyrics

It seems we stood and talked like this before.
We looked at each other in the same way then,
But I can't remember where or when.

The clothes you're wearing are the clothes you wore.
The smile you were smiling you were smiling then,
But I can't remember where or when.

Some things that happened for the first time
Seem to be happening again.

And so it seems that we have met before
And laughed before and loved before,
But who knows where or when?

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Kenny Rogers Where Or When Comments
  1. Xavmuaj VT nrog luag Channel

    Hello pab rau koj lawm os pab kuv os hu tau kho siab ua luaj os

  2. Ernesto Barcomajr

    I love this song every mwrning and before sleep.. 😍😍😍

  3. Mar Pereira

    Kenner Rogers que você descanse em paz, vai cantar e alegra todos aí no céu .

    Mar Pereira

    Vou continua ouvidor suas músicas.

  4. Enegue De guzman

    Lady.through the years.she believes in decorated my life..that is my favorite song of kenny rogers...

  5. xertrex

  6. Angel Roche

    Love it ❤

  7. Daya Ratne

    Evergreen Kenny Rogers still best,,,,,,

  8. angel de austria

    I really loved his songs and music

    Charity Kornor

    Always remember my late friend when I listen to Kenny music

  9. Humbly Bless

    I love Kenny Rogers and his songs but this recording has chopped up some of his songs 😑. Not impressed.

  10. james jacobs

    lovely songs from this man no doubt

  11. Andrew Dalupang

    Good memories frm kenny rogers songs...

    Neilhouvonuo Angami

    I felt so emotional hearing this 😢😢

  12. Tendai Tembwe

    I love Kenny Rogers songs.......We got tonight l love it,
    Kenny and Dolly best collaborates ever

  13. All about Korea

    I love Kenny Rogers songs because of my loving father.

    Aravindan Vadakara

    Very sweet

  14. August Luat

    really love your voice so much ... it relaxes me ...

  15. Jayson Continedas

    January,12,2020 ..still listening 😍😍😍

  16. Rachida Rachida

    عندي مع هذه الاغنية احلى ذكريات في سنة 1981😭💔

  17. Elvira Evugrinec

    Still the best...👏👏

  18. Belle Esteves

    I love all kenny rogers songs

  19. Maria Linda Williams

    I love your songs kenny

  20. a change

    2020 present who's watching! !😊😊😊

  21. Ainomugisha Chrispus

    who z still watching wd m this year 2020?

  22. Nora Parujenog

    I love all his songs

  23. T D

    I have loved Kenny Rodgers since I was a kid. My dad looked just like him. I love kennys music and voice. ❤ January 2nd 2020

  24. lhynz dawn

    It's 2020 but i love his songs very much ❣😍

    Alicia Seerattan

    I know right

  25. la linda

    He has such a beautiful voice.

  26. la linda

    Who's listening in 2020?<3 Happy New Year!

    Vincent Gavina

    Hands up for me from philippine

    Emem Gaming

    belat nimo

  27. Sarah Byrne we go, the calm before the storm.
    Good auld Kenny gets the heart ready....

  28. tezukadavion

    Happy 2020

  29. Ledama Justine

    What a great song son you don't have to fight to be Aman

  30. bAnkeEmr0sEna 29

    I'm not a fan of mr.kenny rogers
    but my father is his avid fan😍
    since i was about 10 yrs old i almost memorised all his song.😊 and now im his avid fan too😂😍..iloveu and imiss u papa😥☹️

  31. Asola Paul choudhury

    Still my favorite song... Love Kenny Rogers.

  32. Jansen Souza nascimento

    Kenny Roger,todas as canções sempre foram muito especial para mim.Tremendo.Voces não acham!!!Feliz 2020

  33. Graça e Luz

    Final de 2019 e o prazer de ouvir essa preciosidade! Valeu

  34. Navs j

    Ohhhh sana all very nice kind of music


    mala calidad el audio

  36. LOVEJOY Tuballa

    december 28 2019

  37. Reigns Alpas

    Iniisip ko talaga sya dahil sa kanta.😔

  38. A. Gamer

    Dec 26 is my close friend birthday, can i get some Greets n Wishes??

  39. Sky Jss

    I love this song..make me cry.
    Missing sameone. I love ...😭😭😭come 2020 I steel love this song

  40. Annagreth Hoeses

    Forever favorite

  41. Tony Manaloto

    Walang katapusan kanta ni kenny rogers..super ganda..walang sawa tao

  42. king bekko

    2019 CHRISTMAS

  43. nik makino

    lodi talaga 😍 kenny rogers🎶 #december 25


    Dec. 25, 2019 woke up missing my father who loves to listen to the songs of Mr. Kenny Rogers 😆😆

  45. jomer solina

    December 24 2019

  46. starocks tV

    I love this song

    Asmaou Turk

    Me too 😊

    Paulo Henrique

    Curtindo essas músicas lindas 26/12/2019 ❤️

  47. Danlami Ichaba

    Kenny Rogers music brings back sweet memories in the 80s. You will never grow tire of it.

  48. Wah Yono

    Dengerin lgu ni pas hujan..sambil ngopi ,ohh gimana gitu.

  49. Flordelizag que

    Masterpiece ❤️ Dec 21




    Great 👍✅

  52. Almira Usman


  53. Kathy Cabatingan

    Dec.16 2019 idol kenny roger

    Zebo Pieke

    i do to

  54. Salm Mdalo

    احله اخنيه

  55. Jefonie Mondejar

    I love this songs

  56. jay sanche

    I love it

  57. mouna Aoudj


  58. John dale Ramos

    Listening in Kuwait 2019 while waiting the plane ticket

  59. Frank Hawco

    Great songs

  60. Millie suberlyn

    can listen to his songs all day

  61. Edwin Juarbal

    The best tlaga kenny rogers bago ako matulog kailangan ko tlaga na mapakingan ko ang mga kanta nya

  62. Pina Tulalia

    Makapalagep 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  63. Sherwin Credo

    Merry Christmas to all of us"!!

  64. Ralph Laurence Mesa


  65. mercy kabuu

    Listening right now


    Watching 11:08pm philippines ..December 4 2019 ..i like it alot ..thanks for sharing your lovable song ..

  67. Sam NV

    Dec2 here listening 😍😌

  68. Mark Domingo

    Back all memories on childhood while listening this songs 💓💓

    Aftab Lughmani

    Very true

  69. Valeria Luna

    Real music 👍

  70. Christine


  71. Lucy Di Stefano

    Listening ! Yes

  72. Angelica DV

    November 29, 2019.. ☺😍👌🙌🎧🎵

    Blinkin Sop

    Hello , i will love us to chat and get to know ourselves better. can you drop your cell phone number or Email for better communication ?

  73. Jennifer Joy

    Listening and smiling!

    Blinkin Sop

    Hello Jennifer, i will love us to chat and get to know ourselves better. can you drop your cell phone number or Email for better communication ?

  74. Maricar Almendrala

    My dad was favorite singer kenny rogers

  75. Fidela Eusebio

    Kenny Rogers best country singer for me...who's listening till now last week of november 2019?

  76. Tarsha Craft

    Anyone listening to this.......yesssss 11/26/2019

  77. Ruel Halina

    I wish i have a voice like him


    U can have it ..

  78. Elena Ramirez

    Busco una canción del género country., Hace como 8 años la escuché me encanta, la repetía casi todo el dia. Pero hoy ya no recuerdo la canción ni el nombre solo se q la letra me encantaba.... Era en inglés u recuerdo el vídeo era de un hombre (el cantate) viajaba en una camioneta Ford en un pueblo decertico arenoso llegaba a un tipo como bar y veía auna mujer muy bella con la q termina bailando.... 😭😭 A alguien q le guste mucho este género y tenga una idea de está canción

  79. Imelda Sadie

    Still in love with kenny rogers😍😍😍

  80. Dave Flores

    So very nice music ever 😍😍😍

  81. Sheryll Casaway

    yes,,,,,we got tonight this songs😊😊

  82. Ginobryner Tungpalan

    wala kameng pake kung anong buwan at taon nyo pinapakinggan ito!

  83. Febe Calico


  84. Celine Macas

    Nov.22 2019😍

  85. DDonDidit

    November 2024 still listening💙


    Hahahahhaha nice ..Ameen

  86. Marie Gray Acelo

    Through the years💖💑👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏🙏🙏

  87. Segundo Loreto

    Kenny rogers taught me what love really means..☺😍😘

    Parong Froilan


    el__ manco

    Me encantan sus canciones

  88. Michael Angelo Moro

    true the yrs

    Emerson Blas

    Great songs

  89. VeeDomy

    me too... 19. nov. '19

  90. Alvy Ryan

    Me 19 NOV 2019

  91. Enrico Fugen


  92. ChrisCar2oons

    K Rogers... More like Kroger

  93. Olivia Reyes

    Hoooooo ella cree en mi la mejor canción del señor de señores, Kenny Rogers me enamoraba, y me sigue enamorando, my Love.!!

  94. Sandra Monday

    Still listening this november 2019

    Manuel Dioquino

    Same 👏👏👏

    Mor Talla DIOUCK

    Simply one the best

    Himanshu Sharma


    Himanshu Sharma

    Voice to my 👂

  95. Sandra Monday

    Sad reality. Dont fall in love with the dreamer... But how cant it be?

    Adams Carlton

    How are u Sandra . can I know u more better !

  96. Angelo Forbes

    the song transition is crap

  97. Racel Galeon

    I love u so much papa basta ikaw mag kanta pa maremember namo ang tanan pa i love u so much papa