Kenny Chesney - Old Blue Chair Lyrics

There's a blue rocking chair
Sitting in the sand
Weathered by the storms and well oiled hands
It sways back and forth with the help of the winds,
Seems to always be there,like an old trusted friend

I've read a lot of books,
Wrote a few songs
Looked at my life where it's going, where it's gone
I've seen the world through a bus windshield, but nothing compares
To the way that I see it,
to the way that I see it,
to the way that I see it when I sit in that old blue chair

From that chair I've caught a few fish and some rays
And I've watched boats sail in and out of Cinnamon Bay
I let go of a lover that took a piece of my heart
I prayed many times for forgiveness and a brand new start

I've read a lot of books,
Wrote a few songs
Looked at my life where it's going, where it's gone
I've seen the world through a bus windshield, but nothing compares
To the way that I see it, to the way that I see it,
to the way that I see it when I sit in
that old blue chair

That chair was my bed one New Year's Night
When I passed out from too much Cruzan and Diet
And woke up to a hundred mosquito bites,
I swear got 'em all sitting right there
In that old blue chair

There's a blue rocking chair
Sittin' in the sand
Weathered by the storms and well oiled hands

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Kenny Chesney Old Blue Chair Comments
  1. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    My favorite Song relaxed& soothing to my Soul"" my Special Someone""💙💙💘💘😘😘

  2. Sylvia Stallion

    Time out going live on Facebook

  3. Sylvia Stallion

    Kenny shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Sylvia Stallion


  5. Sylvia Stallion

    Downnby cambjordan

  6. Sylvia Stallion

    Drew u are good

  7. Sylvia Stallion

    God please god. Hold the vikings. No touch downs

  8. Sylvia Stallion

    I aint playing next song kenny is screwing up me praying

  9. Sylvia Stallion

    Damn. Down by contact

  10. Sylvia Stallion

    Crap score hey i liked this video before

  11. Sylvia Stallion

    R correct

  12. Sylvia Stallion

    Hey Saints scored. Yipeeereer 2 predictions

  13. Joshua Brooks

    I've heard songs that pay homage to many things, but this is the first song I've heard that pays homage to a chair. It's definitely a classic.

  14. Aad Hartman

    like that chair too

  15. Jon Wallace

    I love this song

  16. Barbara Johnson

    My baby sitting and Singing old blue Chair 😍😍❤❤ LOVE YOU


    Such a great song. Brings me back so many years every Time.

  18. Tanya Hanna

    Kenny Chesney is hella Basque from storage Maryanne put him in!

  19. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Sehr schönes Video ❤👍🤠

  20. Chapeuzinho

    Amazing song in the paradise!!! Old blue chair for Kenny is like a old trust friend. You took a peace from my heart. The way I see you is with a lot of love! One day I will seat right there in that old blue chair 💞

  21. Chapeuzinho

    2019 still listening to this such a beautiful song!💞

  22. Lori Wetzel

    I am still staying on Nolensville Pike:)

    Lori Wetzel

    Left for Wilson County 01/10/20!

  23. varmint tank

    Just passing along leaving my mark on the sand


    Merry Xmas to All my family in Burns lake BC. All my family in Torrance California. Old friends in Wilmington California. Happy New year and Merry Christmas. Love Bradley Streeter

  25. Lori Wetzel


  26. Lori Wetzel


    Lori Wetzel


  27. Barbara Johnson


  28. Barbara Johnson

    Hello 💋💋

  29. Lori Wetzel

    Merry X-Mass!!!

  30. Barbara Johnson

    That's my baby ♥♥😍😍

  31. Lori Wetzel

    Happy early Birthday Kenny:)

    Lori Wetzel

    Thanks for my B-Day card:)

  32. vaughn

    2019 kenny that old chair is stilll foating around in my life.

  33. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Spitze Musik wie immer Kenny 👏👍🎵🎶🎸😘🇱🇷🤠🇦🇹

  34. asclarice

    I wonder if Jimmy Buffet knows Mr. Chesney
    stole his identity.

  35. Monica Cordova

    Beautiful voice wow! 🙏

  36. Monica Cordova

    Beautiful video and great song 🙏❤️😉

  37. Simone Pierson

    Doesn't matter the time or the day, I just love this song. It's my favorite all time Kenny Chesney song! Wish I had an Old Blue Chair

  38. terry borden

    " I've seen the world through a bus windshield" that i have

  39. imo Top


  40. Sally Johnson

    💙💚wish I was at some beach now

  41. Ulrike Thalhammer


  42. Barbara Johnson

    Love this Song ♥♥😍

  43. karen pleasanton

    And all you do Mr sunshine kenny voice of a Angel sunshine kenny

  44. Ulrike Thalhammer


  45. Keith Jones

    Malibu and Diet is a story in itself.

  46. Sandy Darr

    Kenny's Blue Chair Coconut Cinnamon Spiced Rum is soooo good.....I love how happy Kenny looks in this video!!! Just a feel good song

  47. Ulrike Thalhammer

    So liab und süß 🙏🌹😘🤠

  48. Kimberly weeks

    Story of my Life 😪

  49. 1Tibs1

    Love this mans style, reminds me of my youth that once was.

  50. Christopher Aguilar

    Big fan! Awesome music!! From Austin tx

  51. Shain Stortz

    i just dont understand why its not a rocking chair ......

  52. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Spitze Video und Musik 👍🎸🤠🎵🎶🌹

  53. chris Haynes

    I've seen the world through a bus windshield

  54. chris Haynes

    My favorite song by the greatest Kenny

  55. Lori Young


  56. brian nickel

    Kenny you have no idea what I want for my mom and wife. This song gives me hope for them. My mom is tired and she has a big heart and loves so much and helps those in need and always gets screwed over. Thank you for you and your songs

  57. Thomas Morgan

    Kenny chesney is like
    Jimmy Buffett's son 💖

  58. Mary jane Downs


  59. Lori Young


  60. clive raak

    You for kids

  61. Cynthia Gosnell

    Kenny I love you roots and boots me and god yr mom I cherish every bit of you cowboy

  62. Casey Nichols

    hes cute and talented

  63. Reagan Anderson

    697people don’t appreciate there mothers 😭😭😭😪😪😪

  64. Thomas Morgan

    This is a touch to your spirit .
    Fla all day 🌴🌊🌴

  65. Stephen Fife

    He knows how to live. Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  66. Sally Johnson

    Reminds me of Florida 💚6/07/19

  67. James Adams

    Nice song. Cheesy video.

  68. Carole Filary

    Ole blue chair 😘

  69. nora hudson

    My mom used to put this song on for me when I was a baby.. I’m crying

  70. xZeano

    This song remembers me when my family was actually together

  71. Charles C

    What a great album.

  72. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Ein Traum 🌹👍💖

  73. Helene Childress

    I live in the FL Keys and it is Paradise

  74. Andy Outen

    Didn't see an old blue rockin chair

  75. Kimberly Weeks

    Storm is over

  76. michelle gosse

    This song has gotten me through a lot of troubled times, health issues with my husband. It is a very calming song. So grateful Kenny released it. God bless him.

  77. Soap YT

    It’s not a rocking chair it’s a normal chair but good song

  78. Larry Schmid

    Still up. No sleep. Neil Young and Crazy Horse doing Hurricane and Kenny. Good night U tube. It's a new world. No fights in bar or DUI's. Just staying home watching U tube.

    Larry Schmid

    Love Kenny. He does great songs but for the sake of country music read my notes on my song The Prophet. U will learn much and make a difference.

  79. Larry Schmid

    Blue chair is in this. 3 tough old bastards watching mix you can rent this man fight back tears. Kenny come in with Hemingway's whuskey, old Blue Chair, we lose it, get stone and drinking now Willie coming and Chicks and more Kennty.

  80. Ulrike Thalhammer

    So ein schönes Video 👍🌹

  81. Larry Schmid

    Damn U Kenny Chesney U trapped me again with this song. What hat it got that just makes me listen every time to the whole damn thing. It's just good I guess and your voice ain't too bad. Oh well.

  82. Larry Schmid

    I just can not get tired of this chair song.

  83. Larry Schmid

    Can listen to this o er and over and over and over.

  84. Larry Schmid

    The test of a great song is it's like eating potato chips, U can't stop with one chip and who stops eating potato chips.

  85. Larry Schmid

    I have listened to this damn song 4 million times. I am going to change the color. Let's see what color do It that damn thing. U must really take care of it I lived at the beach New Smyrna before they built it up.

  86. Larry Schmid

    I like he hasn't gone Hollywood, keeps some of home fried chicken and cornbread on his mind.

  87. Larry Schmid

    I really liked his Jesus and Elvis. That's roots stuff man. I grew up in the south in the fifties and sixties the the army got all us southern boys, gave us a haircut we didnt need to be taught how to shoot.

  88. Larry Schmid

    Love what Kenny is doing but I also like his stepping in it, tween your toes, no limits, blank grows, rusty bone, down home, southern boy stuff

  89. Larry Schmid

    Just found out Mr Kenny co wrote Ten Man. Good job, I think anyway. It must have been a little distracting considering who U co wrote with. I think using a song title of mine, you can't own him, But U Can Rent This Man.

  90. Larry Schmid

    I noticed Tin Man resurfaced to go onto another album after the first one. I knew and wrote for the father of one very beautiful co writer of Tin Man. That was about 25 or thrity years ago. U looked different then but still picking good songs like Tin Man.

  91. Larry Schmid

    I need me a blue chair. Great song when your low.

  92. Kesley Cottrell

    Everyone should get a blue chair. Mine is a giant boulder on top of a mountain. I call it thinking rock.

  93. Larry Schmid

    Getting old now I seem to have more energy. Haven't been to bed again watch and listening to some great music. Thanks U tube and Kenny and Willie and the Chicks.

  94. Ulrike Thalhammer

    So cool super 🌹👍

  95. Martyn Curran

    I believe this is his greatest song. Peaceful and heartfelt. Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL his other songs. But, grab a drink sit back and listen. Amazing.

  96. Larry Schmid

    By far my most favorite male artist in Nashville. This is the way it's supposed to be done everyone. He's also got the best, yes, the best producer around, Buddy Cannon.

  97. Larry Schmid

    U just don't do any weak songs. That last album was a masterpiece. Gonna be hard to top, but a little input from a songwriter with some fresh songs and U might even surpass that Album. He uses my name and he has videos on Utube. Who could that be I wonder?