Kennedy, Dom - The Homies Lyrics

I got a bunch of niggas with me, we trying to get rich
So when I walk up in this muthafucka, watch your bitch
See that new black Benz? That's not your shit
It's no squares in my circle so you not gon' fit
And that's J three on fire, he not no bitch
So if you say something wrong he might pop your shit
Man the girls just like me, I'm not no pimp
I swear she give good head but she ain't got no sense
If I see the cops coming, I'm a hop your fence
I'm from Crenshaw and King nigga, I'm not no snitch
Yea that look like me, but you ain't got no prints
All your nigga make songs but he ain't got no hits
He got signed in '09 why he ain't drop no disc
I would have Dodgin' on that, no White Sox on this
Shit I heard Funkflex say that "Pac ain't shit"
And I hope when you see him that he slap your mouth
Don't be looking for me nigga, I'm at your house
Real early in the morning 'fore you back on out
They got camera's in the club so we act on out
And I'm that nigga they be askin' about

I got a bunch of niggas with me, we trying to get paid
The more money I spend, the less money I save
The more money I got, the more honeys I blaze
But don't let these nice clothes get you carried away
I'm from the place where cousin Harold trying to floss that Beamer
Right down on 43rd, right across from the cleaners
You can hear the DPG bumpin through your speakers
And if you get close enough, you might smell that reefer
It's four niggas in a car, get high as the bleachers
And if they don't fuck with you, I can't fuck with you eather
My niggas go to Vegas, so we stay at The Seasons
Like guess who I saw nigga you wouldn't believe it
I might have done some things that you wouldn't agree with
I might have got head from the girl that you live with
I might have just fucked the girl you wanted to be with
I got on my dark shades nigga I can't see shit

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Kennedy, Dom The Homies Comments
  1. so what

    Dom K
    Put this on Spotify bruh!!!!

  2. Jerome Griffith

    This is fucking spectacular.

  3. Jerome Griffith

    Yo I did not know Dom Kennedy got down like this 🤯

  4. so what

    Put this on streamin platforms ASAP!!

  5. ValValentine

    Still my shit

  6. Luvino Seumanu

    dom lives in gtf futiama🇦🇸samoa STILL😎

  7. The Implication

    "From the place where cousin harold tried to floss that beamer" - nice reference... when Harold said "get out the car kane... I ain't going out like a chump" while reaching for that iron then dude paints the inside of the windshield with his brains, wipe/smears the blood/brains so he can see, then peels out with the homies in the van. Those busters got what was owed though

    Hidden Peaks

    What movie??

    The Implication

    @Hidden Peaks menace to society

  8. omar garcia

    i got my dark shades on i cant see shit! ahaha

  9. K 3rd

    My girl sent me this wtf does that mean... I’m from the south.. west coast subliminals are different.. I think she was sending shots to me lol someone fill me in

    Eversezra McLaurin

    K 3rd I’m from the South too but doubt she was throwing shots....I’d hope not anyway. Cali is the South just not in locality.

    legato duvall

    O yea she got money on ya head
    rest easy chief

    The Implication

    If a girl, one that met my other criteria (age, education, appearance, etc etc), sent me this song or any other Don Kennedy song... I'd be ring shopping bc shorty is wifey material and a keeper. Unless it from Best After Bobby 2 - I'd ghost a bitch behind that... J/k but I aint really dig tape after like 7 consecutive fiiiire albums and mixtapes


    The Implication where my ring lol

  10. J //


  11. Daniel Oneal

    no squares in my circle so you not gonna fit

  12. Jermaine Whitaker

    This is the first song that I heard that Dom was extra aggressive

  13. Jay Merc

    theres no squares in my circle so yous not gon fit!! ha dom goes hard!!

  14. SpamHusky

    Who Fn wit my nigga DomK?????  FALLBACK

  15. Savaggio Slim

    Don't be lookin for me nigga I'm at yo HOUSE

  16. Tuivalentino

    i swear she give good head but she aint got no sense....

  17. Abdul Osman

    shiiit...slap that nigga mouth for me too

  18. Fredrick longstick

    "If they don't fuck with you, i cant fuck with you either" thats it homie

  19. TheyKnow0

    old school westcoast beat nigga wassup

  20. tigahdredd

    Dis shit is HOTT! I like dat KILLA KALI SHIT!! Get at em Dom!!

  21. They Call Me Mr Figgs

    This is what I expect from the west. That true west coast sound. This joint is hot!!!

  22. Ashley Cournoyer

    Imma East Coast Nigga n this shit Hard
    Hartford, CT where I reside