Kennedy, Dom - P + H Lyrics

If ever we get lost during our time, please don't forget me
You are free to take a look around but always remember where you come from
By the way, I left a notebook for you by the door
Please write when you can
Peace & Happiness!

Peace & Happiness

[Verse 1:]
I used to wonder when my turn would come
Now I wonder if I'll ever w quit
I be buying shit I never had
Cause I was tired of never having shit
And now I'm picking crab with shrimp
And I don't fuck with no average chicks
We eating $400 meals, tell me what you think I average tip
Don't get caught up in extravagence
And you can go from rags to rich
Girl I see you got yo Gucci purse
But you looking like a bag of shit
And I don't gotta ask for shit
I be counting all this cash I get
And shout out to my baby mama
Cause she be paying half the rent
Sometimes I sit back and just think about (Peace & Happiness)

[Verse 2:]
You ttryna get to Heavan much
Niggas can't eat off of 7 bucks
Bet you always expected us
Who scratched the fucking records up
This girl always tryna sex me up
You better always gotta check for us
Cause we tryna get this money fast
On Westside Get The Money ($) Ave
The kids wave when I'm coming past
It's a parade when I'm coming past
I can count a million one in cash
And still I give all I have [x4]

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Kennedy, Dom P + H Comments
  1. Furious Stylez

    Clas-sick shit! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. jason randle

    I bE buyin shit I never had

    Cause I was tired of never havin shit

  3. D'Eric Barton

    I’ll be buying shit I never had.. cuz I’m tired of never havin shit!

  4. Jason Yates

    Album is rightouse 🔥

  5. Nigel Jefferson

    P+H 2020!!!!!!!! Bless up to EVERYBODY, rite on ✊🏾

  6. ousooners23

    One of my fav songs by Dom 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Jared Hines

    This vibes of this song puts me in my feels man. Helped me get through the loss of a close friend

  8. Gerson Martinez Ruiz

    Anyone know that Makai Alexander song "LONE WOLF", this is the sample, i'm searching for that beat smh

    F X V L 9 5

    Yo!!!! How you no Makai!?!? That's the homie!!!!

    Gerson Martinez Ruiz

    I find him on soundcloud, i searching for the beat of his song smh

  9. Texas GreyJedi


  10. Romatic Styles


  11. Bryant Turner

    This is classic Dom

  12. Bryant Turner

    Peace & Happiness 4 the wins.

  13. Cory Shotya

    don’t get caught up in extravagance, and you can go from rags to rich

  14. SCoobky FrM ES SMB


  15. WHAT

    Who came here from the latina getting drilled by the 2 black dudes lol

    Honey Bee Baked

    Un que? Lmaooo

    David Zelaya

    Link me to this video you speak of

    Jet Life

    David Zelaya yeah what he said... link us!

    Jet Life

    Lmaoooo what

  16. shiz

    R.I.P Actavis

  17. No One

    R1P ACT1V1Z

  18. dubsta4435

    U tha man dom.. shit is nuts playa!! LAs finest..


    Underrated! Great production!

  20. Durag. Jeeb

    Instrumental ?

  21. Mr Anderson.

    Sometimes i sit back and just think about.. Peace & Happiness 💯

  22. dominick Baeza

    He’s sooo slept on I’m only 14 but I know all this music from my pops.

  23. Terry Hanks

    peace and happiness :)

  24. Tre Santiago

    Summertime riding music fasho. Album cover gives me motivation too. Clean ass whip and two bad ones👌🏽

  25. Brandon Tuliaupupu

    Can never skip this track.

  26. FranklynMoe Hatcht

    Skating to it

  27. DJ Yung TV

    P + H all 2018!!!!

  28. Nigel Jefferson

    Doms best song

  29. Owen

    Dom too real

  30. Fo Drizzzle

    Dom Kennedy is the shit~~~~ P&H

  31. Brandon Killebrew

    Such a slept on track. Production is A-1 and a pure message constructed by one of my favorite artists. Thank you so much from the depths of my heart ❤️. Peace + Happiness to all

  32. Doran Paigw

    Peace + Happiness...

  33. AtlantaGa24

    One of his best body's of work

  34. Khristopher Spann

    Dom k O.P.M