Kendrick Lamar - Thanksgiving Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar]
Reporting live, from Compton, California
North Cackalack

Now everybody just bow to the greatness, or die in the matrix
You're hereby dating, my destiny's waiting
My itinerary is very hectic
I break records on every record, I'm truly reckless
Kendrick Lamar, know how to maul with my wrist
Shout to writers for holding it down bitch
Me and my down bitch, get busy
I'm busy taking over, the world
with the weight of the world on my shoulder
My drive is not to be chauffeured
I'm live, come to the harvest, welcome the artist
whose lyrics out of the orbit, more than the hardest rapper
to hit the market and market myself as a shooting target
with offers that got me up in these offices often
Boo-yaa, boo-yaa, no one, I've done situated myself, I ain't lying
Be sure to be friend cause my foes die five times
The good kid from the mad city
Holding a cereal box instead of a Glock
In a 1992 Caddilac that I got from my pops
Transmission slipping, but I ain't tripping, swallow my pride
Pop in my tape and roll the window, down
like Stacie homie when airing out endo
I wish a nigga would

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
Kendrick, show these muh'fuckers how we rock
A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
Big Pooh, show these muh'fuckers how we rock

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yo, it's evident, I'm evidently your favorite
All I ask, open your ears and please savor it
The taste is un-acquired, quietly, been inspired
I'm at a point in my life when I was getting tired
Now I'm brushing off the dust
We don't need no water, fire burned it to the dust
Nigga grind hard, roaches turning into musk
People hear his pain, I consider that a plus
I'm a grown man, so a few I have trust to Do the Right Thing
The Spike thing, consider me the in-between
The new regime taking over
Either we each other's opposition or you soldier
Used to have the whole state of NC on my shoulder then I passed it
off to the next, you unlucky bastard
I'm getting drunk same time every year
to celebrate the life, Rosie no longer here
I swear


[Kendrick Lamar]
Me and Big Pooh like the definition of a two-man city zoo
Even zoos can beat up from punchlines
When I kick it and pump mine, I've got to be a prophet
I've gotta make a profit big enough to have a thirty pound wallet
I'm a Hub City representer, so I've got to represent the
city like a District Attorney being the case for killers
Might walk around in gurney, this is my sickest winter
since I had the flu and flew in the hospital with the shivers

[Rapper Big Pooh]
U-P-S, I (deliver)
Little brown boy get the pick of the litter
No glitter, all guts, no glory
Station on repeat, they retread the same story
New niggas bore me, tryna progress to that old shit
Have a plate, that food for your soul tip
Drill it in your head, youngun it's that real Hip-
Hop along 'fore you get your little ass whipped


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Kendrick Lamar Thanksgiving Comments
  1. Anthony Truman

    Now everybody just bow to the greatness, or die in the Matrix, my destiny is waitin, my itenery is very hectic, I break records on every record I’m truly reckless

  2. Anthony Truman

    Welcome the artist who’s lyrics are out of the orbit, more than the hardest to market himself as a shooting target with offers that got me in these offices often

  3. tanygo2013

    This song is what made me a fan.. been a k.thot ever since.

  4. Jay Khalil

    It’s tradition that every thanksgiving I listen to this song, the Nas thanksgiving song & the one by MAYDAY !

  5. Jay Taylor

    16/08/2018 currently 02.49am and with out doubt still kendricks best album to date!! real talk!! simply amazing!!!

    feeling high as fuk!!!!

    BenG Sanchez

    He wanted it fr

  6. Smell Those Vibes

    I did it

  7. JayCut Throat

    The biggest Kendrick fan can't tell me otherwise

  8. cfgoodygoody

    man! how is it at all possible that i'm JUST now finding this song and this album?! every song on this album is a masterpiece!!!!

  9. Isiah Spencer

    This song is dope as fuk I like his old s*** more tho

  10. Andrew Edwards


  11. Dashing_Davey

    The other guy sounds just like fat Joe

  12. Donald J. Trump

    Anyone else agree that Kendrick made better music in the 2009-2013 time frame? Just my opinion.

    Nasserl Farraj

    Donald J. Trump K.DOT been makin great music before 2009 u not a real fan

    Barrie Town

    That's when he was hungry. And now he's full

    Bkc 14

    nah hes still hungry. yall niggas just death. hear a mainstream beat and cry

    Mr Parker

    Yes I been listenening to him since he started

  13. C Mac

    soo dope!

  14. Shore Amaze

    Happy 2017 Thanksgiving to them real Kendrick fans ayee 😎

  15. Paradox PoKe

    listening on thanksgiving

    Shore Amaze

    Paradox PoKe ayeee

    Barrie Town


  16. hovering

    Wow they actually remembered appreciate it good look fam

  17. Johnny King 420

    This Kendrick lamar make me wanna freestyle my ass off

  18. Burpy Burp

    beautiful beat

  19. lucascb

    changed a lot....still great

  20. Marlene Mortler

    Nat King Cole - Almost Like Being In Love

  21. Francis Nwaokorie

    Happy Thanks giving 2015

  22. G Money

    Common 💯💯💯

  23. Chosen Savior

    It would be a total eargasm to hear Kendrick with Little Brother on a 9th Wonder beat.

  24. GAMBØE

    happy thanksgiving!

  25. Atlas World

    For those wondering, he sampled this from the late great Nat King Cole's "Almost Like Being In Love". Pretty song for those who like old love songs. Check it out.

    Shaney Poo

    +Timmy Tim you saved the day!

  26. Latedey

    Just pure dopeness

  27. valor2d

    wow just heard this sample off of groundhog's day. knew it was familiar, so dope. 


    valor2d Same here! Beat me by two years

  28. Benjamin Eden

    This shit is ill.

  29. Greg Rojas

    K Dot's too ILL!!

  30. KJ Durham

    is that big pooh as Littlebrother big pooh ??

  31. Hamza Javed

    @MarkeD213BustA Die bitch

  32. MrMonkeySwag96

    Kendricks a beast

  33. jigs thebluwizard


  34. FlyFreshTaDef

    K.Dot dope as usual! Might have to add this to my kendrick lamar mix cd

  35. Jodoroki

    Damn first bow to the greatness out die in the matrix fresh ass line