Kendrick, Anna - Still Hurting Lyrics

Jamie is over and Jamie is gone
Jamie's decided it's time to move on
Jamie has new dreams he's building upon
And I'm still hurting

Jamie arrived at the end of the line
Jamie's convinced that the problems are mine
Jamie is probably feeling just fine
And I'm still hurting

What about lies, Jamie?
What about things
That you swore to be true
What about you, Jamie
What about you

Jamie is sure something wonderful died
Jamie decides it's his right to decide
Jamie's got secrets he doesn't confide
And I'm still hurting

Go and hide and run away
Run away, run and find something better
Go and ride the sun away
Run away like it's simple
Like it's right...

Give me a day, Jamie
Bring back the lies
Hang them back on the wall
Maybe I'd see
How you could be
So certain that we
Had no chance at all

Jamie is over and where can I turn?
Covered with scars I did nothing to earn
Maybe there's somewhere a lesson to learn
But that wouldn't change the fact
That wouldn't speed the time
Once the foundation's cracked
And I'm
Still hurting

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Kendrick, Anna Still Hurting Comments
  1. Jamie C.

    I'm sorry, okay? Jeeze D:

  2. McKenzie Leslie

    My husband is leaving me. We met about 5 years ago. This song is 100% how I'm feeling. I need to watch this movie and let myself sob

  3. Philippine Legendaries

    Check out Disney's Princess original Princess Jasmine- Lea Salonga's version of this Song.

  4. Lez BeHonest

    The last five years about to hit and I’m still hurting over this

  5. David Blair

    Yep! That girl can sing. She doesn't need studio help either. Sweet!

  6. missfantastic6

    Damn the vocals on Anna in this scene is pulling my heart strings so hard.

  7. Amelia Fox

    Where can i watch this film??

  8. CallMe AJ

    What's sad is that she's questioning nobody in this song because Jamie didn't leave this decision up for any discussion or closure. They're likely never going to speak again and she doesn't get the courtesy of closure

  9. kina jane

    nO uR cRyiNg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw this live last year and it still is the best show i’ve seen live so far.

  10. Kat 5896

    Where’s the comment that gives the lyrics?

  11. Xenia Alvarado

    The violin in this is so beautiful

  12. Menri

    I love her voice so so so so much aaaaghhhhh-

  13. Hamza SH

    any one 2019

  14. Malena Aimé Espinosa

    Her voice it's so perfect. ❤

  15. GiGixx621625

    Jaime was a piece of SHIT

  16. Lana Humble

    i’ve just done a cover of this! Please check it out on my channel!

  17. Ivy Hoss

    He needed to take some time off. Focus on his career. He blew me off with a heartfelt letter.

  18. sukhwinder singh

    Very very nice very beautiful Song I like it miss you

  19. Miss Tiem

    Anna Kendrick conveys sadness and numbness in this rendition but I have always heard it as holding much more bitterness. ‘Jamie is probably feeling just fine” ‘run and find something better’ “what about you Jamie, what about you?’ needs to be filled with scathing bitterness. I love Anna Kendrick but you need to see Lauren Kennedy’s gut-wrenching rendition of this. It has much greater emotional complexity because it holds sadness, and scorn, and bitterness and the embers of what was love.

  20. Makee Bejerano

    Brienne of Tarth has this song on loop

  21. Lyana Miranda


  22. writerspen010

    4:12 - I always hate that puke green... thing in front of their bed. I want it gone. But at the same time, it's like, "Yasss, Cathy! Word vomit your emotions right now. You sit on that puke green thing. It's a mood!~"

  23. writerspen010

    Jamie is over and Jamie is God
    Jamie's decided it's time to move on
    Jamie has new dreams;
    He's building a pond,
    And I'm still hurting...

    ... is sometimes what I hear xDD

  24. Russell Wiley

    This is making me hurt. Quick! Put on the cup song, PUT ON THE FREAKING CUP SONG!

  25. Bernard Farquharson

    Oh my gosh! Has anyone noticed that the letter at 0:42 is the lyrics of "I Could Never Rescue You" which is the last song of the show?!?! What a great detail.

  26. Ponggay Power

    This is making me cry awww😭💖

  27. Stephanie Chegue

    That song is fucken ugly

  28. Shea Goate

    How AK didn't get an oscar for this I don't know.

  29. HeyItsCoreey

    this movie came out five years ago.


  30. Cabello Canary

    this movie should have been bigger

  31. Cristina Santillán

    Pinche Jamie >:v

  32. Bill Nye the Russian Spy

    i love anna, thinks shes beautiful but they made her look like peter pettigrew in this scene

  33. Sophie Platt

    go anna i love you

  34. jordandan96

    Anyone else notice the letter is the lines from I could never rescue you ?

  35. Eliz Vicencio

    What's the title of the movie??

    JD Diggy

    The last five years

    JD Diggy

    It's a hidden indie gem

    Eliz Vicencio


    JD Diggy

    @Eliz Vicencio no prob you can find it on Netflix

  36. M Dela Cruz

    You guys should listen to With Him. It was sung by Natalie Weiss. It’s like a deleted song from the Last Five Years or maybe even a sequel

  37. Otomatis Inggris

    woulda been hit movie if it wasnt jeremy jordan

  38. David Hargreaves

    She deserved an Oscar for that one song. Great movie, every song brilliantly written.

  39. Henrique Zen

    Fuck Jamie

  40. Erin Ayers


  41. Nameless Crow

    This vs the first 10 minutes of Up

  42. Linkonbot5673

    Anna Kendrick did amazing in her performance of this scene. One of the best scenes she has done. I don’t understand how she is able to cry while singing live. If I were to do this I would have started hyperventilating (I do that when I cry). Anna Kendrick’s voice is beautiful in this movie and in general.

  43. Zoe Swank

    This is my favorite song in the movie I cry every time

  44. Kaden Storms

    Is it normal that my heart hurts whenever I see her cry 😭😭😭
    fuck Jamie man 😭😭😭😭

  45. hannerglossop

    God I love her.

  46. Kyla Marie

    then she meets mr.right

  47. Barbie Mas

    This movie broke my heart entirely from the first scene to the last

  48. Katy McKain

    (Phelan) is probably feeling just fine and I'm still hurting

  49. Molly Wintermute

    The chord at 0:36 kinda sounds happy, it's like that's the happy thoughts she's having, trying to assure herself that everything will be okay, but it's not helping.

  50. Bea Gale

    She looks like a computer character in this. Like she doesn't look fully human

  51. Nina Axton

    This is such a depressing musical and youtube has it labeled as a comedy


    Nina Axton Netflix too.

  52. Pao M' Cisneros

    I've been reading all of the comments about who was to fault. I just want to say FUCK YOU, JAIME

  53. Nkululeko Duma

    What about you....hit me hard

  54. Desiree' Knotts

    annas is the only musical acting performance ive seen of this song that was straight faced but still managed to see in her face that she was breaking inside as she stared off so cut off from everything else, which i think is why this got me so bad because thats exactly how my emotion portrays when ive been hurt so it was like staring in a mirror. this movie and song all around just made me wanna crawl in a hole and die.

  55. Desiree' Knotts

    this movie broke my record for how hard i could sob
    and i think one of the most heartbreaking parts of this movie is the part where shes singing "See Im Smiling" and says (something along the lines of i dont remember) "ill never understand how you can stand there still and tall and see me cry and do nothing"
    partly because i feel that really hard.

  56. i'm a potato chip

    2018 and i still watch this

  57. Lindsay Heath

    I would have been riding the “it takes two” train if Jaime hadn’t cheated. When he was singing about temptation it wasn’t because boo hoo Cathy made him sad-it was because of big boobs.

  58. George Saladbar

    When I first watched this movie I was like wth is this so depressing and wth am I watching this. But then I just couldn't stop watching it and so I ended up with an empty box of tissues and puffy eyes. But here we are.

  59. xxx ooo

    I almost cry..

  60. Molly Jones

    this is honestly such a fun song to get into character with. it really stretches how far you’re willing to go.

  61. Matthew Mcmullan

    I though when she said upon it was a pond so I was a little confused

  62. Hamilton

    Wait wait wait. I just thought of this and I don't know if everybody else knows this or if it's a given or what honestly.

    But... When exactly did Jamie leave? When Cathy was sleeping? Or... And honestly this would make it so much sadder in my opinion, had he packed up and left before she came back from Ohio? Like, he was gone completely. He didn't come back on Monday like he said in 'I'm Still Smiling' ("I can come back on Monday- if you want.). That was just... The last time they saw each other.

    Desiree' Knotts

    in the end where hes leaving, if you wait the last few seconds youll see Cathy come home to the apartment hours after hes packed up and left. on a side note of that could you imagine coming home from a normal day of work thinking youre coming home to your husband and find him gone? yeah, never getting married. tooooooo scary.

    Desiree' Knotts

    if she was just getting back from ohio i think shed have some kind of bag or something with her but she was empty handed

  63. Rudy TheWeirdo

    I had an ex called Jaime and he just left me I don't know why but he did and I know how you feel anna kendrick


    i think the reason why they chose to show jamie's side as from the beginning to the end and cathy's side as the end to the beginning is because jamie had time to come to his decision but cathy was just thrown into it without warning, and now she has to look back at everything. i might be wrong though

    Norbert John Costas

    This is a good conclusion

    JurenA Emiko

    I think you're right


    I think you're rigjt but also that Cathy is still stuck in the past and wondering were it had gone wrong while Jamie ends things and moves on

    Jhanella Catrie Rodriguez

    Yea, especially when you watch the trailer. That's what it is most likely

    Steffen Lee

    I think you're absolutely right. But also I think that it makes more sense from the story telling aspect, if we saw jaime's side first wed start with him cheating and then falling in love, although cathy's side we'd get the same story, but with a twist, we would see her pain develop slowly rather than see her pain from the start

  65. Sarah Carpenter

    what movie is this

    Party Pucks

    The Last Five Years

  66. Destiny Hope

    Okay, after the opening of the movie with this song, I can see why people would automatically jump to Cathy's side. But, I'm a realist and like everything in life there are two sides to every story so I was not one of those who automatically hated Jaime and defended Cathy, I continued watching the movie with an open mind. With that said, I'm sorry but Jamie is an ass. They both had there issues, the only problem is that Cathy realize hers and offered to work on it. All Jamie saw was Cathy's issues and blamed her for HIS choice to cheat and gave up on the relationship. Those who say she was jealous of his career, she might have been a little but the main problem with his career was she was left to be his shadow not his partner. She supported him and went to every event of his even if it did hurt to see him successful when she wasn't. But that is what you do when you love someone, you support them no matter what, not once did Jamie come to support her in her 'small' shows that she did get, he always put his work before her because he got sucked into the fame and left her by herself. They were not on the same page when it came to their relationship, for Cathy, Jamie was her soulmate the one she had been waiting for and for Jamie, Cathy was another piece to his life plan. As sad as it may be, they were doom from the start. In the end Jamie got what he actually wanted in Alice, a woman who would be okay with being his arm candy and supporter, not expecting much in return. And while Cathy is hurting, as any women would be, Jamie leaving was the best thing for her, now she can be the independent woman that will find success in herself, which she needs to do.

    Lindsay Heath

    Destiny Hope
    Great comment!!
    I feel like Jaime’s first song was supposed to make us like him and excited about the relationship-but it did NOT help me warm up to him. He was promising that he’d love her if she was born man or was a murderer and the whole time I was thinking “Well, we already know that’s not true!”.
    I wasn’t mad he was unhappy-I was mad he cheated.
    I also know how grey relationships can be. But I commented somewhere else that he wasn’t contemplating cheating because he was sad and lonely-He was lusting over a woman at a party that Cathy actually went to!! He wanted to cheat and just needed an excuse.

    Lindsay Heath

    Destiny Hope Sorry, I rambled. I liked your comment! Ha!

    Destiny Hope

    Lindsay Heath Haha dont worry I did plenty of rambling myself! I'm glad you liked it!!

    Gin A


  67. f a n s h i

    Jeremy Jordan needs to do a cover of this song...

  68. Amy Katherine Faith Thornton

    I love this movie and this song is my favorite out of all of them

  69. Tasha

    I hate this song because it's pretty realistic and she's right, it is still hurting

  70. iamtheavocado

    Both of them are at fault here but personally, I think its mostly Jamie. That fucking asshole 😑. I hate seeing Anna cry even on her movies. Due to the fact that she's funny and is absolutely a dork, I'm not used to seeing her crying over a guy which is a dick if you'd ask me. Moving swiftly on, Jamie should've supported her like how she did to him. Cathy attended his parties and events when he can't even attend one of her shows in Ohio. She did well on one of her auditions and then one day, Jamie told her he'll watch her, texting the words: "I'll be there soon, Cathy. I swear I will." Like what the actual fuck, Jamie?! Before he even texted her that, he was staring at Alise (his assistant) like he's turned on with her every movement. Since he didn't came, Cathy was disappointed and soon failed. Cathy was on a relationship with some other guy and then left with a letter (which is a fucking asshole as well) and that's the exact same thing Jamie did. He cheated on her with several girls and sang the song "NOBODY needs to know". Which obviously includes Cathy.

    And as much as I love to prove that Jamie is a shit pile of dirt, Cathy is... Wrong as well. A bit. She's jealous and feels bitter how Jamie could be so successful when she worked hard like him but it isn't going anywhere. She keeps failing, like what I said earlier because of Jamie, resulting her to blame him. And Jamie did supported her when he sang "The schmuel song". But his support didn't really lasted long since he was too busy with his "success". Like what the hell? Can't he just support Cathy while doing his work? Ever heard of multi-tasking? If he can't even do just that, why propose to her in the first place?

    I don't even comment this long but considering Cathy's condition, I can't help it but to get angry at Jamie. #TeamCathy

  71. Penni Williams -Elliott

    to be so hurt by all

  72. Penni Williams -Elliott

    understanding of extreme hurt betrayal

  73. lightyear


  74. Samantha Sophia

    Its all fucking Jamie's fault


    it's my opinion, it's both of their faults

  75. Grace & Blessing Show

    Can't stop watching this!😢😍

  76. A. Carstairs

    Poor girl 😫😢😭😭

  77. Angela Deanne Paloma

    i love your username #teenwolf


    omg thank you, im a huge teen wolf fan"

  78. ImAboutTo LoseMyMarbles

    The sad thing is- their songs go in different directions of telling the story. Jamie's goes forward and Cathy's goes backwards. Which kinda says a lot about the characters. He's always looking toward the future and She's looking back trying to remiss and even try to find where she went wrong.
    This play was so well bought out- it hurts

  79. Astro Moon Goddess

    Anyone who needs to purge emotionally after a breakup, send them here. 😭

  80. Panic! AtTheForehead

    Take a shot every time she says ‘Jamie

  81. Franny Camper

    1:12 You cannot sing like that and not move your eyes. It just looked so awkward.

  82. lydia REED

    The “what about you Jamie” gets me every time, I feel my soul crack

  83. Cayla

    "Jaimie is over and Jaimie's a dick. Who knew that he could be such a huge prickkkk?"

  84. John Simpson

    Is it me or does Anna have a lazy eye?

  85. Gatlin Zbylski

    what the movie got wrong that the stage production does so well is telling cathy’s faults as well. anna kendrick is good...but not for cathy (i personally think) because what Sherie Renee Scott and Betsy Wolfe did so well was really show where Cathy was wrong in all this. don’t get me wrong how jamie cheated and lied was horrible but the movie only showed what he did wrong i feel which is unfair when in the writing Cathy is supposed to be jealous of his career and blame him for everything when in reality she never tried either and never owned up because of her jealousy that his career was sky rocketing and hers hadn’t even started. the film doesn’t even show that and you blame jamie for everything. they both were at fault. not justifying jamie’s cheating but they need to show all sides which the stage version, betsy, and sherrie do. the film style and anna kendrick simply dont

  86. Gatlin Zbylski

    it’s a good film i just personally didn’t like anna kendrick’s portrayal as cathy and prefer it live. after seeing betsy wolfe and adam kantor in last 5 year’s concert i then preferred them but i will say jeremy jordan understood the role of Jamie perfectly!

  87. Emily Hufford

    i want to just punch jamie because he is an asshole!!!

  88. Tatum G

    isn’t this movie just a more mature version of highschool musical?

  89. bencamp18

    Goddamn this beautiful fucking song and its relevance to my life.

  90. Cal A.R

    love this so much

  91. extra .e

    When I first saw this even though it’s just a movie I was yelling around the house that whoever Jamie is he’s about to catch these hands real quick...🙃

  92. Çøbåłt ŁPŠ

    Why is this a comedy?? It's funny to see me cry like the world just ended??????

  93. Çøbåłt ŁPŠ

    Jamie you little shit

  94. Simone Volman

    Everyone is saying that it’s Jaime’s fault, but it’s Cathy’s fault. Sure they both screwed up big time, but she’s the one who truly ruined the relationship and she insured it was doomed from the start.


    Disagree completely, they were both to blame, it takes two to tango, but Jamie cheated and I personally think that's what pushed them over the edge.


    haha, i literally don't understand how anyone interprets it this way. he's sticking his dick in other people right after getting married, who does that?
    clearly he's not in love with her. clearly he's really into himself and wants to focus on himself and his career. in this movie, what exactly did she do to ruin the relationship?

  95. N. J. Saroff

    When you ex was named ja'min