Ken Ashcorp - Shut Up And Trust This Lyrics

Shut up and trust this

Moving forward directionally
Meant to be taking strides in our lives intellectually
Infecting me with a cure that I was never meant to see

I'll make you feel better
Yeah, I'll make you feel sane
There's a second voice inside my head it tells me

Shut up and trust this (Yeah...)
I wanna go
I wanna know
I wanna show you something better than before
So, shut up and trust this
Oh, I can't take it any more

I'm like a crimson flame
Maybe if I try then I can spark and ignite her
Yeah when I called, you came
You twisted the thorn but you made me brighter

I'll make you feel better
Yeah, I'll make you feel sane
There's a second voice inside my head it tells me

Shut up and trust this (Yeah...)
I wanna go
I wanna know
I wanna show you something better than before
So, shut up and trust this
Oh, I can't take it any more

We level like an RPG
We're magnitude 10, you're magnitude 3.3
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
I'm so conflicted and you're so restricted

Listen, listen, listen
To the sound of my voice
And drown out all the pain
Yeah, it's okay to cry I wonder why I feel the same

I'm like a crimson flame
Maybe if I try then I can spark and ignite her
But she feels bruised and maimed
Maybe she's not listening to the voice inside her

I'll make you feel better
Yeah, I'll make you feel sane
There's a second voice inside my head it tells me

Mmm, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I wanna go
I wanna know
I wanna show you something better than before
So shut up and trust this

I wanna go
I wanna know
I wanna show you something better than before
So, shut up and trust this
Oh, I can't take it any more

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Ken Ashcorp Shut Up And Trust This Comments
  1. danishy girl

    This one is my favorite

  2. Year of The cat

    I remember this song when I was younger, came back to say I think this is the cutest of kenny she looks so adorable in this 💕

  3. real redthepro

    wait a fucking sec...this girl looks like she could be from riviera

    Taylor Hewitt

    It's Rozalin from Disgaea 2, the last words said to her in the game are the same as the title :)

    real redthepro

    @Taylor Hewitt oh thanks for telling me ^^

    Karla Winterhoof

    I though the same! She looks like Lina from Riviera hahaha

    real redthepro

    @Karla Winterhoof haha same :D

  4. TheGamingCarrot

    My god this such a amazingly talented man and his popularity across multiple communities is well deserved like otakus, furries and gamers

  5. Neoh Yi Woon

    Hey look,its Ken Ashcorps favourite song to make!

  6. Kitten Mitten

    still love it

  7. Kyle Free burg

    I love the feel all your songs have, it makes me feel like I actually have a gf

    Dexter Badger AJ

    Oof I feel ya bud 😢 lonely boy hours

    Dennis The Menace

    tfw no gf

  8. Bup Potato

    Is this Autotuned?

    Kitten Mitten

    most likely

    Kitten Mitten

    nvm its layered not autotuned

    Pająk Jeruzalem

    its not

    Jack Keenan

    @Kitten Mitten What does that mean?

  9. Віталій Грабар

    who is dat qute little lesbian and how tight is her puss?

    SlyDogs 820



    Ah yes, this is the inspiration I needed to kill myself

    Dexter Badger AJ

    My vagina just zipped itself shut

    Made in Russia

    OK, pyro

  10. Harold McCarty

    I shall now fall asleep to what can only be described as a blissful experience...

  11. horenyi

    its so heartwarming the art is 10/10 to the artist and also 100 out of 10 to your music

  12. Spicystachegamer328 420

    Can't play this in the background 😭

    Dexter Badger AJ

    If you're on mobile use youtube minimizer


    youtube vanced or just listen on spotify

  13. Ivan Castañeda Canchari

    Esto lo ví en un corto de undertale


    entre que personajes?

  14. TheChatReaper

    remeber when the comment section were flooded with undertale fans from that one flipnote


    Muffinz47 what is that one flipnote?


    @nekonion lol i don't actually know. i was just being obnoxious


    @nekonion a sans flipnote including this song.

    Bukan Matin

    Woah, what a story

  15. ayluh

    this song gives me vibes from my childhood, especially the high pitched noise

  16. Jameson Eisenhofer

    ken posts a new song just weeks after i get back to listening to his music

  17. Montgomery Hodgin

    SHUT UP AND go see Ken's new video! I tried to tie the promotion with the theme of this song... I think I could've done better, I'm open to suggestions.


    I’ll forgive you since your pfp is a narwhal in a tophat

    Montgomery Hodgin

    @No. Thanks, I got this profile pic like 4-5 years ago? and I've forgotten how to update it and I'm to lazy to bother. It will probably remain my pic forever.

  18. Teen Gohan

    I havent heard this song in years

    Ana Peña

    Same here

    Teen Gohan

    @Ana Peña brings back a ton of memories

  19. Naomi

    The sweet way he says it's okay to cry, I wonder why I feel the same gets me. Why is this so nice? ...

    Jade Venator

    Because it's true and not enough people can say it. It's okay to cry. Sometimes you need to let it out.

  20. Miranda Priddle

    S-sans undertale?


    sand underwhale?!?

    Miranda Priddle

    @MR ANTL3RS sand under mail

  21. Amarillo Vixxe

    i'm high as shit and spent like an hour trying to find this song lmfao

  22. 14Karat

    What happened to him? This is my favorite song by him. I wish there was more that I loved as much as this song ❤️

    BattleMaster X2

    There is still PvP


    BattleMaster X2 PvP isn’t long enough

  23. Freeze Peach

    Its unfortunate that only a handful of people recognize Rozalin from Disgaea 2


    Fucking knew it was disgaea

    Dynamite Doki Livestream Archive

    I clicked the video for Rozy. Iv adored her since High school when it was released. >_<

    Brandon Burrows

    AKA the best Disgaea game as someone who played them chronologically. FIGHT ME ON THIS!


    Not to mention the title is a reference to Adell's words before he kisses her

    L. Wolf

    Mhmm, most of the comments I see are Undertale related, if they are bout the title image at all. At least no one, so far, has mistaken Rozalin for Bowsette yet.

  24. Ascendance22

    Is he a furry?


    No one knows...


    just shut up and trust this

    Kudiow RT

    Yes he is

    Bukan Matin

    LOL, who knows? What i do know tho, this song is lit 👌🏻

  25. FreedV

    After all these years and after playing Disgaea 2, I now know that's Rozalin with Kenny

  26. Phelyne Lunatique

    I've had this stuck in my head non-stop for 2-3 days and I want to die. (Not because it's not a good song. It's amazing. But holy fuck I hate it right now.)

  27. Hota Nuin

    I remembered this song and I wanna cry

  28. Sasha Saitanya


    Webweaver Filler

    Disgaea 2 lol. I don't think many people knew about overlord back in 2012. And I'm pretty sure evileye was introduced after this video came out.

    jan dayrit

    What made you think Evileye?

  29. J Skyler

    I was a dumbass in my late teens when I discovered this. Now I’m a dumbass almost in my mid-twenties. Thanks for making the journey bearable, Ken.

    rebbekah cannons

    Yeah same here in my late 20's

  30. Fenrir

    i'd love to see your concert in poland ;_;

    Damian Bujarski

    ja też


    @Damian Bujarski a już myślałem że w całej Polsce tylko ja słucham tego artysty.


    nice pfp

  31. Veith

    Here we see Youtube Algorithms Doing their Job correctly.<3

  32. Flour Pedals

    Godamn years passed❤

  33. Hay Hay

    Its a Ken Ashcorp song
    You guys can forgive me for thinking he was singing shut up and thrust my first time listening right?

    rebbekah cannons

    I still hear it.

  34. grotesque cherryyu

    I just remembered that this song exists oh my god

  35. Mazno

    Ken, I love your music.

    double pingas

    Me too. How does he make such songs?

  36. Undertale Paps211

    I haven't listened from this song in a while and boy this song relates to me even more than before I've seen the end to mother 3 (fan translation) and I cried man and now that I have my life has been changed and a lot of other stuff has happened to but that's not important..... Pk Sadness man I love the mother series

  37. Kelicia

    Aw shit, here we go again

    Yogurt of the Multiverse

    Damn right.

  38. Unread

    Wtf i forgot this i havent heard this in 2 years

  39. Sullivan Ramsel

    Warning: Personal Story.

    This song played in my head after I had a really devasting breakup (I got cheated on, ouch my feels). Mostly because I was trying to get my doubt and worry to stfu when I had a (wayyy) better girl ask ME out (and I had a crush on her, wouldyabelieveit?)
    Like damn, she is perfect! I just need to shut (myself) up and roll with it!

    Marek Wygnany

    My human. I'll rise my cup for this. Take her out, trash her ass in Catan and win her heart.

    Thanks. That's a beam of hope in my garbage day.

    NickStream X

    You know,I was in the same situation as you. I got my gf a few months back and she liked me and I liked her. I was nervous when she told me she liked me. So I say I do too so me n her are together

    Sullivan Ramsel

    @NickStream X Feels train choo choo

    for real thanks guys

  40. Shire L.A

    Poppish. Not bad

    Flour Pedals

    Shire L.A its not pop is electro😳

  41. Mason Minor

    This song sounds like it should be in DeltaRune and Kingdom Hearts

    Mason Minor

    elephantfan save me please?

    Odin Gerke

    @Mason Minor hang in there

    Mason Minor

    Odin Gerke I’ll try

    Life Is Boring

    There is a undertale flipnote animation on this tho

  42. 1019 Rock


  43. Dylan smit

    I feel like this belongs in a kingdom hearts good job

  44. Spec Trode/スペクトラム・ヘキサ\

    This is why I like purple, oh and I forgot to like ;-;

    Spec Trode/スペクトラム・ヘキサ\

    Already done bb

    Sullivan Ramsel

    @Spec Trode/スペクトラム・ヘキサ\ nice

  45. Scooter

    i haven't heard this song in like, forever

    Sullivan Ramsel

    Liar, you hear it a week ago!

    Jonathan Lopez

    a week qualifies as forever

  46. Wyhiob Carlile

    This is without a doubt my favorite song from Ken Ashcorp right now

  47. Charlie Fiction

    when i was kid i saw disgaea on a demo disk with a cool music too it but can never find it anywhere, it made me want to play it but i had no console or money for it, i got the disc in magazine "game informer" or something long ago.


    Its on steam, i got mad because i missed a sale where it was 50 - 70% off.


    @warlerker just wait till the next sale


    @elephantfan no, i had already brought it, but the sale ended as i brought it.


    @warlerker well still wait till the next sale, steam usually will give you the extra money spent back if I remember correctly

  48. Elijah Raya

    This is my favorite song by Ken Ashcorp. So good overall and I love the reference to Disgaea 2.

  49. Zaxkod Scripts

    this my fav video

  50. Citrus Sheep

    i loved the disgaea series more than anything

  51. lucky_Cat God

    sexy... i like this tho 👍👍👍

  52. Frisk Excalibur

    It'ss really great.. :>

  53. J Skyler

    Always one of his best.

  54. kry

    1:22 is still my favorite section
    the self-harmonizing(?)
    then the little "oo-oo-oo-ooooh" at 1:41 is such an amazing subtle touch

    Flour Pedals

    kry your weird get help

  55. Autumntheundying

    This is still a great song.

  56. rebbekah cannons

    That one time you mishear the lyrics as "shut up and thrust this" when you know full well it's not and you can't go back to hearing it seriously.

    Joseph Schultz

    Well, that'd make Rozalin happy at least xD .

    J Skyler

    shut up and bust it

    Argo TheSlicer

    thanks bud now I'm forever hearing shut up and thrust this lmao

    rebbekah cannons

    @Argo TheSlicer You're welcome lol

  57. The Drunken Dragon

    * makes up tragic romance story for how much I like this song, even though this more reminds me of my childhood dnd games *

  58. Sotsu

    I first heard this song on musically wtf

    Cerulean Coward

    Sotsu oh god

  59. UnicornPootPoot

    I had an verbally/emotionally abusive "ex" online if you can even call him that, he was nine years older than me and I never realized he was a child predator, and I being in an odd state at 12 to 13 - was desperate for love and acceptance during a rough time in my life where I was suicidal. This was his favorite song and artist and eventually mine as well, it's funny...nearly five years after finally me saying "fuck you" and cutting ties with him do I realize it's ironic this of all songs was his favorite, when lyrically it's so far from his own self and what he's done to me. And as I read the lyrics it reminds me of my now husband who has been supportive of me through trauma of my ex, the hidden insecurities it's caused inside that are just coming to light nearly five years later, and been walking with me along the way holding my hand...our whole relationship started a month after I cut off from the abusive ex and our journey has been word for word what they lyrics are. He's been my cure...I'm in tears. This song now has a new meaning to me after being nauseatingly hard to listen to for so long. But even through it all, I still love your work Ken. You really know how to evoke feelings in your songs. Keep up the amazing work :)

    Sham Kan

    Glad youre doing better.


    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you are doing much better.

    John Adams

    UnicornPootPoot I'm sorry you went through that but to kinda explain *why*this could be his favorite song, noone sees themselves as the villain he very well could've seen himself in this light dispite it being far from the truth

  60. Dashing Steel

    Once knowing every word of this song by heart got me a girlfriend.
    We were talking on and on about how this relationship isn't gonna work because she was "A huge depressed mess" and i just hummed "Shut up and trust this" under my breath (I know it's weird, maybe it was hormones or stress, we were going through stuff). So she asked me what was that all about and i whipped out my phone and turned on the song, and as the song played i started to sing along. I was actually amased by myself, since i didn't try to memorize it but i kinda did. And them we hugged and started kissing and, well, you know how it is.

    We're not dating anymore, once she overcame her depression she realized how cool she really is and we went through a rough break-up.

    I hope it doesn't sound like a made up story where everybody claps at the end and the protagonist gets free money for no reason, Ken just really inspires me and i wanted to share that...


    “Girl, let me love you, and I will love you until you learn to love yourself”

    James Ray UwU

    And she clapped

    Illegal Memes Dealer

    *applauds anyway*
    even if it was made-up, it's a touching story
    bless u OP

    Flour Pedals

    Dashing Steel no one gives a shit

    Dennis The Menace

    "realized how cool she really is" yeah even if this is fake news invented by the Chinese Government to make American industry less competitive, it gave me feels

  61. John Pots

    glad andywarski shouted you out this is an epic chanel

  62. ぽっきー


  63. Shannon Munroe

    when someone complains lesbianism is wrong



    killer queen

    lmao what

  64. ThisIs MyName

    Is that Rozalin?

    Steven Budaya

    Yeah, the song title is a quote from Adell near the end of the story mode.


    The title is the combination of the two final lines said by Rozaline and Adell

  65. Ponk

    Why are there still hella recent comments on a 6 year old song? I mean it's a banger but still

    rebbekah cannons

    It's just Ken's fans were an usual bunch.

    Joseph Schultz

    @rebbekah cannons I think you meant "We're an unusual bunch." Grammar and spellcheck, yo.

    rebbekah cannons

    @Joseph Schultz Oops. Just running on no sleep here xD

    Joseph Schultz

    @rebbekah cannons No worries, it's a'ight.

    Dennis The Menace

    @BlueSand Gaming & Music Boy you hit the nail on the head with that

  66. Deadly Yee

    this gives me big dick energy

    lucky_Cat God

    yes i can see 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


    I have even digger bic energy

  67. Undertale Paps211

    This song made me cry at Its ok to cry 😭 this song described my life this song is the best song ever made

  68. Kai Soo

    Bruh this song describes my life

  69. Sukhoi Kip

    Shut up and

    S U C C this

    0 0

    M Bogle This is cursed

  70. Lina

    Spotify suggests way better music than pandora

  71. ɮɨӼƈɦ


    Kitten Mitten


    Anubis Statue


    rebbekah cannons

    (not to ruin this chain but can someone please do that remix of these two songs)

    Shimmer Shy

    (YES, I bet a remix of these two songs would sound awesome! I hope someone does that in the future.)

    Anubis Statue


  72. Haxe

    Gosh, that rozalin is crazy cute, damn how i love disgaea games, tho i dont know who to choose as fav, flonne or roazlin? well, gotta go with the OG, OVERLORD LAHARL-SAMA!! *MANIATICAL LAUGH RESOUNDING IN THE AIR*

  73. GFtBE 1

    god i love this song

  74. Undertale Paps211

    This song is JUST reflected my life on me i just cant cry while im listening to this song

  75. Sarah and Skye

    T W E N T Y T W E L V E



  76. God's Greatest Mistake

    This...this song is the bane of my existence. I can never reach the high notes, fuck this song.

    Kitten Mitten

    I don't think you can fuck a song


    OH MY GOD SAME,are you a singer too?

  77. The Titan

    6...6 bloody years ago....damn

    Ink Sans

    Ethan Tampol lmao yep

  78. Karl Frost

    How does this have dislikes?? 😦

    Shannon Munroe

    people who hate lesions also known as a$$holes

    Karl Frost

    A: I meant for the song, not the art in the video, and B: I'm pretty sure the one in the blue sweatshirt is a guy

    Shannon Munroe

    @Karl Frost they both look female but belive whatever you want, also people pissed off it became a meme

    Karl Frost

    me ```'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿``` me

    Flour Pedals

    Karl Frost girl

  79. user of username

    When pixelated hearts wasn't a reference to undertale.

    i miss those days :(

    Let's Get It Started Gaming

    @Ducky spooky 7w7 ahem.... Undertale was a shit game that honestly never should've been released...

    Ducky spooky 7w7

    @Let's Get It Started Gaming k,Why do not you like it?

    Ducky spooky 7w7

    @iAlphafox12 no.

    Ducky spooky 7w7

    @0 0 wtf, no

    Flour Pedals

    Ducky spooky 7w7 i dont

  80. Risky Sensei

    hmm, the girl looks as if shes from disgaea

    Nicolai Giess

    Keenan Therrien

    Thanks, Captain Obvious!

    Risky Sensei

    no prob kiddo <3

    Bobby Blob

    Keenan Therrien
    Probably cos she is

    Flour Pedals

    Risky Sensei both females

  81. Poiki Codemore

    Heya, I love this song but one question. What are the chords used in this song? I'm trying to learn how to play it but it's not easy.

  82. Asher Pfanku

    This is by far my favorite song done by you.
    On a separate note, I absolutely adore the art you use.

    maliiskandar ahmad famy

    Asher Pfanku nah fam it’s absolute territory

    Krissy Bailey

    Asher Pfanku oh yes


    maliiskandar ahmad famy absolute territory and touch fluffy tail are the best

  83. manatheif

    man i miss disgaea 2


    Why? Go play it.

    The Gray shirt guy

    Never played it.


    @The Gray shirt guy your losing stuff out there dude, if you like Rpgs disgaea is a must

    The Gray shirt guy

    Isidro Llancaman I’ll check it out when I get the chance

  84. Krissy Bailey

    This song is reflecting my life anyone else or just me


    Krissy Bailey ikr

    Krissy Bailey

    I thought no one would comment back


    Krissy Bailey I know that too.

  85. Mega Jax

    Panda with male face this time?


    I think it's supposed to be more androgynous


    it fucks EVERYTHING. 0 discrimination.

  86. Krissy Bailey

    We level like a rpg I'm magnitude 10 your magnitude 3.3 I LOVE that part

  87. Canada

    Ironically, lost my virginity to this song. 😂😂


    Syndical Loops determination and optimism that’s all I got for you and lots and lots of failure

    Dennis The Menace

    I only ever have sex ironically

    BFN Valley

    How the fuck does sex work

    Kitten Mitten

    Dennis The Menace how does that work?

    Dennis The Menace

    It means I dont

  88. Meowium99

    I'm like a crimson flame
    Maybe if I try then I can spark and ignite her
    But she feels bruised and maimed
    Maybe she's not listening to the voice inside her

    OMFG I love that part!

  89. Thea Da Vinci

    What do you use to make your videos? My friend an I make music and like to share it but so far our videos are kind of bad looking

    Thea Da Vinci

    Amos Estrada ? What

    Gheleon the Driven

    Ken Ashcorp!

    Sleepy Ferret

    It's literally just a still image.

    Kitten Mitten

    Sleepy Ferret its a still image that makes us move

  90. MultiGamerClub

    Finding old classics like gold..

  91. Dariel77

    Anyone else came here from Aviators remix? xD this is GLORIOUS!

  92. Jasper Rose


    Why am I just now hearing of you-

    Jordan Valentine game

    Jasper Rose -not something you'd want to show a bf or a gf

  93. Mysth

    There are 0 covers and 0 live versions of this song .-. I reeeally wanna hear an acoustic cover

    Karma Drop

    Mysth That'll be nice


    I saw one...somewhere..if I find it again ill share the link

  94. Sheeplark

    I've just finished Disgaea 2, what a touching scene!