Ken Ashcorp - Madoka - Ante Up Lyrics

Coobie you know what time is?
Magical girls, represent!
Awwww hell yeah, let's go!

Damn dirty bitches, becoming the witches
Grindin' up and down cause they grantin' all my wishes
Bring out my aces, like this game was poker
Banish all the witches, thank you based Madoka!
What a joker, the trick is in the wrist
Wish you kept your head Mami, cause you don't know what you missed
Now the witches gettin' pissed and they're jackin' up my swag
When I'm finished with this shit, send my regards to the body bag

Maze time, home of the brave
Puttin work to the street like a slave
Keep rugged dress code
Always in this stress mode
Being Meguka is suffering
You think I don't know that?
Hold that!
Hold that!
Hold that!
From the soul cousin, this ain't the time!
Shoulda wished for more money cause now you ain't got a dime

Ante Up!
Become Meguca!
Ante Up!
No Meduka...

Get a contract
Where my girls at?
If Sayaka becomes a witch you gotta bust dat!

Ante Up!
Become Meguca!
Ante Up!
No, Meduka...

Taking grief seeds
Yeah, you need these
I'mma fuck Kyuubey up
I'mma preach peace

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Ken Ashcorp Madoka - Ante Up Comments
  1. Hawk Eyes Mentor

    who sang this?

  2. That Asshole in The Comment Section

    Certified hood classic.

  3. Quote

    Truely, the song of a generation

  4. EntermateStar

    I still don't fully understand why Ken Ashcorp wanted to eliminate everything related to his hold foreverpandering alias, everyone loved the shit and its not like it was super different compared to his current content

  5. nao tenho nome :v

    I love Madoka fandom

  6. Russell masson

    Whenever I hear this song I just wanna get lolie girls being cunts dressed up as magic girls

  7. P.M. Seymour

    A National Anthem

    Totally not Dark matter

    One of Ken old song pretty good.


    Hell yeah.

  8. Glowi Boi

    Today I finally made the mental connection that the original creator "ForeverPandering" Turns out to be music artist "Ken Ashcorp"

  9. Ge To

    Is this Ken Ashcorp?

    Edit: Yeah, it's him... Who else XD

  10. Patrick Griffin

    Ken Ashcorp is badass

  11. Robinson Hogan

    Fighting entropy is like slavery with extra steps added in.

  12. TopazMarauder

    based ken

  13. Animatizando

    Where's the lyrics guy?

  14. Derpy Doge

    2019 bitches!

  15. Sadako Fam

    We need to go back

  16. Aries Flare

    There are hints of the Meguca video in the song, and that’s one of my fav videos... And this was in the Meguca vid...

  17. Malex Manser

    After so many years, I still always come back often.

  18. paris the real don

    5 years later n i still know it word for word, and also hate myself!

  19. Inrxz

    Still here

  20. Albus Blackmore


  21. ursa-ironii

    It's still great

  22. haunted streams

    Why is this song so addicting lol

  23. donald fuck

    No words within any language made by the human race could truly express the onslaught of emotions that I am feeling at this current moment.

  24. ღ anιмe ιѕ lιғe ღ

    As a piece of Mami fan art I saw once read: "kill witches
    get bitches" 😎😎😎

  25. JJ Abbott

    Kyuube, you know what time it is?

  26. Ahti

    /toy/ vs /u/ should have been the final. Fuck you Bors.

  27. Mazioo

    Who is singing that?

    Tina Valeska

    Deroin2000 It's Ken Ashcorp

  28. PrimalKyogirl

    I only just now heard the "being meguca is suffering" at 0:47

  29. Gungho73

    Lyrics? :O

  30. sevlow40

    whats the outher song from not ante up the outher one ?

    Tina Valeska

    Merir Astelan Do you mean 'Blue' from the same artist (Ken Ashcorp)?

  31. Kim Pine

    Ken ashcorp?!

  32. Adrian Encalada

    Thank you based Madoka

  33. nysshu

    I feel like D.Va mains would listen to this.

    ...Wait, I just described myself

    Michael Gowieńczyk

    I mean, you're not wrong.

  34. peter

    bhop bullies

  35. 2pAesthetics


  36. Random Guy

    Holy Soul Gey ///

  37. MNINR

    original song?


    Ante Up - M.O.P


    @whereismybike thx

  38. Leeroy Jenkins

    Fuck bitches kill witches shiiiieeeet

  39. viewer person

    Listened to the song, Looked up the anime, was disappointed

    tiny angry ace

    Miguel Villareal y?

  40. αyumu kurØki .ýΦΙμΣΩ

    estoy aqui por el zuculemtho y zepsi marupan :3

    Fabrizio Colavita

    jaim Chan.Awero Ø ...

  41. Sunniva M. Hagatun

    Madoka rules

  42. Aaron Bell

    I was not expecting this

  43. Xx_IndiaBladeWolf2009_xX

    Being a real G is suffering

  44. Luna Smith


  45. pyromanis666

    need the lyrics pls

    André Luiz Almeida Diniz


    Coobie you know what time is?
    Magical girls, represent!
    Awwww hell yeah, let's go! Damn dirty bitches, becoming the witches
     Grindin' up and down cause they grantin' all my wishes
     Bring out my aces, like this game was poker
     Banish all the witches, thank you based Madoka!
     What a joker, the trick is in the wrist
    Wish you kept your head Mami, cause you don't know what you missed
     Now the witches gettin' pissed and they're jackin' up my swag
     When I'm finished with this shit, send my regards to the body bag Maze time, home of the brave
     Puttin work to the street like a slave
     Keep rugged dress code
    Always in this stress mode
    Being Meguka is suffering
     You think I don't know that?
     Hold that!
     Hold that!
     Hold that!
     From the soul cousin, this ain't the time!
     Shoulda wished for more money cause now you ain't got a dime Ante Up!
     Become Meguca!
     Ante Up!
     No Meduka... Get a contract
     Where my girls at?
     If Sayaka becomes a witch you gotta bust dat! Ante Up!
    Become Meguca!
     Ante Up!
    No, Meduka...Taking grief seeds
     Yeah, you need these
     I'mma fuck Kyuubey up
     I'mma preach peace

    tiny angry ace

    André Luiz Almeida Diniz omg please play this at my funeral


    André Luiz Almeida Diniz THANKYOU

  46. Yoko Haloless

    Fuckin what. XD I love this.

  47. chewysnails

    puella magi madanka magica

  48. Lilac Samurai

    Madoka's the realest thug. XD

    Lilac Samurai

    magi lyfe

    d the memestress

    Lilac Samurai i didnt choose the Magical Girl life, the Magical Girl life chose me

  49. tehko

    if i could favorite and thumbs up this video 1 million fucking times i would

  50. Anno Nym

    Kill witches, get bitches.

  51. BOILY128

    Wtf is this shit? I should have put M.O.P in the search lol.

    tiny angry ace

    BOILY128 omg dead

  52. Index 0

    Sounds like ken ashcorp

    RagnaRUN Joestar

    +Canen Mccaslin it is its a reupload of his old channel named foreverpandering for whatever reason he deleted it and made ken ashcorp

  53. Coleroni


  54. Precious Princess

    I love Ken Ashcorp XD

    Gabriel McConnor

    Well. TECHNICALLY this isn't Ken. It's Foreverpandering. Who Ken continues to deny being to this day. So it isn't him. Even though they sound the same and both did Britland City and stuff.

    Felgas S.

    +Gabriel McConnor He doesn't deny being him, he says that he no longer considers "Forever Pandering" part of himself.

    Gabriel McConnor

    +Felgas S. He doesn't? Well. I feel like a fucking idiot. I feel like I heard someone saying he viciously denies it. Thank you for the clarification. Could Ken at least give us back some of the old Foreverpandering songs?

    Felgas S.

    +Gabriel McConnor No problem, there was a lot of unfounded speculation going around for a long time so I can understand where you come from. And I think that if he wishes to leave this "persona" behind than he should have the freedom to do so (even if I did love the songs he made :) ).

  55. Beto Sanchez

    anime in gangsta homie

  56. Damuse8191

    Fuck Witches, get Soul Gems


    lmfao ded


    I wish I could thumb this comment up harder.....


    instructions unclear, sold dick to Kyubeye

  57. Logan Lavoice

    this thing never stops being the best thing man has put the effort into creating in the entire universe.

  58. IJustWokeUp #Doritos

    love it SWAG

  59. Notkalas

    This is the official OP to the series. The other one was just a placeholder so Urobochi wouldn't have to delay airing it.

  60. yurikolovsky

    Original author: Ken Ashcorp? (not the Original Original one)

  61. JordanMillward1


  62. Andre Swing

    They should make a music video

  63. Nicole Delgado

    Really i was only searching for magical girl- like related muaic but i found something even better

  64. ?????????????

    Is there a version without the vocals?

  65. Javier Silva

    Seth was here...
    Here's your dark past

  66. asdf

    COboeibie is dumb cat le form le contracto little grill fuggggg

  67. Twilii

    homura is fave tbh

  68. Breanna Kelton

    i s2g i thought this was ken ashcorp


    @Breanna K it is ken, actually!

  69. kawazuchi

    i protect shunji

  70. Micheal Valdros

    I understood none of these words but I can vaguely tell it was glorious

  71. Jason Belstone

    This plays in the one reality in which Homura saves everybody and they get ready to go after Walpurgisnacht.

  72. kuratajutsu

    the only thing bad about this video is that it's too short

  73. The Invincible Iowa

    Get Wishes, Fuck Witches

  74. Purble Peenid

    I actually found this show to be incredibly boring and only watched it because everyone said that it was really sad by the end ,but in my opinion I was glad to see the way it ended because I hated Madoka.

  75. santson

    Thankyou for ruining this song...

  76. LegendaryStory

    Man, I lost my head to this. So great.

  77. Alex Vds

    Huniepop fairy!

  78. santson

    Anime sucks...


    +skeleman thanks 😀

  79. santson

    You just ruined one of my favorite songs...

    The Hound

    _Oh Boohoohoohoohoo!_

    Refrigerated Pizza

    +The Hound I thought you were dead?!

    The Hound

    @Refrigerated Pizza
    Maybe I'm not, or maybe you've lost your mind.

  80. Arturo Rosas

    I like this song. I wonder what happen to that ken guy ( I forgot his name)


    Ashcorp? Nothing, he still makes music and stuff

    Arturo Rosas

    Cool, thanks

  81. Kaworu Nagisa

    I will become anguca for Shinji


    but you already are

    Kaworu Nagisa

    @GHSouls Mind blown


    @Kaworu Nagisa you mind is suffering


    @Kaworu Nagisa Is that what you really desire, Kaworu? Do you really want to become a magical angel for Shinji? I can make that possible, if you want. All you have to do is make a contract with me!

    Kaworu Nagisa

    @Kyuubey I'm down.

  82. Frezzed

    0:38 mace town?

  83. Floofzy Kitten


  84. Sergio Chavarria the 44th

    wh is this in a ken ashcorp playlist ? @xXCujo711Xx 


    Because he made it. 

  85. Meg

    Brian you're so money supermarket

  86. Bunsenberry Clera

    i thought it would be better..., Killing witches with my b*tches~ xD


    @Bun Bun Bitches*

    John Bonilla

    +Kood I I I I I I I I I I I I I


  87. nikko validor


  88. Okami Kiga

    -breaks replay button-

    Okami Kiga

    @sparkle1princess I wish i was as good as you at coming up with new original insults.

    Water Damaged Textbook

    @Sara Kigamine that was actually a lot more original than your comment.

    Okami Kiga

    @Dingle Fartsmcgee I don't get why you are upset that i said something "unoriginal" even though many other people have said the same thing but you decide to bug an innocent person.


    @Sara Kigamine
    And thus the war begins.

    Okami Kiga

    @sparkle1princess Nah, to pathetic of a reason for that

  89. Kardel

    Awwwwwwww shit Sempai this is some pretty moe shit.


    Damn straight motherfuckcing Kawaii Sempai

  90. notwinning 3416

    I dont want to live anymore...

  91. DrBob

    "Wish you kept your head Mami 'cuz you don't know what you missed"


    Liam Ó Súilleabháin

    I didn't need this feel, but there it is...


    @DrBob I liked where this show was headed, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the twist.

    Viole The Vile

    Yeah, i really wish she could *ear* it.

  92. AmicasArt

    Im just imagining a version of puella magica with all the characters or at least madoka acting like this.  it would be amazing... ;)


    Search for "Busou Shoujo Madoka Mafia". Might not be easy to find, but it's worth the effort.

  93. Weiss-Privilege

    The madoka fandom must be stopped


    Says mother fucking Madoka.

  94. John Smith

    homura did nothing wrong.

    liv rhea

    @Konato Akiba did you not see rebellion or what
    i think it's p safe to say that homura is indeed, a shit


    Homura is not a bitch she just wanted to save madoka and she is not slightly lesbian as that other person said and i quote"she is gay as a rainbow" but in rebellion the emotion she felt for madoka was love so she is les

    booby gibson


    R w

    @Kami Neko You're a bitch

  95. Yanekodere chan

    Beast! That bass <3

  96. forgehe

    Anyone got lyrics for this?

  97. universal milk

    Fight Witches
    Get Bitches
    Become Liches