Ken Ashcorp - In The Zone Lyrics

30 pictures for the moment that we touched
Is there any better than this?
34 little rules for making lust
And the purple poison that I kissed

(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
These inhibitions sucker me in
No you don't feel the same
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
These tentacles live under my skin
No you don't feel ashamed

Oh, confidence exude
God, I love that attitude
Shudder from the shutter, shut up and make me glad that I did this with you

I gotta know, I gotta know
Maybe we should lose control
Animate me cause I got no soul
Baby, I'm in the zone
Make your move and watch the camera roll
Add another keyframe and make me moan
Cause, baby, I'm in the zone

Filling ditches for the gap in your brassiere
My mind just wasn't enough
Slow it down make this moment last a year
Just please don't call it love

(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
Flicking sheets and sketching the scene
Oh, those strokes that you do
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
(You're a mess)
You were scarlet, I was still green
An artist, through and through

Oh, confidence exude
God, I love that attitude
Shudder from the shutter, shut up and make me glad that I did this with you

I gotta know, I gotta know
Maybe we should lose control
Animate me cause I got no soul
Baby, I'm in the zone
Make your move and watch the camera roll
Add another keyframe and make me moan
Cause, baby, I'm in the zone

Your name out I'm stuttering
Mind goes blank
It's glorious
And without a care
I felt you there

I gotta know
Animate me cause I got no soul
Baby, I'm in the zone
Make your move and watch the camera roll
Add another keyframe and make me moan
Make it last cause, baby, I'm in the zone

Yeah, we should lose control
(I'm a mess)
(I'm a mess)
(I'm a mess)
(I'm a mess)
I'm a mess, I'm a mess
Oh, baby, I'm in the zone
Make your move and watch the camera roll
Staring through the lens, now we just ain't friends, you know
Baby, I'm in the zone

Baby, I'm in the Zone

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Ken Ashcorp In The Zone Comments
  1. volcanic red

    i am so uncomfortable

  2. Furry F#cker69

    Pretty sure I'm in love with you

    King Mecchiko

    Sounds like we should fight to the deeth. Let's fight to the deeth sir/madam.

    Furry F#cker69

    Where, when?

    King Mecchiko

    Eeny teem, eeny whee! Let's do eet!
    And when we're done, we can chill and share an impossible whopper.

    Furry F#cker69

    King Mecchiko Uwu that suppose a be a threat? or promise ;3 cause either way sounds yummy

    King Mecchiko

    It's a Thromise. Or my name isn't Mecchiko of the Ecchi-co.

  3. Ninja dos Games


  4. Anci3ntDice

    What a fucking banger.

  5. MAXtube

    You know, I love Zone-tan, but not for the pornography, though...I just like the actual character of Zone-tan. And Dave and Lemmy too!

    Capra Cabra

    Same. Tbh, I was never a huge fan of the adult animations, but I love Zone-tan as a character.

    Braden Little

    I like them too.

  6. Yopeh

    Imagine being so virtuous and such a degenerate

  7. FoxOfJuly

    i deem this song extremely good

    L. Wolf

    I second the deeming of this song being extremely good.


    I do as well

  8. Ravioli Ravioli here comes the psycho loli

    34 little rules, which I follow everyday

  9. Johnny

    Ken is the greatest singer song writer of all time.


    Debatable, I'd say he's up there, but not the BEST, but I would put him in like the top 15.

  10. DarkRalts

    shes hot

  11. Mackenzie Lamontagne

    Found this song again. Glad I listened to it again.

  12. Chris

    Still here, still listening 🐱

  13. Hillel Merkin

    Still genuinely love this song

  14. Amanwithnosoul

    Ken you cant just have the art be someone drawing porn of Kenny

    Matt Vanslooten

    i don't think it can not be that


    @Matt Vanslooten shhhhhhhhhhh


    34 little rules for making lust

    Adrian Park

    What are you on about? It's just some good ol sandwich art! XD

  15. Colt Parris

    Ken we are still commenting. notice us

  16. SevScout

    And another gem.

  17. Dappis

    Hoooly fuck i forgot how actually great this song is.


    I just got here. Fuuuuck me. This song is great. Funny too!

  18. Sam Gafford

    I wouldn't mind getting it on with a tentical girl


    I would LOVE to have tentacle penises myself (and about 8 massive testicles for *special* sauce).

  19. Tectonic Shrapnel

    Just adding a new comment💖

  20. Master Jack

    tentacles under my skin huh
    good thing im playing splatoon fuck

    saijeet dogra

    They’re kids, you sick bastard.

    (I’m just kidding, I know your comment was innocuous, I wanted to make a haha).

  21. Sneauxphlaque q

    Why so many new comments on this song??


    cuz it's november :)

    Zeter Zero

    @Try Awe, was wondering why it found it's way onto my watch list.

  22. Zirphy

    tasty hamburger

  23. Code Coon

    This song is so underrated ♡

  24. Urva Saarmish


  25. YeNewKing

    Not totally sure what's going on here with them comments, but I ain't gonna be the man to end a trail.

  26. Head of The Keeper

    Do you think a woman actually wants your dick pic? No. That's blackmail, Mason. Never forget that.

    Joyce Birrey

    wait what mason


    Good BO1 reference, Woods

  27. Markiani

    Remember that it's no nut november bois

    srg forge2

    living 1 month in the future never felt so good

  28. Joyce Birrey

    gotta contribute to the chat bois

  29. Yøne

    We gotta keep these comments alive bois


    *i gotta know i gotta knoe, maybe we should lose control* ^_^

  30. moldyfrick

    last comment was a full day ago we're failing lads

  31. Chance

    Of all your work, this one feels most like I'm looking in on something I'm not supposed to. The dance between arts, the visual and the sonic. The lewd and the lurid. The impressive and the inviting. I hate you for writing the love song I never could to the artist none of us could ever match. Damn it ken. Damn you. This is the hell you built, and I'm glad to feel such a specifically sensual burn.

    Lightning Underpants

    Dude I think you need a therapist


    Lightning Underpants we all do

    Zeter Zero

    That's a really deep mood.

  32. alicja policja

    bejbi jestem w zomo

  33. L. Wolf

    I really like this song, but it has an odd vibe to it. Like from a band that wouldn't be out of place in a public park concert.

  34. Dank pepsi man

    Bonus points for adding references to hentai

  35. AlterdNothing

    yo this song rocks :D

  36. gaydes69

    this feels like it wouldn't be out of place on the "Burnout Paradise" soundtrack

  37. say that shiza again Ya bach

    Man this brings back the days when I still was a white covered shit stain on a wall

  38. Sans

    I wish this would've been some kind of "art deal" where Zone-Tan got herself a song or two, and Ken got his waifu in a flash with futa elves or something more yuri

    Head of The Keeper

    Certified hood classic

  39. Battle DooM

    Zone Tan approves

  40. Gipsi

    I just noticed this is a tribute to hentai and the 34th rule of pornography

    Kevin McGuin

    I suspect that it might also be a reference to Zone Toons with the girl in purple being Zone-Tan. That show was on newgrounds and is on Youtube, they made a new episode recently called Ecchi-cation.


    @Kevin McGuin oh I didn't know! Thanks!

  41. Knackbrecht

    I wanna find someone to get real freaky with someday


    You will.


    @Cthulos you are awesome

  42. Trevor Hensley

    Dave Franklyn Wrecked This Ass.

  43. Roman Gräf

    Anyone else having the problem of this song just muting audio at around second 10? if i rewind it works again, but weird anyways


    Try using Incognito or a private window

  44. Tom Mile

    What's the Bass Tabs for this song I love it


    just try to figure it out by listening to parts of it and playing the matching notes ig

  45. Snacci Boii

    *Gotta keep these comment sections live chat rooms*

  46. I am Imaginary

    The girls having fun with Kenny are the same as the ones on the thumbnail for Black Lily.

    Joyce Birrey

    oh ok then

    L. Wolf

    Well, it's good they are still together after all these years.

  47. chrisbowmeep

    Cool whip

  48. Kish Frebs

    Aka hega bansai

  49. Visigoth Misses her too much

    Like me since I'm here again

  50. Jonathan Lopez

    somebody once told me delete your browser history billy

  51. meeknigta a

    Gotta keep it going

  52. Ryokajimo Sensei

    I just dropped by to say Hi from the absolute territory section


    Just flew in from the Absolute Territory myself, and wow are my arms tired.

    Ryokajimo Sensei

    Well, hello there!

    Lets rest by the bonfire and find more comment sections

  53. Hillel Merkin

    Came for the thumbnail stayed for the music

  54. allmyself666

    5 years later and it's still amazing

  55. Myles W

    This doesn't seem legal.


    We will make it legal.

    Default Cringe

    @heros271 Someday. We'll make it legal.

  56. Madam Sniffsalot

    Refresh this comment section, boys!

  57. herby

    last comment's been 5 days ago ... we can't have that now can we?

  58. Nad Jara

    Las pajas

    Guicho Hernández Prado

    Así es

  59. Angel Kazta

    Apenas he visto 3 vídeos tuyos y todos me encantan, bien hecho!

  60. Vicex-




    Ahhhh °o°

  61. HeyItsRey

    *I will love this song all my life.*

  62. Joyce Birrey

    why is she looking at us


    she's watching you fap duh

    say that shiza again Ya bach

    I fucking love u man

    say that shiza again Ya bach

    Flawless piner no homo

  63. say that shiza again Ya bach

    Soooo is this zone tan related cuz I got a random bo- ummmmmm bowl of cereal

    Becca Taylor

    Keep it in your pants pup

    say that shiza again Ya bach

    I'll try to

    say that shiza again Ya bach

    It didn't work

    Becca Taylor

    @say that shiza again Ya bach damn

  64. Professor Mediocre

    i guess you could say you're inside the zone ha ha HA.

  65. Nøxturn

    Whole network is a big fetish porn

    Joyce Birrey

    I know, I've been there

    say that shiza again Ya bach

    My PP hard

  66. Kevin McGuin

    The batting zone?


    Divorce papers?

  67. Tazmania 77

    Still as Strong as I first heard it way back!

  68. Kyotra

    Innocence is overrated.

  69. Midget Waffles

    Just a reminder to the OGs out there to delete your browsing history. Have a nice day. :)

  70. Kimagura

    Ken's music are the only ones i can take a break from just so it never gets old.

  71. Icydata123

    God this song brings back so many memories of the early 2010s

  72. Argnox Ragnarok

    Ken I'm trying, I'm really trying to not lewd Kennie, but you're not making it any easier

    war rice

    think that's the point

  73. The Universal Raid

    Damn those girls are absolute units. Left girl's tit is the size of panda's head

  74. Montgomery Hodgin

    In case you haven't seen it Ken dropped a new song today, go and give it a listen will ya.

  75. Aden Farrell

    It's still my favorite

  76. DVRK KVWV!!

    *fapping intensifies*

    say that shiza again Ya bach

    Watch out she may be watching

  77. ayluh

    This is honestly my favorite song by Ken. I love the "your name out I'm muttering" Part. Much love! 💗

    Mckallum Malanowski

    Definitely in my top 3

  78. Roy Ops

    cmon cmon

  79. Mckallum Malanowski

    Two comments in a row ?! Seriously step up your game

  80. Mckallum Malanowski

    Do I have anything original to say?

    No. But have a nice day!

  81. Jameson Eisenhofer

    the auto zone

    say that shiza again Ya bach

    Get in the zone AUTO ZONE OWWWW

  82. David Fatman

    I’m the only one who noticed that zone tan has normal legs in this image

  83. Mckallum Malanowski

    How does one know if they are truly the freshest?

    Joyce Birrey

    when they get to be first

  84. Marcello Contreras

    *F R E S H*

  85. Zadunki

    imagine walking in to your [relation here] drawing you with 2 other women bru

  86. Zing Nova

    Fresh comment section gang.

  87. Feral Raven

    How come his best songs have lewd covers/images? x''''d

    Zing Nova

    Because it'd get taken down from youtube...?

    Joyce Birrey

    because why not

  88. Mckallum Malanowski

    Good fresh comments.

    Zing Nova

    Fresh comment section gang.

  89. spitmaster teryaki

    This is love

  90. El humano Promedio

    best crossover ever

  91. David Fatman

    Am I the only one reminded of space dandy’s breasturants

  92. M.ユウ



  93. Averagegamenerd

    Has anyone else noticed that the two girls in the drawing are the same girls that are in Black Lily

    WolfPack Alpha2025

    Averagegamenerd Don’t worry about it, they’re friends with benefits.

  94. Forgettable Name

    never thought this song could be sad, but with the passing of sadpanda... I'm feeling.


    Who's that?

    Ben Smith

    @Vipsnap it's a panda who is sad

    i think

    shrek dabber

    @Vipsnap it's a hentai website

  95. elmaxter122

    i'm listening to this in memory of sadpanda,
    i'll miss you old friend
    nvm is back

    Forgettable Name

    fuck, almost forgot about that
    Rest in Piece, you will be missed you glorious bastard

  96. Meowium99



    Hat Man

    cease immediately


    I can't!

    'Cause, baby, I'm in the zone

  97. Urva Saarmish