Ken Ashcorp - Hunter Lyrics

Destroy apathy and hope
Destroy everything you own
Nihilistic tendencies within my bones
You gotta break a few
You gotta lose it all

This fear
No, I'm not ashamed
Giants tower over bodies, charred and maimed
Am I sick with a disease or am I sane?
You gotta start to run
Before you learn to crawl

My mind's a wreck
Oh, they tell me everything will be okay
Well, I wanna be the hunter not the hunted
I wanna be the killer not the prey

My heart can't take much more
Constantly repeating every single beat I felt before
Every single time I hit that wall
Crystal bodies hold me tight
As I fall into the night, ohh
Just for a chance to see the light

The beating of the drum
That I heard so many times I became numb
Are we constantly tormented just for fun?
We'll never understand
The killer starting gun

Hold your breath and plunge too deep
My demons always had my soul to keep
And I'm dying every time I fall asleep
I wanna be reborn
Instead of being done

My mind's a wreck
What use is believing if I can't pray
I wanna be the hunter not the hunted
I wanna live one more day

Can't take much more
Constantly repeating every single beat I felt before
Every single time I hit that wall
Crystal bodies hold me tight
As I fall into the night
Just for a chance to see the light

Give me a chance to see the light

Human disease
I'm getting sick of it
Fall to your knees
Fake it 'til it washes all away

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Ken Ashcorp Hunter Comments
  1. CherryAmbassadorチェリー

    this got me into attack on titan

  2. MoonEater Gaming

    art styled like attack on titan right?

    Tristian Batch

    Noooo it's Sailor Moon.
    How could *anyone* make that mistake.

    That being said,all jokes aside if you're not familiar with Ken, I highly suggest checking out all of his songs. Very talented guy.

    random dude

    ikr what makes you even consider that its attack in titan?

  3. bond21

    Nice amw material

  4. silver bites

    I dont know if it's just me but I finished bloodborne not long ago and this song sums up the gameplay and story pretty well


    I've thought the same with this song and Code Vein XD I love playing this song to fighting the bosses xD

    silver bites

    @SeirenK same here

    Capra Cabra

    It's not just you m8, this song never ceases to remind me of my first run of Bloodborne. Now whenever I listen, I'm always amped up to start a new character and give it another go.

  5. aDarkThought -_-

    What five hundred and sixty nine monsters downvoted this?


    I would slay them all of course

  6. kIngSAAC

    Currently listening in the shower rn

    Shadowrider 10

    me too my boy


    Shit same here

    Gareck Z.S

    Nice waterproof phones everyone has


    @Gareck Z.S I just put my phone in a ziploc bag

  7. Unkulunkulu

    I love the attack on Titan aesthetic

  8. feel sick inc

    1:41 bruh. I could listen to that one part soooo many times and still get an eargasm

    silver bites

    I know right

  9. Riceboi

    This sounds SO much like Fall Out Boy.


    It’s literally based off of Muse but go off I guess

  10. J Skyler

    Ken can tackle any genre and set the bar while he’s at it.

  11. The Eternal Phoenix

    I finally realize after listening to this for about the 11th time that the ‘nihilistic tendencies’ are in his bones, and not his balls. I’m kinda disappointed.

  12. SevScout

    Nice little rhapsody you made there!

  13. mi tio y yo

    Que buena rola xd

  14. Alexis L

    The recommendations from the song ‘Cum zone’ are dope af

    Reversed Perspective

    It's the post nut clarity that youtube recommendation gains after hearing such musical perfection.


    I just got introduced to that song then came back to this. 😂

  15. Calb

    this song kicks ass

  16. Sammy Boy

    okay, but why is this opening just hayloft with half of the instruments missing? xD

  17. Marredhook Gothier


  18. Danlabs

    Jager time.

    Fox Flame101

    Danlabs when your mom get killed

  19. Jack Wolfe

    Sounds as Legendary as I want my life to be.

    But my life isn't.

    David Fatman

    You almost had me there for a second

  20. Zirphy

    Best fucking song ever, seriously... wow

  21. Fillia A

    Are we constantly tormented just for fun?

  22. Fujikoma3x222

    Warframe alternate soundtrack?


    Tenno, don this furry warframe and don't be seen, also, kill everything... you know, the usual.

    Yoshi Stover

    *Emphasis on the don't be seen*
    Otherwise you will be outcasted from society and myself. And the enemies.

  23. Crimson Ice

    1:29 Best part in my opinion

  24. Subscribe to my channel and i'll subscribe back

    every other comment section: sleep


  25. Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal

    I like this.

  26. Etozes zarcone

    Ur song doesn't make any sense

    Etozes zarcone

    @J Skyler Just the lyrics n the beat doesn't really make any connection to them

    Qo REKT

    @Etozes zarcone the beat and lyrics don't have to be the same, ever heard of songs like pumped up kicks or choke by IDKHBTFM


    I think my favourite thing is that IDKNBTFM isn't a random key smash it's the shortened name


    It does if you're familiar with the series


    @DatYandereFreak indeed. it didn't to me at first either.

  27. J Santos

    Talvez eu tenha gostado muito dessa música

  28. J' zargo

    So fucking good c:

  29. Alan Tijernina Trejo

    This songs fill me with the highs and lows of a firefight. Battlefield meditation man, gives me flashbacks. Rock on young man.

  30. Scissosarus

    I love the amount of emotion he manages to put in his works, especially this one.

  31. Dat Doge

    I'm genuinely impressed.

  32. Li,l fonkie

    Sephirot H

    Ken Ashcorp

    Number 3: I don't like you.

    spooky boi

    @Ken Ashcorp oh wow ken is still active here

  33. No. 8

    Go get em ken!! SLAY THOSE TITANS!

  34. rhys yip

    this song sounds so muse-like I love it ^^ top 3 ken songs for sure ^^


    oh my god I'm so happy I'm not the only one to think of muse

  35. l0rD n0o8sKiLlZ

    The perfect music for stabbing buttholes.

    Véga CAJ

    i see what you did there

    michael zebra

    Sapraise buttsecks

  36. Djracem

    i fuckin love his character dude
    like in all of his things he has his lil guy and it's adorable and i love it

    also i love how this song is from 2015, and it's midway through 2019 and there's a comment i see from just 17 hours ago. shit's wack

    Sukhoi Kip

    Kenny is a girl

    No. 8

    @Sukhoi Kip And what a girl, nudge nudge, wink wink

    The President Of Awesomeness

    It was a dude? well fuck I regret nothing

    Bryan Ellis

    my guy you fell for a reverse trap cuz that be a girl

  37. nefarious

    This has a very heavy Muse vibe to it

  38. yatsy

    Lets just say i got this from an apex video.

    • Ctrl C

    nerf bloodhound


    @• Ctrl C hes already trash

    • Ctrl C

    @yatsy i mean, nerf bloodhound is the title of the video that i came from, lol


    @• Ctrl C ooooo😂😂


    @MR ANTL3RS i found 2 "nerf bloodhound" vidoes but cant find the song in them can you link to it?

  39. Sarah D

    Oohhh mmyyyy goodddd who needs drugs when you have KEN ASHCORP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dylan Langdon

    Clearly you haven't tried listening to his music AND doing drugs at the same time. Shits 10/10

  40. Eddy B.

    At this point I'm convinced Ken is just an amalgamation of voices that can freely morph between them.

  41. internetboy

    This comment section is more active than caesium

    Harold McCarty

    AND just as unstable as Francium!

  42. Crystal

    This song is my daily theme. I just feel like the world is so brutal. Thank you for writing this. (For me.) ;3

    Jorge Perez

    Holy shit, same. The song is like an ode to everyday struggles.

  43. Anne G.

    my middle school anthem

  44. hentai is religion

    How you gon out my fave anime in the thumbnail and expect me not to watch

  45. Subscribe to my channel and i'll subscribe back

    sounds like an anime opening

    Winter Kindreon

    I have been thinking the same thing for years

    Sarah D

    I think 1:30 to 2:08 would be an amazing anime opening ☺️☺️☺️

  46. Malcom Alexander


    salvador 001

    To where?

  47. Ryan Morton

    This songs needs to be on the Google play store rn ffs

    Patrick Hall

    Just realized it was taken off. Lucky I got it on there already

  48. Enrico Cestaro

    I read he had a lot of haters, maybe he still has. I really don't understand why, the music is awesome, it's powerfull and capable of being funny or deep depending upon the situation.
    Everyone who doesn't see it probrably doesn't know anything about music

    Enrico Cestaro

    @Zookzacoon well I don't know much about that, neither i know anything about him. I mean, I don't really care, to me even Ken could be part of those "bad people", I simply don't know anything about him except that he's a really talented musician. And that's it. The fact that people listen to his music and judge him for his fursona... those things are not correlated, it's not even the main theme of his songs (for.what I have seen). People should just learn to separate things


    @Enrico Cestaro All of his music is either a reference to a show or movie, or it has intense sexual undertones, or both

    Enrico Cestaro

    @Zookzacoon yeah but it's not like "i have a fursona, i sing about my fursona, all my music is about furries"

    Glenn Howard

    I'm gonna regret jumping into this, but I feel it's worth mentioning. I certainly don't speak on behalf of the Ken Ashcorp following, as no matter the artist, the attitude of "everybody who doesn't like this doesn't know anything about music", comes off as if the person making the claim needs to validate their own knowledge of music.

    Enrico Cestaro

    @Glenn Howard yeah, i should have said what i meant in a proper way, my excuses. What I should have written is "whoever doesn't like this because of something which doesn't involve this music directly". I already heard about some reasons that brought people to hate Ken, and it didn't have anything to do with his music. I think that someone who loves music, or thinks to know something about music should judge a song by its melody, its text, or the way it's perfomed. Unfortunately, except for an entire life passed listening and searching for any kind of music, I do not have any special knowledge, and I won't pretend the opposite. My opibion is always reary to change, but right now I think he's a good musician, and he's got style and personality, somethint hard to find nowaday

  49. Harry Lovatt

    its always nice to see so many new regular plp come across this god of a song

  50. Sir Pie

    Superb great good

  51. Niels Beeris

    Welcome to the club to anyone coming here for the first time

  52. Anthony Ortiz

    Hello everyone I am new here 😝

  53. Landen Mejia

    Haha nice

  54. StarFoxFluffySocks



    My exact reaction whenever I see the panda waifu

  55. war rice

    boop gotta keep the comments alive, fucking awesome song by the way

  56. qeafs

    it's too good

  57. osman_ajmal


    Sidratul Muntaha

    Hello there anas.

  58. Dexus Bestil

    I am a dog, but I can be hunted by this panda

    Nicholas Witz

    you lit stole from a music group then act like its yours . disgusting

    Dexus Bestil

    @Nicholas Witz i don't act like its mine i just like that group and i like to listen them

  59. RyhmedByRhythm

    I'd LOVE to have to see a Japanese version of this as the season 4 OP!

  60. Maaya Erin

    This song gives me One OK Rock vibes

  61. SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza

    This song really made my Summer great back in 2015

  62. 10,000 subscribers without a video

    Is the 20% cooler have to do with my little pony?

    Zane enaZ

    @10,000 subscribers without a video You are permanently a bring there is no going back

    10,000 subscribers without a video

    Zane enaZ so I’m a brony now?


    @10,000 subscribers without a video comments are disabled

    Jona van der Pal

    @Judas comments are disabled

    Subscribe to my channel and i'll subscribe back

    there can only e one of us....

  63. Hatchets Traxs

    Attack On Titan...

  64. Argnox Ragnarok

    4 years later and this song still slaps


    Not fuckin wrong my guy

    Lonely Lemon

    wait 10 more years and maybe it'll update

  65. Avid Nuller

    just came from the newest song, hi everyone!

  66. anxiety central

    This is quite badass

  67. Squishy Rock

    Deadass thought it said "every single time I hit that woah" instead of "the wall" and I had to fucking check the lyrics cause
    " *wait wtf no that can't be it* "


    Vubb Vvub

    good job

    hans mwerrt

    Same here. Everytime I heard it I was like why would he say that but now it makes sense


    I can't unhear it now

  68. Mr Pengalin

    Howdy yall

  69. Dabbarama

    How does this get daily comments?

    Sullivan Ramsel

    @Aether Just Ken Ashcorp vids, dunno how


    Sullivan Ramsel sick


    really, its because of how it priorities. a mix of new and liked comments, pinned will always go at the top, usually followed by anything the uploader comments, then highest likes, then a mix.

  70. Roy Ops

    hm where ya daily comments at

  71. Glowi Boi

    4:29 I just love this progression so much

  72. Zing Nova

    Fresh Comment Gang.

  73. SCP-049

    OWO my dick gonna finally get circumcised?


    @Laffle yes daddy OWO

    i am ok!!

    Why y'all gotta do this


    @SCP-049 oh lord, i was not prepared for this level of kinkiness

    junaid hamid

    Yeeeeaaah.... That's enough internet for one day

  74. TheFacelessNoise.

    Epic style

  75. Horadric Monk


  76. Slim Thicc



    No god don't do this to us


    Lmao.... leave

  77. Vipsnap

    Epic Gam er

  78. l3loppes bruh

    not gonna lie this shit slaps hard though

  79. Sizzlin Plate

    Oi Oi 5 days ago? What is this, not a Ken Ashcorp comment section?!

  80. 乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚

    I just love Ken's comment sections

  81. zomg1337h4x

    Guys, I was shocked when it was revealed that the basement had a new Ken Ashcorp album. Recontextualized the whole series.

    Depresso Espresso

    what? explain pls


    @Depresso Espresso season 3 part 2

    Depresso Espresso

    @幻像VINCITIVE attack on titans? any specific episode?


    Sataniux 3000 attack on titan, all of the episodes just watch.

  82. # 810

    Wow! Atack on titans....


    Sooo close.

    Caleb Tugade

    Attack on titan


    Shingeki No Kyojin

    Pato von Patinovich d'Campo

    Ataque a los titanes (?

  83. Neutral Effect

    The visual heresy.


    i like the panda

  84. Stinker 182

    I really wish there was one without singing


    I'm sure there's an instrumental

  85. Igor Stukan

    Did it get copyrighted? I think it did.

    Candy Valencia

    How the fu.....fuck YouTube and the damn world I blast this song all fucking day simply because it’s different


    wait how do you even know that?

    Igor Stukan

    @Ridley217 r/whoosh

    Igor Stukan

    @Candy Valencia But it's AoT

  86. Onion Ocelot

    Trying to kill that damm dark souls boss be like

    Capra Cabra

    Soulsborne boi's

    Tiia Mannix

    I couldn't help but to think of Bloodborne lmao, maybe it's a bit too obvious.

  87. mi tio y yo

    Esta canción es la más vergas

  88. Fillia A

    Lmao the reverse of the art would be funny tho, just a guy slicing a huge ass panda

  89. Acel Jean

    I don't watch Attack On Titan and I never will... But this song is still enjoyable whether or not you get the reference


    why wouldn't you watch it

    Acel Jean

    @LOZER several reasons... one being the theme itself. And definitely the art style

    Possibly Stappert

    @Acel Jean A shame, you're really missing out. At the very least watch 3 episodes before deciding not to watch it.

  90. Kimagura

    Just finished my second reincarnation how y'all been

    Capra Cabra

    Gud, gud.


    Only you're second??
    Bro I'm on the 32nd

    Simon H.

    myth & roid pfp? I see you're a man of culture aswell

    Ghalaghor McAllistor

    @Paradox Hey, reincarnation isn't a competition.


    @Ghalaghor McAllistor Not until I make it one

  91. cynthicy

    the blades are backwards

    Scooty Nums

    Holy shit

    Niels Beeris

    the blades don't have a set direction, they have a notch in the middle of the tang for the actual hilts to hold on to, there's no right way

    Scooty Nums

    This is some next level lore shit right here

  92. Furkan Balci


  93. dot

    It's funny that when i was younger, I didn't knew english very well and thought the lyrics of the song were awesome, but now I realize, being a bit more mature and understanding the lyrics, how ridiculously edgy it is.


    @The Judge nah, just a relatively young boy who's bad at english or languages in general


    @The Judge and english isn't my native language


    Makes much more sense if you are up with the manga


    This is far from being a bad thing

    Stinker 182

    dot I wish the was some without lyrics

  94. Capra Cabra

    Jus playin' through my second run of Bloodborne...


    I feel that so much


    yo me too im trying to do a skill and bloodtinge build (casual build).

    Capra Cabra

    ​@Tiptopphoenix64 I'm way too attached to my first character. Now I'm on NG++, trying out new builds by turning my first huntress from a skill-build, to a Skill/Arcane-build, to just a straight high level quality by simply investing into whatever hasn't hit the soft cap yet.

  95. djbjunior Barbosa

    Man i love this song, i usualy play dountless with this at the background.

    Andrew Eike



    @Andrew Eike no, dountless, a ripoff game

  96. bulletgengar

    This is hella good

  97. um, no.

    This is an awesome song.