Kelly Price - Her Lyrics

Baby, I've been watching from a distance
And everything it rings familiarly, Mmmm
But I can't imagine what you must be thinkin'
Cuz she could never be what I can be

Oh, loneliness has really got you twisted
And there's so much your eyes don't even see, yeah
And then I laid my eyes upon your woman
And to my surprise I saw me lookin' at me
But how could you be with her?

You don't really love her, no
Cuz she's not me and I
I won't stand by and watch you pretend
So baby how could you?

You don't really love her, no
Cuz she's not me and I
I can't stand by and watch you pretend

We parted so that we could make it better
Cuz boy, you said we needed time and space, Mmm
We vowed that it was only temporary
But I never thought that I would be replaced

Now you're living all our dreams with another
And you're giving everything you promised me
You're pretending we're together when we're nothing
But she's not me, she can't be, no
How could you be with her, oh baby

You don't really love her, no, no
Cuz she's not me and I
I can't stand by and watch you pretend
So how could you play me?

Cuz don't really love her, no
Cuz she's not me and I
I can't stand by and watch you pretend

I never thought that you would be hurting this way
And I never thought I'd be without you, without you
You didn't have to run away to find me again
cuz I've always been here I am the real thing
So don't you pretend, oh

You don't really love her
Cuz she's not me and I
I can't stand by and watch you pretend

You don't really love her, no
Cuz you really love and and I
I can't stand by and let you pretend
We could start again

Ya gotta let her go baby
And bring your love to me
I want your love, I need your love


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Kelly Price Her Comments
  1. Marc Brooker

    2020 anyone ?

  2. doyouevenlift 1744

    Almost 3 years old..not even that long but damn I wish i could go back. Good times with good people. Everyone going their own ways now. Imagine coming back here in 20 not ready to live the cookie cutter adult/family lifestyle. I'm high ik this is cringe lol

  3. scirazz

    This song just hit differently

  4. Lieb Wexler

    2020 bumper

  5. scose

    4:00 - 2 piece chicken wings without the fries isn't enough food

  6. Tamo en el Traaa

    Besstt shitt in d world

  7. rakin dawan

    I didn't even know what TRAP was before this.

  8. Son808Goku

    2020 🤘🏾


    Shit still hard in 2020

  10. Cosmmosiss

    Anyone else hear the scream at 0:00

  11. kasey jones

    Still hard in 2020!!

  12. ParZivaL

    Rocket ride yhyh if ya yk then u yk

  13. saphagus von lyta

    Probably watching,'Garfield'

  14. Shantiqua Frazier

    Took off on this shit

  15. Johnny Alvarez

    Still hittin in 2020

  16. Johnnyart Paradise

    This song is Fire!! Keep banging bomb bay beats! Keep creating fantastic music! Lol

  17. Rocky Maserati

    If you cashed out on a Grand Prix Gxp say I lol

    21 Sandwich

    Lmao that got me bad

  18. MO5KRI

    Who bumping this in 2020 ?

  19. Kao Grizzly Macc

    Hoodied up I’m still standin in the heights
    Don’t end up slipping on the wrong side
    They bouta free my little nigga Mike
    My whole hood in there fightin life
    They fillin up the county Jackson pike
    They killin for a bitch who ont write kites

  20. Maasje 043

    Some body lisenin in 2020???

  21. Salad Ass

    Anyone 2021 🤖😹

  22. eric perczek

    Culture was a top 5 album of the decade

  23. mamas. Boy_

    2020 n!66as?

  24. TheFifa Mofo

    who’s listening in 2020?🤪

    Javier Vndrés

    recently played, right now

  25. Lil Maui

    2020 anybody🧨

  26. Big E

    1:50 my senior quote

  27. Relay k

    Travis Scott's verse iss Lit

  28. nick hernandex

    this song changed my life while I was on molly SHEESH !


    still fire to this day

  30. Lauch TV

    That’s a Chil Song very Cool Migos-Feat. Travis Scott = ♥️ 💧

  31. Beats Drop

    who else is ending the decade here

    Sam Garza


    Alex Gonzalez

    Love it

    Abdo Hossam

    And what a way to End it

  32. jeremiah gardiner

    If your reading this one I hope your high asf 2. If you get drugs for the right price then I'm fucking wit you 3rd. This song still bang In 2019 and 4th I hope you get rich one day

  33. jeremiah gardiner

    I'm high asf too

  34. jeremiah gardiner

    This song is so famous 44 million views and 7.6 k commeta wtf

  35. Mi_key Litwayy

    Who’s gonna be bumping this in 2020 still ?🔥

  36. Rafael Fyrrer

    merecia clip essa musica sz

  37. carl from jimmy neutron

    Skip to 2:37 for the best part

  38. Rafael Morais

    hope culture 3 have a song like this one

  39. Latif Naoum

    Eat it all i just imagine that lol

  40. Torah Love

    Lice is black and cocaine is white Travis Scott lol but this is my shit !! And I love Travis part and the chorus fo sho

  41. Nathan Hernandez

    Yall should've had 2020 vision when this song came out but you slept but forever a banger

  42. François Michelet

    Travis scott 💥💥💥💥💥

  43. No face No case

    I get TeeWizz for the right price yhhh yhhhh🍃💨 (UK🇬🇧niggas will understand)


    Grow up you weirdo. If you’re over 13 typing this, you’re tapped and need to grow up.

  44. D Scales


  45. iStéfxno HD

    skrt skrt bitch

  46. C H

    This singing in particular is intelligent.

  47. Cherry Boy Grant

    Ohana !

  48. Logan Crimmins

    song never gets old..2019

  49. André Luis C.De.O


  50. nicolas schoeb

    still here for good music

  51. alphamotta Morales

    Best trap ever 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Amanda Silva

    Tem alguem que fale português ai deixa o like pfvr

  53. M J

    “Always keep some bitches on the side yea yea” Yea that n*gga forever a cheater. 😔He got hacked lol

  54. Joabson nscimento

    Skrrrt🎶🤑 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇺🇸

  55. Apple boy

    Miss kelly price 😭

  56. Alex Navarrete

    Should’ve been a music video for the song on the real

  57. Erik Sorrell

    Jocked tf outta Travis style

  58. fixxxer3456

    When anyone says Migos are trash, show them this song

  59. B. Hype

    Still waiting for a music video of this song

  60. sam sam run

    Take off and Travis verse is fire this song is so good

  61. Mikee Lopez

    2019 🤝📈🔥

  62. Kashish Bhatia

    got lethal, narcs, lethal, darts
    my bitch got lethal, parts, a lethal, heart

    literally the best part of the whole song

  63. Klevis Ndoci

    Dat beat!!!

  64. Nicolas Rojas

    Culture 1> Culture 2
    Quality > Quantity

  65. kelvin mberenga

    who is with me culture 1 is fire compared to 2

  66. Laup Ningstron

    This shit gotta be in GTA 6

  67. Saint Jodar

    I'll play it on my lambo soon pray for me

  68. Imran Bashir

    2 piece chicken wings without the fries 🍟

  69. greg romo

    Sound like chief keef in the end

  70. Armando GenerationZ

    I’m typing this off of my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard haha, My bad.

  71. Alesio Dishnica

    The outro is amazing

  72. Nik Oktopas

    love this track even to date

  73. Kato Fred

    i feel the good musicmore fire

  74. Doomaster

    This song is trippin!!!!!!

  75. Tyrone Jones

    I was listening this shit when 28-3 happened

  76. Sad scott

    this song gotta have a video💕💕💕💕💕💕

  77. Frank Lagarto

    It's Lit!!

  78. Kenzo Reid

    November!! 🔥🔥🔥

  79. Carlos Hijo

    always keep some bitches on the side.....

  80. Janusz 3.0.0

    pierdolic murzna!!!!!!!

  81. Janusz 3.0.0

    ale gówno skr skr jebane

  82. Shadow

    life was good when i listened to this banger

  83. Dele83

    This shit still 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #november2019

  84. DSGaming677

    0:47 🎵🎵 This flow gets me everytime

  85. Benjamin Cepriano

    Migos + marshmallow =best music 👌

  86. Isaac Martinez

    After just coming from the astroworld festivals and hearing it live, listening to this again just makes the song 10 times better

  87. Fabio Fabritto

    More More More like this!!!!

  88. Broke Boii

    Here before 2020 even start booom

  89. Armando GenerationZ

    November type of music 🥶💯 #GenZ #Winning

  90. Aldárçio Loyal

    November ✊🏾👍🏾

  91. Shawn Hiro

    This beat is so fire 🔥

  92. nurideen Shaibu

    Back it up X3 takeoff u the best

  93. DSGaming677

    KFC Worker: Hello, welcome to KFC. What would you like to order?

    Me: 4:00