Kelley, Josh - Naleigh Moon Lyrics

I know the kind of guy I am
A bit too much and to myself
Not much left for someone else
And I'm sure I cause my share of pain
But all that changed
When you first touched my face

Halfway around my little world
You had no idea that you were my girl
You found my arms not a moment too soon
I couldn't see past me till I saw you
My sweet Naleigh Moon

I love the man you're makin' me
Yeah, everyday, I wanna prove
There's nothin' I won't do for you
Just to see you in your mama's arms
Is more than enough
To bring me to my knees

Halfway around my little world
You had no idea that you were my girl
You found my arms not a moment too soon
I couldn't see past me till I saw you
My sweet Naleigh Moon

I can't imagine life without my
Naleigh Moon

Halfway around my little world
You had no idea that you were my girl
You found my arms not a moment too soon
I couldn't see past me till I saw you
I couldn't see past me till I saw you
Naleigh Moon
My sweet Naleigh Moon

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Kelley, Josh Naleigh Moon Comments
  1. Jaison Markus Issacs

    That kid is like perfect it’s a Jesus magic that real women like asian are being adopted by people who think in perfect harmony and love

  2. Mark Lowe

    Very nice. Good adoption is a huge deal.

  3. leyla ndiaye

    La plus belle chanson d'amour

  4. 내맘에 닿으니

    제가 엄청 좋아하는 노래입니다 특히 이 영상은 정말 많이 찾아서 본 것 같네요 네이리가 많이 웃어서 좋아요 지금도 잘 지내는 것 같아 다행입니다 앞으로도 잘 지내시길 바랍니다

  5. 5징어땅콩

    My favorite song. What a masterpiece.

  6. Alexis Paquingan

    That's why I love this couple so much. Such an inspiration.

  7. Jennifer White

    I love this song because this is how my mama got my name sweet Neely Moon Les nail emu musk is my whole name

  8. Jacob Kleiboeker

    Been in love with this song since it first came for dam sure it willbe my first daughters name Korean or na Leigh moon will be her name

  9. Jacob Kleiboeker

    Will be my first daughter's name

  10. Mrs Julia Smith


  11. A Diengdoh

  12. A Diengdoh

  13. choi오라오라

    I hope your family will be happy.

  14. choi오라오라


  15. 방가돌


  16. Thea Demyanenko

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  17. juliana ff gfk

    Izzie te amooo

  18. KC Nwokoye

    Such a gentle and beautiful little girl

  19. WellEndowedWhiteMan

    Made in China child. Lol Why are these white people adopting colored babies? Nasty! White Pride, y'all.

  20. Shelby Bird

    Named our daughter after this song💜

  21. Terry-anne Kerei

    Beautiful song for a beautiful and lucky girl. I’m glad she has these incredible human beings as her parents, y’all are just absolutely amazing people.

  22. Lucas Nunes

    Katherine Heigl 💜

  23. WIlliam Mihalcik

    1.5 million views, I’m pretty sure at least 100,000 of them are mine

  24. Clown Pepe

    BIG BIG SMILE Thanks

  25. YULA

    Милашка) балдею)

  26. José Luis Pérez Peña

    You are the greatest singer of the world, your my favorite, you inspire me. Thanks for your wonderful music.

  27. D.G. S.

    I have a newspaper clipping of people born on January 30th (like me). Josh Kelley is one of them. So I googled his name and arrived here. What a nice song and family!

  28. Sumarni Sapsuha

    so sweet...😢😊😊😊😊😀

  29. Wilda Kore

    Be still my heart!

  30. Blanca Edwards

    where is the "love" button when you need it

  31. laroogii

    Beautiful song from loving dad to his pretty daugther

  32. moon disaster

    감사합니다. Thank you for adopting our unprivilaged babies. 😍

  33. Sim Lane

    <3 <3 <3

  34. auharies31

    Love it !!

  35. Ken Hill

    this little girl his first child will always own her dads heart for eternity!

  36. Federico Izzi

    Who is here for Izzie Stevens??

  37. 정기조

    May you be happy with your new father and mother.

  38. Willyan Alexandre

    Izzie 😍

  39. Meg McLean

    love this song video and the power couple of Katherine and Josh and sweet Naleigh is beautiful

  40. Raniele Costa

    algum brasileiro? ?

  41. Teresa MH

    wow, it's my First time to know about this Man through his Wife, but Ohhh what  Voice... So soft and Clean.. Keep it up and I'm a New Fan of your Family.

  42. mia ndiaye

    i like you and your wife too katherine heigl

  43. Abi Tulabot

    Naleigh is such a beautifully original name!

  44. Abi Tulabot


  45. Aaa K


  46. Liz Rose

    2017 and somehow I found my way back to this song and video. And I still cry

  47. Harini N

    You are awesome man 😊😊😊

  48. mia ndiaye

    quelle belle chanson

  49. Jade Matthews

    So, I watched this video back in 2012 when it came out and I had no idea who Katherine Heigl was so I was just like "Oh cool Naleighs mom" Now I'm like OH MY GOD IZZIE STEVENS AKA KATHERINE HEIGL IS NALEIGH MOONS MOM AND SHES MARRIED TO JOSH KELLEY WHAT?! I'm mind blown.

    madison ellington

    Jade Matthews same!!!

    Chelsey Dunagan

    Thats the reason i came to look at the comments 😂

  50. Arccway


  51. Madame Evie


  52. 브렛앤더슨

    I'm a Korean and I really appreciate you for your love.

  53. giulia 2005


  54. CindyFer Romero

    Beautiful song and beautiful family. Naleigh is so sweet.

  55. Juanita Quintero

    who else came here to see Izzie one last time?

    Amanda S

    Juanita Quintero ME

  56. Drew Baby Drew

    Wait till she's 15 and see if you can't see past her

  57. Jennifer Hung

    The ending! 😫❤️

  58. margie byrge

    OMG i cryed how preciuos was this video :)

  59. Kaleigh Luster

    Cried through the entire video. So beautiful

  60. Elly Lopez

    Happiness!!! ♡

  61. Nathaly Lemos

    Lindo o clipe, impossível vê e nao sentir saudades da Izzie em Greys Anatomy 😖

  62. Daniela Melo

    Lindo! !!

  63. -Boo Bear-

    OMG!!! This is sooo ADORABLE!!! <3I'm crying a lot! :'(Naleigh is so beautiful! <3

  64. shristi sinha

    aww it's so adorable , josh kelley u r a awesome dad keep it up dude 😍😍

  65. Iah ronquillo

    I just love this video. Made me tear up. God bless your beautiful family

    Iah ronquillo

    "I couldn't see past me till i saw you" the kind of love only parents would understand

  66. Jose Bueno

    It's a beautiful family

  67. 복히


  68. Luiza M.

    such a beautiful song <3

  69. Jenny Wells

    Absolutely beautiful! What a lucky girl!

  70. Patricia Cunanan

    Izzie! <3

    Liz DeStefano

    Patricia Cunanan I soo miss the original cast it's not the same!

  71. Nathalie Stone

    This made me cry! so sweet, no words to express the love in this video, OMG! this is all that anyone could ever wish in life. I am so happy for your beautiful family, Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelly

  72. Victoria Li

    This is beautiful ❤

  73. Lia Lok

    awesome video, beautiful family.

  74. asxp yeptho

    The dislike button should not be there in such video

  75. Lazy Bug

    This is so beautiful. ❤️

  76. Emilly kkk

    q lindoooooooos. Saudades Izzie

  77. Jan Francine

    omg.. tearjerking! sweetest ever.. 😍💕 you and Katherine Heigl are definitely a #RelationshipGoal!

  78. Marissa Sagi

    awhhhhh she's so cute I can't deal!!

  79. MJ Tchon

    Thank you for your kindness...💖
    I couldn't help watching the video full of love you share with your daughter. ..👪

  80. Jean

    This song is reeally good I love it. And you family look so happy! :)

  81. 정종현

    Very very cute 😍

  82. 신효원


  83. Anma

    I cried so much :,(  so touching song. Love this so much :,) Beautiful Naleigh! :)

  84. Suf777 8

    Wow 😢😍

  85. Amber Galloway

    Still one of my favorites ☺️

  86. Владислав Пухальский


  87. Thetruth Betold

    Thank you!!

  88. 정서윤

    i love it😘😂

  89. k1 lee

    Lovely naleigh~

  90. Kathy Bagley

    Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl have such a beautiful little girl she is so precious and they are wonderful parents she was adopted very young and then they adopted a second little girls so now they have two beautiful little girls I love that song that he posted that he saying about his daughter Naila he should dance at her wedding to that song he came out with some really good songs wish them both the best always

  91. Mandy Miyasaki

    Must. Fix. Daddy's Shirt. XDDD
    Beautiul song as well. ^_^

  92. Wuri Hadiah

    the sweetest song ever !

  93. Apoorva chawla

    this made me cry. so beautiful :)

    Sumarni Sapsuha

    me too 😢😊

  94. HoneyBeauty86


  95. Rodica K. Hansen

    That Video was so sad but cute... She is a special baby   

  96. Anouck Vandewalle

    Such a beautiful girl and such a sweet song! I love it! :) <3

  97. Roseli Rocha

    Vocês são preciosos,Toda a felicidade do mundo para vocês.

  98. Lu Lolu

    I love this song so much! Amazing voice Josh!  your daughter and wife are beautiful also

  99. The Aliens R Here

    Could u plz put out an upbeat fun song i like u but ur musics too slow to catch on b4 ppl no u. Seriously do the fun fast stuff first and once uve got ur audience then do the slow emotional stuff keep rockin


    Once he gets an audience?????  He has an audience who love his music.  If you don't like it then why are you here listening to his music??

    The Aliens R Here

    No offense but not much of an audience it took 3 months for anyone to see this

    The Aliens R Here

    @Debbie Hand and apparently I like his music or I wouldn't be listening to it and if somebody constructive criticism is a bad thing in your eyes I would hate to live in your world