Kelley, Josh - Georgia Clay Lyrics

Ain’t it funny how some things take you back?
And the here and now just fades to black
When I pull that blue tarp off of that time machine
Man, it hits me

Seventeen years old running on dumb luck
Spent the whole damn summer
Living in that truck
Them old tires still covered in that mud
Like it sticks with me, in my blood

When life was nothing more than living for the night
Just trying to steal a kiss on a tailgate of that ride
Good old days don’t wash away
Just like that Georgia Clay

Only one of my friends with a Fake I.D.
It made the hometown celebrity
Used to put her in park in a vacant lot
And I still can’t believe we never got caught

When life was nothing more than living for the night
Just trying to steal a kiss on a tailgate of that ride
Good old days don’t wash away
Just like that Georgia clay

All over everything, every last memory
Man it’s all coming back to me...

Ain’t it funny how some things take you back?

When life was nothing more than living for the night
Just trying to steal a kiss on a tailgate of that ride
Good old days don’t wash away
Man, some things they just don’t change
Just like that Georgia clay

All over everything, every last memory,
It’s all coming back to me

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Kelley, Josh Georgia Clay Comments
  1. Ashby Saddler

    It would be cool to see Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum & His Brother Josh Kelley work Together and record a Duet Song that would be cool

  2. Ben MacQuarrie

    Beautiful k10

  3. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    Arguably, more songs were written about Georgia than any other US state : Rainy Nights in Georgia, Georgia on my Mind, Georgia Peaches, Georgia Rose, Georgia Clay and off course Georgia Rain, just to name a few . Who agrees? God Bless Georgia.

  4. Victoria Stroud

    Sounds a lot like his brother!

  5. Itz Splashh

    Pierce County Georgia

  6. Yeonah Y Bañez

    what a voice..all his songs are perfect&heart touching..


    Amo esta canción 😍😍😍

  8. susie s

    We all felt that way when we were kids I wish I could go back!! Oxoxox all u young people, live it up today may be all we have!!!

  9. Rosy cb

    love it¡¡¡¡

  10. TheDeathTank01

    Im a Dodge guy, but i like that chevy

  11. TheDeathTank01

    Those old Chevy K10s were sturdy, reliable and looking better than the new Chevy's which look like crap and are unreliable.

  12. Ryan Riley

    Who's watching in 2019!

  13. Music Forever Plus

    2018 anyone?

  14. Ernie Flanagan, Sting Ray Bassman Nashville, TN.

    Remember when this was number 1 in Nashville....

  15. Parker Still

    Brings back memories

  16. 6oodfella

    From Wikipedia:
    "2GAT123 is a fictional license plate number that has appeared in a number of television shows and movies. It is used to prevent difficulties for a real person who might coincidentally have the same license plate number as one appearing in a movie".

  17. Myles Teller

    Still better than luke Bryan lol

  18. Matt Andrews

    New backroading song 👌

  19. Danny Harriman

    I love this song

  20. Estridge Family

    I like him doing country...I liked when he did Amazing...and before all that he sang a song called believe...I love it...

  21. jessica nelson

    love it

  22. bagnome

    First time in a while I've listened to this one. One of my favorites.

  23. DragonDog

    You wouldn't believe me if I told you that I'm related to him

  24. Night Shade

    im from indonesia

  25. Night Shade

    so cool country

  26. Bassassin

    Still a damn good tune!

  27. Nat Plasencia

    ❤️ will always love this song.

  28. SuperCaz68

    excellent voice great song good looking never heard any of his before but now I'm a fan, great country song

  29. Hannah Xxo

    Why are all these country song abut Georgia? Georgia is so fake we make more peaches than them. 😂😂😂

    BB Lynn

    Hannah Xxo it's clear you know nothing about Georgia. And who are "we?" Thanks for the clarification with that one, winner!


    Who is we you are talking about?

  30. Brady Adams

    I can honestly say the Georgia Clay will not wash off my uniform from Basic at Ft.Benning, loved this before but even more meaningful now

  31. black butterfly

    I was listening to 'Only you' and it directed me to this song. His voice like night and day between both songs!

  32. Phoenix765

    I wish my k20 was in that good of shape

    Chase Treml

    Phoenix497 I know right I got one too

  33. Elliott Wolcott

    Great video. Who all likes this song?

  34. Brian Tb

    this guy sounds like someone else on the track "amazing"

  35. Sara Ridgway

    met this guy about 13 years ago in Northampton Massachusetts. Super nice

  36. Geórgia Dias

    I love this music!

  37. Tim Gregg

    Graduation song!!

  38. Andy Westenberger

    is that a oshkosh truck emblem on the side of a scottsdale sort of thing?

  39. Austin Maier

    I grew up In Georgia. I never adapted to the southern culture nor did I developed the accent, but this song touches me in a place that I can't explain. I guess your root stick with you no matter where you go. I may bend in the military now, traveling the worrld, but my roots still stay with me.

    The Natural Man

    You'll miss it more the older you get... funny thing how that works..

    billy bradshaw

    So basically your saying your ashamed of being southern and from the south but this song is ok

    Paul Costley

    Austin Maier I am from Georgia. You sir are an idiot. If you don't take pride in Georgia then good riddance. I bet you're from Atlanta. I hate people from Atlanta. Atlanta is not apart of Georgia.


    Vbbu is 44ew2

  40. Ana Silvia


  41. Burt Macklin

    Seriously talented family. Josh and Charles each have incredible voices.

  42. Shane M.

    This song pretty much sums up the best years of my life.. Major props to you Josh Kelley. I'm planning on living out of my old 87 Chevy just one more time this summer! & love the K10 in this video as well!

  43. Austin Willis

    I have a lifted 85 chevy and me and my buddies drove it everywhere in high school! this song takes me back

  44. Nina Garcia

    one of my fav songs of all time! its so perfect!


    Hes the bradley cooper of country music


    Florida georgia line are the dean and sam of country

    He loves you!

    +CHRISTY CHUA BARCELO Absolutely not! How dare you speak of the Winchesters in such an ill way. They are heroes, not poser douche-nozzles! However, I can see the Bradley Cooper thing.


    +CHRISTY CHUA BARCELO only less cool


    @CHRISTY CHUA BARCELO Florida Georgia line are not country

  46. TheOriginalUtube

    left for the Army a few months back. nothing like reliving memories of me and my buddies wheeling all the windows down just enjoying life. damn I miss home.

  47. tonif74

    soooo good!!!

  48. Braden Reed

    Damn that squarebody though!

  49. Bob G

    Cheyenne or Scottsdale year is a 1985

  50. Peachify

    Georgia Clay is the best! (The song and the actual stuff)

  51. Diaconoz

    does anyone know which truck is that?


    @Diaconoz chevy silverado 1985 but i am australian so don't know if i am fully right


    @Diaconoz 86 Chevy k10! :D or silverado if you want to be technical

    Opfor Clyde

    It's a 85 k10 square body

  52. Nick Barrett

    Josh is the brother of the guy in Lady Antebellum!

    Mariam Chievous

    @Nick Barrett I only knew that now !

    Tammy Sigmon

    And he was performing and songwriting wayyyyyyy before his brother. Charles Kelley couldn't make it solo.

    James Collins

    +Tammy Sigmon Charles is solo now. His album is good.


    Nick Barrett Yes and I should know because I'm related to him

    Jennifer Dijames

    Charles is doing well. Keep it up Bud.

  53. Leaveeye222

    This might just be my jam for a while!

  54. René vd zwaan

    omg.... amazinggg

  55. Austyn Bourman

    There is only one thing wrong with this song....that is the bow tie on the front end of that truck!

    Jamie V

    They needed a real truck so that's why! Haha :)
    Actually I don't hate one single of the US trucks, love them all three, I just hate Honda's. :)
    If there was a Ford or Dodge in the clip, to me it doesn't matter. :)
    Have a nice day my friend! :D

  56. Christine Klusovsky

    Damn Georgia Clay! Great song! You are too cute Josh!!!

  57. Cheyenne Renner

    I don't know much about Georgia Clay. But what I know is anything is better than rock hard dry cracked dirt. Which is all you get in Wyoming where I'm from.

    A Light Shining In Darkness

    You poor thing.
    I've never lived there but driven through many times which makes me hate that place with a passion lol I'm sure it's got its charm or whatever eh?

    Micheal Dulay

    Georgia is known for there there dirt being more a orange color which is called Georgia clay and he he's singing a song about how he grew up living in Georgia where he's from

  58. Cody Blckmon

    85 her Sierra GMC 4 wheel drive with a 4 inch lift kit on it 35

  59. Rodica K. Hansen

    I love the song

  60. Shelby Trent

    love love love this song i have to listen to this at least like three times a day. He has a bird nose but very good music artist. love his eyes too! dont forget the smile(;

  61. Justin McElhaney

    Dude is a poser...he spent most of his musical career doing pop/alternative music and failing at it and now he's trying his hand at country..its wannabe artists like this that piss off country fans like me...

  62. EternallyImperfect

    I love this song, Ive been hearing it on the radio alot lately! 

  63. mikeiscoo2

    please come back to country music


    did he stop making music?

  64. mikeiscoo2

    This song will always be one of my all time favorite songs.

  65. toology55

    I was just searching for information on red georgia clay


    searching for what exactly? what people mean by "red ga clay?" most of ga used to be under water so when the water receded it left the ocean bottom behind. red ga clay is what it sounds like. its almost like pottery clay. theyre both fun

  66. Matthew Smith

    That square though :D

  67. Regen McDougle

    Love this song! Makes me want to take the Chevy and hit an old dirt road with a bunch of friends on a hot summer night

  68. Gary

    badass truck

  69. smurf vsgaint

    Josh Kelley is by far a better singer than his brother...he keeps it true to his Georgia Roots. with this song. Does the Augusta Area Proud...


    @smurf vsgaint though i doubt any of those shots were actually in augusta...

    Tammy Sigmon

    If it wasn't for Josh and Linda Davis' daughter, Charles Kelley wouldn't be crap.

  70. Duh Hard

    :) Musica cauntry muito bom ;)

  71. ChrisSorey Create your own destiny

    Sorry for posting this on your video, but its my last resort. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  72. Maycon Oliveira

    Música Country é bom demais!

  73. zacharahrahrah

    I'm probably 1 million of the views! Such a good song


    Andrew Owen. It's a K10 chevy. 80's body style. 80-81-83-87. I didn't say 82 because in 82 Chevys like that had I different bumper


    Its a 86 chevy u can tell by the headlight bezles and grille

  75. Gary Vuorela

    Hi Josh Kelley,nice song well done,I subbed and rated can you do the same thanks peace GARYV.

  76. lillyandruben

    I did not know Bradley Cooper could sing

    Ashley Williams

    Oh... well now you definitely know lol

  77. ตี๋ ทัพหลวง นนทบุรี

    เพลงเพราะ ๆ ทั้งนั้น

  78. MissLove2shit

    He looks like Bradley Cooper!

    John S

    Except Kelley actually has talent.


    @JS8700 both have their own talents :)


    MissLove2shit it's the nose ay?

  79. O'Neisha Woods

    I love this song!!!

  80. Miguel Nolodigo

    this song is amazing! i cant stop listen it
    (Sorry for my english)

    Kyle Martindale

    your English was fine c:

    Miguel Nolodigo

    jaja Thank you!

  81. emily cook

    this is perfect! love it

  82. Ana C

    He's so sexy :D, I like this song :)

  83. Drew H.

    Just now realizing this is Charles Kelley's brother = mind blown

    Rodica K. Hansen

    Really? Wow

    Jennifer Hung

    Drew H. Yup! Also, Josh's wife is an actress. The Kelley brothers are two talented siblings!

  84. Joe b

    Im from Mississippi, but love this song. Every time he sings Georgia Clay I sing " Yazoo Clay" lol.

  85. Jen Heeney

    love love love this song

  86. kevin scott

    this song makes me miss my home family friends

  87. John Waits

    Awsome I loved it so true keep it up

  88. Cora Carlson

    Love this song I listen to it alot

    Brenda dyck

    yeah i know wright

  89. Marcos De la O

    is beatiful the song- i sorry my ingles is ogly 

  90. marsoff

    Спасибо, классная музыка.

  91. kayla story

    Love this song

  92. Andrew Owen

    what kind of chevy is that and yr

    Brandon Brown

    It looks like my first truck which was a 78 c10. I would say mid 70's to early 80's. One of my favorite vehicles I have ever owned. Wish I still had it.

    Nathan Pavolko

    81-87 Chevy scottsdale k10

    Dave S

    @Nathan Pavolko
    Closer to '87


    Yea if it's all original, (not modified) it's an '85 - '87 Chevy K10.

  93. lori morin

    cool music

  94. Devon Demonte

    good song

  95. STMACrusader53


    Brittany Bodnar

    STMACrusader53 still listening in 2017 ;)


    The best country songs

  97. lyli

    I like your music! No challenge never. Sorry! My inglish is very mad