Kele - Year Zero Lyrics

I came to you
Full of truth
An open heart
Just for you
I came to you
Full of truth
Do anything
You'd ask me to

It's not enough, no, no, no, no
It's not enough

[Chorus x2:]
See, I don't wanna know
All the boys you've ever known
Or the hearts you might've broke, it's zero
It's zero, this is our year zero

Love lets me down
No one like you
Sticks around
So wrap your arms
Around my waist
And put your kisses, babe
Upon my face


[Chorus x6]

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Kele Year Zero Comments
  1. anis srikureja

    This song is just beautiful together with your voice it just hypnotized my mind . A million view should be for this song

  2. jocker sky

    i subs yout your songs is on grand turismo 5 and i like this muisic

  3. newton

    please never stop making music kele you have helped me through some hard times

  4. Suwot

    your music is such a treasure

  5. katek254

    This gets better with every listen... on ya Kele

  6. Saad Mahmood

    This beat is awesome!!

  7. stanis07

    One of my favorite on this album!!
    Good work Kele

  8. shallah wutang

    I can't stop listening to the masterpiece .

  9. Alessandro Santos

    Nice beat, nice music. Thank you, Kele.
    Love ya, my man.