Kele - Turn It Around Lyrics

I don't know what they're telling you
But I know we can turn it around
I know I've hurt you, and I've not been true
But I know I can turn it around

A song of desperation, but I'm not letting go
I'll be with you in the hour, I'll be with you
They said we were too young, to keep our love so strong
You said you want devotion, look no further

I don't know what they're telling you
But I know we can turn it around
I know I've hurt you, and I've not been true
But I know I can turn it around

A song of desperation, but I'm not letting go
I'll be with you in the hour, I'll be with you
They said we were too young, to keep our love so strong
You said you want devotion, look no further

Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so
Keep our love so

It's inside
It's all around you
I'm going to put these arms
All around you

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Kele Turn It Around Comments
  1. Adam

    First comment of 2020 ✌

  2. Erik Anderson

    such a real song. love the vocals done by the lead singer of bloc party.

  3. James Douglas

    I have dipped in and out of this over the last six years and time after time it raises the hackles. Wow.

    Erik Olsson

    Likewise dude, something special about this tune right here.

  4. Filip Krivčík

    This second drop? Amazing!

  5. soz4 Bullshit

    share this to the love of ur life

  6. lauren kinslow

    One of my favorite songs in the world <3333

  7. Harold Hicks

    I always listened to this song but watching the video made me feel even more

  8. Amber Pacific

    Love this

  9. Wesley C

    Kele, a Bloc Party legend, I remember.

  10. Denis Jirnov


  11. Alex Brundrett

    I don’t know why, but my favourite part is the final verse

  12. Shambolic PerformanceTV

    2019 and its fire!!

  13. mrjim jom

    TBH..I've never really been a fan of this type of music, but i have to say this particular song+vid is definitely in my top 10 all time favorite tune's 👍👍

  14. Jacey !

    Who’s here in 2019?💙💚💜

  15. Avindra Goolcharan

    2:30 complements to the stylist

  16. lauren kinslow

    This song is just WAY to short....

  17. Dylan Rafala

    When your a scouser losing 3-0 at halftime to A.C Milan and end up winning on penalties

  18. INF1NI73

    No one wants to die; they just want to be free of their suffering.

  19. liquicitizen farron

    Ive been in a long distance relationship last year when my ex told me about this song..told him i loved that song..hope u are doing well wherever u are and still listening to this

  20. Amber Pacific

    wow, now I know that Japan is the first to make the twerk dance.. cool.. I love the song tho😊😊

  21. ToxicCrafterz

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug

  22. Andres Uus

    I love this song!

  23. Léa- Kim

    this song speaks to me so much. All these emotions in the video.. i cant <3

  24. Kerr Dorman

    Great track

  25. Kerr Dorman

    Just........... fukkin great!

  26. Stew-pid 82

    I love the timing of the beat and the lighting strikes at 2:13

  27. Chris Bunzly


  28. Adela Teødøra

    This is also still giving me chills

  29. Gaby Jaramillo

    This Song Makes Me Feel Different From Humans Brings Out Tha Happiness From When I First Heard It

  30. Station Ary

    HH reviews: (80%)

    "Yet again, Sub Focus builds up tension for his mix of genres"

  31. suspect485 s

    Is there a version of this with no vocals anywhere? Seriously the vocals are fucking up a masterpiece.

  32. William Samuels

    music like this makes me want to visit the places they're showing while listening to to the song.

  33. pr0h1

    This could be a very good dnb track without the vocal. :)

  34. Attila Várkonyi

    Wonderful music and clip

  35. Osama

    i dont like asian countries, i dont know why.

  36. Cwfletch

    Here I am now in 2017, I've been looking for this song since the day it came out and I FINALLY found it!! :D I am so happy!

  37. Luke Rogers

    Fucking gorgeous tune.

  38. MaaN

    I Love this song!

  39. Amy L.M.

    Japan ❤️

  40. Dianto

    Reggaeton In Asia? :c

  41. santi

    Adoro esta canción, no se por que me emociona mucho, me encanta, es preciosa, el ritmo, la voz y el significado, puedo escucharla 100 veces sin cansarme

  42. Tensor187x

    I took a drive to no where just to clear my head today, and this song hit. Lifted me right up! Replayed it about 10 times.


    Tensor187x it has a similar effect on me! Somewhat magical

  43. Lorant

    where was this filmed? does anybody know the "exact" location of the streets? the lights are mesmerising. i'm planning a trip to japan, and I want to take some similar shots(stills, mostly)... i know i could probably just go ANYWHERE in japan and get the same frames, but i still want to know where was this filmed, haha.

  44. Tommy Gun

    sounds like The Wombats

  45. Alex Alex

    Супер !!!

  46. tim


    The Faux Fox

    timmmek glad to see a successful conclusion to your crusade, friend!


    The Faux Fox we need more people like you. youre a real fuckin hero man.


    timmmek I first heard thus song when u was cruising in the back of my mates skyline baked as. I shazamed it

    Circle 25

    so annoying when you can't find the song you've heard on the radio

  47. Mc Lean

    This video is about depression, right? That's why it has that weird famous suicide forest at the end and why she looks so blank until she's headed there then suddenly cheers up?


    I wouldn't neccesarily say she's been cheered up by the end, but she's been uplifted by something. Not sure what though.


    People intent on committing suicide appear full of energy or even appear happy and euphoric. Its a sort of excitement.

  48. Federico

    Imagine dragons? wtf?

  49. Brandon Thornton

    Amazing tune sounds a bit like bloc party!


    That's because it features the lead singer from Bloc Party! :)

  50. Martyn Reeves

    Same starting like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter game

  51. Ktina Haley

    powerful song 💓

  52. nzi

    this is my jam

  53. Amber Pacific

    love this sooo much

  54. Zeronite



    DUUDEEE i didn't notice that until i read your comment!! that is awesome :D

    Stew-pid 82

    Love it!

    Amber Pacific

    nice!! I never knew😶

    Amber Pacific

    me too, I didn't notice.. until I red this comment

    mrjim jom

    It makes you ask..did the song or video come first? i have a image of sub focus seeing that part of the video and instantly putting that beat to it..and the rest as they say is history😁

  55. NICMOR Music

    dude this song is amazing

  56. Tips mc gee

    cud everyone sub to sub plz...

  57. Planet X TK

    Mirror's Edge 3 confirmed.


    After how horrible Catalyst was i doubt theyll try it again.

  58. VideosVideosVideos

    I need this on a 10 hour loop... TIA

    Thomas Deep

    +VideosVideosVideos loop option is now available, right click on the video ;)

    Draw Content

    +Thomas Deep Thanks, I didn't know this :D

  59. Nicholas Treeby

    banging tune love subby focus!!!!!!

  60. Shodrick Rasco

    Mal Is Coming!!

  61. Shodrick Rasco

    A warning to Zoey about Mal.

  62. 80 Slim Shady's

    so good

  63. 80 Slim Shady's

    how does he only have 79 000 subs? The fuck?!...


    +80 Slim Shady's gotta start releasing some new tracks ;) this is ages ago in internet time

  64. papiez1973

    big boss

  65. pauline beaulieu

    I'd like this sound lasts forever....
    Love it !

  66. Diego Droks

    Este tema te llena tanto de energia !!

  67. AltRockReviews

    Haha pretty much a Bloc Party song 😂😂😂


    I wanna live on your bloc then...

  68. Chief122

    Spitting is not considered rude in the far East and ladies do spit a lot in public, especially Thailand and China..They are far more polite in every other way..

    icecream planet

    this is not true...Spitting is considered rude in China no matter you are a lady or a guy

    Lookkaew Pluemsamran

    Yup.. even in thailand also. Very rude.

  69. Chief122

    Great video, great song..

  70. Angharad Arnold

    wicked big tarpaulin

  71. Darkwave Junglist

    Love this song :)

    Alex Brundrett

    Darkwave Junglist same

  72. Gutah

    Osu! c:

  73. objectivity gate

    I love u Japan!!!

  74. Kristine Lee

    Perfect song for when you're hiking or biking or a drive by the beach on a besutiful spring or summer day ;)

    Circle 25

    +Kristine Lee

    i agree perfect for when you're doing a drive-by

    Dwain Stalford

    Kristine Lee

  75. jonathan ward

    why is she spitting spunk out of her mouth at the beginning ?

  76. Javier Jimenez

    Can someone tell me what kind of fast-paced, electronic style does SubFocus use on the second chorus of this song at 2:32? He also uses this style in quite a few songs on the Torus album.

    No Newfriends

    Drum & the Bass ?


    @No Newfriends DnB - Drum & Bass.
    He also used that on "Endorphins". :)

    Javier Jimenez

    great thanks guys :)


    +drumsandroses22 Lol I can see you're new here...Drum & Bass mate :)

  77. Zi9makin6

    This is by far one of the best songs i´ve ever heard. SICK!

  78. Alex Mircea

    Seriously now. Where is the good old true DNB?

  79. Synthh

    Japan looks like such a beautiful country... :c


    +Synthh yep, some pretty asses there

    Daniel Gibbons

    It is,so diverse 😁

    SHARON elliott

    @Daniel Gibbons What the fuck are you talking about? Japan is one of the most homogeneous countries on the planet, hence it's great and unique cultural identity.


    Actually it is just Tokyo.


    @SHARON elliott if only England were the same

  80. Super Fegelein



  81. GanG914

    I love Sub Focus because it`s energetic and warm at nthe same time <3

  82. Nostalgia

    Why did she spit what the f**k ?


    Well she was standing on a bridge so I presume it's a superstitious exercise.


    +The extreme gamer Why does it change the pace of and tone of the music video just to show half naked people's asses dancing in a club? That's what I'm more concerned about, but I guess everybody has their own version of 'taste'.

  83. Dota2 Stream

    что за хуйня на 18-ой секунде?

  84. iamurfather

    this mv looks alike the one 'RATHER BE' japanese style  -。。-

  85. puggti87

    F✖️✖️king epic

  86. Conor Verbruggen

    Get a bike. Cycle till you're exhausted. Just when you get to the bottom of the biggest hill put this on. Loud. Euphoria 

    Alex Turner

    Then you're dead at then end!!!! Haha

  87. McMacZee

    Can someone please make a 10 hour mix of this, my replay button broke. :(

  88. Matteo

    Best Sub's song ever!

  89. 1NFRA


  90. Young Kenny


  91. Андрей Макаров

    А кто эта девушка в клипе, кто-нибудь знает?

  92. Sam M

    I'm not normally a fan of music videos, but this is really good. She reminds me of characters in Murakami.

  93. Acrestorm

    mirrors edge anyone?


    @Alexander Murray yes

  94. juanito cruz

    todo estaba bien hasta el minuto 00:00 xD ahhh te creas, no es cierto, muy buena rola! soy el unico comentario español

    Arnold Granoble Rodriguez

    somos 3 :D

    juanito cruz

    siempre nos multiplicamos xD

    Emmanuel Esquivel

    Ahora 4.

    No me gustó la nueva versión de Sub Focus, prefería al de antaño.

    juanito cruz

    bueno, solo el sabe por que hace eso, ademas la musica siempre es inovadora

    Valen Tinencia

    somos 5!!! ajajaj