Kele - Stay The Night Lyrics

I know I'm not the one
I know I'm not your only
But when you hold me, when you scold me
Nowhere I gots to be
Yeah, you got good game, yeah, you got me rolling
Yeah, I say the things that I'm hoping that you notice
Let me feel you, let me please you
Just roll another J
And be cool
See, I'm not tryna change you, no

We're in the bedroom with the lights low and I'm yours
Tell me what you need
Forget what's on your mind, we can take our time
When I'm all up in your space, you got to say my name

[Chorus x2:]
Stay the night
Stay the whole night
See, I know that you want some
You just don't wanna get sprung

Body to body
Let me be your lover
You know that I'm down
Tell me what you wanna do when you come around
Cause baby, I get you
See, I don't wanna own you
But my door will always be
Open for you

[Chorus x2]

Stay the night
Stay the whole night


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