Kele - Humour Me Lyrics

Two lovers mourning for the death of what used to be
You turned your back on me
And you chose him
Why can't you see me?
Two lovers fearing for the end, what they both can see
Before what came to be
Was I too rough?
Why won't you hold me?

Humour me
Let me turn you out
Come to me
Let my love take you higher
In your eyes, in your heart
There are secrets
Too dark to hold, too wide to broach
Just take my hand
And don't let go

My hands have no joy to give
My voice has no hope to sing
I am lost
Because you can't find me
Your words have a broken ring
Your heart has no love to bring
Because it's his
I know the truth now, now


Don't let go
Don't let go
Don't let go
Don't let go

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Kele Humour Me Comments
  1. RaveGalaxyInc.

    Sweet dreams excelent music

  2. CobaltDream


  3. Max Pheby

    This what 90s hard house wanted to be when it grew up.

  4. LVRS films

    Such a shame how unnoticed this track has gone

  5. Cymru Roberts

    Criminally underrated song/album. If this song came on in the club I would lose it.

  6. SubculturalMoKa

    This track is so so so good!

  7. badou sanyang

    Kele is too great.

  8. Joshua Nathan Strong

    This song is great, the lyrics are amazing

    Joshua Nathan Strong

    Songs like this are why XXXChange is my favorite producer.