Kele - Doubt Lyrics

Sometimes, I doubt
But then I get down on one knee, I get down on one knee and I pray
But it comes back, the doubt
I get so lost in my own problems

Storm clouds rise
But then I get down on one knee, I get down on one knee and I pray
But in the meantime, I doubt
And I get so lost in my own problems

With your love, I surface
Help me feel the way I know
With your love, I'm confident
Help me get back to my home

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Kele Doubt Comments
  1. Robert Monreal

    Money sex power faith love is all that we want

  2. Jsn

    underrated song

  3. mattd


  4. Zodiac

    Great song!

  5. Team Coquelin

    in the first listen it wasnt that good like it is now. great track

  6. Matteo Burroni

    chorus is very similar to talk is cheap by chet faker, isn't it?

    J.R Raigoza

    you're so right it does! lol

  7. Diana


  8. operator elevator

    I love his music, but I don't like his voice...


    +John Butler boo

  9. Miranda

    I love this song.

  10. humenflash

    Nice tune

  11. RearAdmiralFangpuss

    Talk is cheap is a shit song compared to this. 

  12. Rhani Lila-mae

    chet faker sucks anyways

    Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez Correa

    +Rhani Lila-mae You suck.

    Rhani Lila-mae

    woooop woop ok @Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez Correa 

  13. Chesco

    Guilty of hitting replay button everytime I come

  14. NotTheThngs YouSaid

    With your love I'm confident! Great tune...Love

  15. pipp otto

    video is clearly inspired by "house of god" by DHS
    anyway great work Kele!

  16. the Glitoris

    Humour Me or Like We Used to as the next singles please, get pomp & clout do churn out a video

  17. Finnbar Frank Jain

    Haha, the animation made me think of "House Of God". Love it

  18. KENN LEE

    AdictedToYou <3 :D Love It <3

  19. Dan Noel


  20. jiimmy567

    chet faker's is better

  21. Aline De Middelaer

    The rythm of the chorus let me think of "New order- Bizarre love triangle"......

  22. Chlo SM

    such a good song ngl

  23. Christoffer Soderberg

    new favourite

  24. De Moralesche Jong Verréckt

    Talk is cheap?

  25. Spaceghost Zero

    not my kind of music but i really like this song

  26. zybereqwilfish

    i like this song!!!

  27. Supersonicshadowsliverboom

    Don't get it

  28. u pasha

    bring back bloc party!

  29. Anthony Salema

    Tiens pour toi,  M. Keller ^_^

  30. God House of Prayer

    Since when did Kele acknowledge God?

    Leo Nardo

    He mentions him in "The Prayer" and "Flux" and probably some other songs

    God House of Prayer

    But he used to always say about how he found church such a drag when his parents forced him to go.

    Leo Nardo

    @God House of Prayer maybe he's changed? idk...

    God House of Prayer


    Finnbar Frank Jain

    @God House of Prayer I think Kele had shown religion through music in Bloc Party. Better Than Heaven was meant to be about attitudes to sex within the bible or something

  31. Cameron Searle

    Love the song but does anyone else think the rhythm of the chorus is suspiciously similar to Chet Fakers "Talk is Cheap"?

    Leo Nardo

    He also says some of the same lyrics! wow Kele I thought you were better than that

    Patrick Barton

    i only came to this song to see if anyone else had thought this

    Yago M. De França

    Maybe you discovered the reason I liked this music instantly . Chet Faker and Kele are singers with divine voice. And Doubt and Talk is Cheap reflects that.

    makesoundsnotlove yess

    So what? And Chet Faker has eerily similar melodies to Zero 7 and for ffs Chet Faker is a play on of the great Chet Baker smh. All this music is good I think that's what we should take from it.

    The Faux Fox

    Would actually love to hear the vocals from each song placed on top of the instrumental of the other

  32. Ricky X

    I am addicted to this song... it reaches down to my soul...  Kele words and music always reach deep down inside of me... and make a difference in my life... I LoVe Kele...!!!

  33. Minounours Chou


  34. xnina_lx x

    These kind of songs they r very chill music for me! Who agrees? 😊

  35. Antony Cole

    Nice track. I like all of Kele's solo work but Bloc Party remain my all time favourite. Hope they get back together one day.

  36. Elvin Juarez

    what happened to Bloc Party?

    Prudent Student

    on break

    Tom Jackson

    They're recording another album now

    Szabolcs Sík

    blocked in a party

  37. Michelle Alessandra

    This type of song is what I look for. Don't you travel in it when you close your eyes?

  38. ElDuque2444

    Perfect. Been waiting for a while now. Welcome back.

  39. alfan keren

    Love The Video Concept

  40. gabriel

    very catchy. hyped for the album!

  41. Elenita lluch romero


  42. COMMANDO 6667

    Very good ! Like

  43. Josh Southgate

    i have missed that voice

  44. Lachy Conway

    Chorus rhythm is alot like Talk Is Cheap - Chet Faker

    But this is still a great song

  45. Silver Man

    Man I miss the Bloc Party crew but this is not bad from Kele! His voice works with this sound...

  46. Chase N

    This video feels like it was meant to be projected....during a live show or at a club. The visuals want to live on a wall, not so much on a tiny screen.

    Ryan Terry

    Get yourself a bigger monitor bro

  47. Hazel America

    Love the song but not the music video so much

  48. Yung Marx

    Sooo good.

  49. Ricardo Bigott

    Pudo ser un video mejor. 

  50. AwaverMusic

    Video:/ Song is dope!! :)

  51. TheBeardedMan

    No words describe the awesomeness of this song. Kele's magestic voice just makes it even better. #BlocParty #MattGordanRussell

  52. Beatriz sanches

    WoW That's cool!

  53. Jenna Paulson

    love love love u kele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for TRICK!!!!! 

  54. LifeOfTheParty

    i love kele
    i love this song
    i love this video

  55. drizzit71

    nice one :)

  56. Smokey Joe

    Why does this remind me of Atoms of Peace's artwork? 

  57. thach nguyen ngoc

    Nếu như không có vevo , chắc tôi như người mù âm nhạc

    Love vevo :)

  58. Omar Miguel

    Wow!!!  This is a nice song!  Great beat!

  59. WecK0

    Awesone Video !!! Love it !!!

  60. Explore Dance Music

    Love this video!! Great track and amazing animation.

    Rebecca Hendin


    Rebecca Hendin


    Tariq Farez

    Great video, but I just got to the top of the most popular page and got *400 new real followers* from

  61. rayene sebeii

    Stupid Video.

  62. Bruno Caruana


  63. Carlos Ascue

    primer comentario!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alicia Sancarlos

    Primeo comentario dice jajajajaja

    Alicia Sancarlos

    Primer* -.-