Kele - Closer Lyrics

22nd of Loneliness
I know what's not being said
Fall asleep in my clothes again
On your side of the bed
Underneath an open window
You'll find me biding my time
Howling and empty-hearted
Cause you're not here

[Chorus - Jodie Scantlebury:]
In your absence, I unravel
In your absence, I am gone
So go easy on this heart, time to love or fall apart
In your absence, I unravel
I need you closer
I need you back here in my life
I need you closer (closer)
I need you closer

23rd of Loneliness
Our secrets stopped being shared
Walk the streets on my own again
With your laughter in my head
In every face I see, there's you, there's you
These wounds stay open and raw
In every voice I hear, there's you, there's you
But you're not here


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Kele Closer Comments
  1. resolnator

    This album is so amazing, I’ve only recently discovered it and I didn’t realize there were videos even.

  2. Black Sunshine

    Such a strong, consistent album. Kele shows his knowledge and appreciation of British beat driven music extremely well on this album and manages to make the transition from Bloc Party's work to the garage/dance/electronica sound of the album easy for Bloc Party fans to digest while also welcoming fans unaware of his previous musical endeavors largely thanks to his unique vocal and song arrangements. A truly hidden gem. Highly recommended.

  3. ripple fashions

    so underrated...Love your work

  4. J. MMK


  5. aki uemura

    love it

  6. thespaceboy182

    My fav song from Trick <3

  7. Samuel Harris

    how does this only have 122,000 views ???

  8. Raptormau

    I used this song in a dope chill trap mixtape:

  9. jue segl


  10. Emilio

    Fucking love this song Kele!

  11. drizzit71

    smooth :)


    Best song and video I've heard in a long time

  13. estruel estruel estruel

    very Benga sound!!!

  14. KefkaXIII

    Il à pas mal évoluer depuis ces débuts bravo monsieur.

  15. Michelle Alessandra

    Kele has actually good music!

  16. Dinda Lepori

    fantastiche sonorità bravissimi !!!!

  17. Данил Уланов

    Келе поет с девушкой, но при этом он гей, странненько

  18. Tressa Rogers

    Good song

  19. Tressa Rogers

    Good song

  20. Jai Castellanos

    te amo.

  21. CatEyeZOfficial

    Video definitely compliments the song. Well done.

  22. Aristomar Gastão Costa

    very very very good...

  23. Jose E. Bodre

    Kele has a good resume in music.

  24. Anthony Torres

    Is this guy gay?

  25. Diego Carteiro Pereira

    Best Kele video ever.

  26. Steph W.

    Pas mal !!

  27. Julita Kiczek

    Absolutely perfect. But... why does this song remind me so much of Bloc Party's "Kreuzberg"? 


    Julita Kiczek it reminds me a lot of. The whole album a weekend in the city.

  28. chives

    Been listening to this album for what feels like months. Anything Kele puts out never disappoints. 

  29. Explore Dance Music

    Another great track from the new KELE album! We love this one :) 

  30. Hilton Andrade

    nice tune

  31. Erica Ava Anderson

    Love these kele:)

  32. LifeOfTheParty

    wow i fucking love this

  33. Ryan Watkins

    Amazing piece of work!

  34. Smokey Joe

    Yay first comment. Love you Kele :)