Keith Richards - Blues In The Morning Lyrics

Got the blues in the morning
I believe that's far too long
Got the blues in the morning
Now babe it stayed too long
It's hardcore babe but I gotta sing this song

Maybe frayed around the edges but a little bit loose outside
Strong around the edges but really, really loose inside
I'm long gone honey, you ain't gonna be my bride

Blues in the morning
Babe they last too long
Me got the Blues in the morning
Babe they last too long
Had a hard-on babe but now it's come and gone
Holes in my pocket
Babe don't ask me why

They got holes in my pocket but, babe don't ask me why
I bought you everything and now you're gonna say goodbye

Got a picture of your face and I hold it up to the light
Got a picture of your face and I hold it up to the light
But on a good day babe it sure gives me a fright

I had the blues in the morning and I had them far too long
I had the blues in the morning and I had them too far long
Come back babe and see if we can get along

Blues in the morning but they keep on all day long
Got the blues in the morning but babe they'd last too long
I don't care cause I'm a billionaire

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Keith Richards Blues In The Morning Comments
  1. John Hearn

    Dang this is so good! Rock on.

  2. Serhii Kazantsev

    at least he's able to sing better than Mik😅

  3. stevodbuildr

    question for you: what do you do if you are a bit melancholy and you have used up all your mistakes?

  4. Jo Gi

    sounds great but with the Rolling Stones you Sound even better !!! Keef on rocking.

  5. D.A Tolford

    Love it! Would love to see this live...any chance in Philadelphia?

  6. Mara Karetsos


  7. Francesca Digregorio

    Con questo brano ho iniziato la mia giprnata che nn è più carica di nuvole..Knife you are the sun of my life 🌷💌

  8. Ruben Baez

    Hearing Keith R. makes all blues musicians that are gone rejoice in their graves .

  9. Akhil Vatsa

    A monster of a song, blues all day. All hail Keith

  10. Dave Green

    yeah this is a good song , great rockin bluesy number, reminds me a little of Jerry lee Lewis a bit.

  11. Angel M


  12. rubyanne boles

    bad ass musician.your guitar playing is bad ass.Oh . play it it again.just another fan of yours.

  13. Teresa PUPPO

    Che grinta il Keef

  14. PaleIsGood

    Keith is playing guitar, bass, and piano on this one.

  15. José Luis Melgarejo

    ¡¡Qué agradable Sr. Richards!!

  16. Salvaje XY

    Canta de putera madre, dabuten

  17. Mike Roberts

    I have a hunch that Kieth Richards excessive drug habits are more of an urban myth. Someone who is reported to be a human pin cushion would not have visible veins on his hands like the pictures shoe, unless of course they have been photoshopped in. Regardless i love looking at the newer videos that show him playing with other great musicians with a smile on his face from ear to ear. There is no doubt that mr Richards is enjoying himself and it looks good on him. Cheers.

    Michael Casey

    A lot of cops in a lot of countries spent a lot of time chasing that "urban myth". Richards is the real thing. But he only shot into his muscle- check out his shoulders ('81 tour vids)- never mainlined. So his veins survived and he never od'd like so many others.

  18. Mr. Bluesnote

    Awesome ...great keef

  19. Richard Wolter

    Hey Keef, I wish that you may see many more moons rising...

  20. driverdad71

    diamonds are forever....... and so is Keith Richards!

  21. frosties

    should have won a Gramny for best album of 2015 ~ Crosseyed Heart is better than anything the Stones, under Jagger's dominance, have put out in the last 45 years, IMO. Well done Keef ! ~ an lp to be extremely proud of ♡

    Piper Mccoy

    MAN finally someone else thinking the way I did/do about Jagger. Can't watch any stones videos he is such a fucking stage hog and a goofy uncool SOB. Keith has more talent than Jagger and Keith IS cool.

  22. Jeffrey El Jefe

    Make that the entire song is amazing.

  23. Jeffrey El Jefe

    WOW. The Riff Master. The last minute is amazing.

  24. davidstevason

    fav song on album.

  25. Carol Nelson

    got a real cool nostalgic aroma ..kick ass ..yeah!!

  26. flak jac

    do u like crap?u do then go buy it

  27. Matthijs Tumbling Dice

    this is the ultimate KIng  of rock n roll/Blues Keef forever

  28. Lucy Weston Johansson

    Keith Richards is immortal. Cheated death many times because of substance abuse, i love that man. My hero and he is badass and life lecturer we all can learn from ;)

    Robert Buckley

    Lucy Weston Johansson just by that post, I am madly in love with you.

  29. Positron

    Thanks Keith

  30. steven hunter

    Great song, Keith sounds better than ever on vocals and the guitar has a different sound to the sound he has with the stones. Love it!

    Curtis Campbell

    steven hunter ..cause it's not keef on guitar!

    Jan Mertl

    It is Keith ...

  31. Karl Arsch

    Geiler Macker

  32. Stroborio Clunae

    como diría El Señor de Gama Alta, parece que me está mirando.....

  33. Orhan Balkan

    Hey Keith! How you doin' old chap? You sound just like me playing the morning blues, I reckon we should jam one of these days, you and I, otherwise you will not know what you have been missing! I dare you Keith, come and jam with me, one night in Geneva , Switzerland, I got the blues junior ready for you all modified!!!

    Curtis Campbell

    Orhan Balkan ...get in line're at the end

    Hugo Salto

    he's next to me, i will tell him that

  34. greggy stag

    very reasonable!yes

  35. Läski Homer

    Simply the best!

    Lucy Weston Johansson

    Keef is the man! still rolling at nearly 73 ;)

    Nadgob Cilobmats

    as of today you can exclude "nearly" :D

    Lucy Weston Johansson

    haha yes, he is officially 73 today ;) happy bday keef ^^


    Great Keith!

  37. Tonny Baggerman

    very nice keith

  38. Doddy Z

    hmm...ccooollll......special sound n special voc character of mr.richard