Keating, Ronan - With You Lyrics

Late one night
I awoke from a dream
I kept to myself until now
And I saw your face
Now somehow it seems
I lost you somewhere in the crowd
Where will I go
What would I do
Who would I be if I didn't have you

In your eyes
See what the world can be
In your smile
The simple thing sing
To me
Without you, I'm lost
Like a man at sea
And with you is where I am meant to be

I wake every morning
Rising to shine
Take on the day
With your hand in mine
I'm not alone but it seems
I'm dreaming of hope as I'm living the dream

In your eyes
See what the world can be
In your smile
The simple thing sing
To me
Without you, I'm lost
Like a man at sea
And with you is where I am meant to be

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Keating, Ronan With You Comments
  1. Alberto Hernandez

    Lou will do the song Ronan keating with you for VANELLAOPE

  2. rhys burns

    Should i send this to my crush

  3. The Golden Apprentice

    I love this song

  4. Oceanictide Oceanictide

    My boyfriend sent me this song....

    He is my everything, and I am in love with him everyday and night. I love you so much cuddlebear and if you are reading this know that I love you and I always will be with you, in your heart, which is the best place for me to be!

  5. Taelarity rośe

    And I’m here at 2019 anyone else?

  6. Chaz Capewell

    I cried over the whole song because i have a girl that i like and she was mean to me but now shes nice to me but im going to secndery school and shes not going to the same one and im never going to see her aigan

  7. Ryan The Blue Pony

    Or I could try something else if you didn’t like that one.🙁

  8. Chicken in the basement

    Does anyone know where to get a karaoke version

  9. Zori Georgieva

    2019? I really love this!

  10. Sad Boy

    I cried at the part postman Pat sang this, because of the lyrics.. I thought I could handle it if I listened here.. But.. Lol, cried again.. Too emotional.. 😂😂😭

  11. FNAFalie

    first time i heard about the movie, i didn't want to watch it because i never seen the show but now sometime i thought:''maybe if i watch it, i will hear the song because postman pat is so freaking good.''

  12. dani

    I love this song

  13. Alexandra Iris Amelia


  14. Maddy Pritchard

    Can you make a fully karaoke one with just the instrumental please?

  15. Imran Khan

    Al time my fvrt ❤️

  16. mary grace

    voice celestial

  17. retrokids 2001

    This and free inside from porridge the movie are my wedding songs

  18. Matthijs Smeets

    I Wish this song was used in a Voice audition. That would be so cool.

  19. Raheel Mottiar

    I can't find a karaoke version of this

  20. Widia handayani

    lagunya bagusbangt ya bikin asik

  21. ProbablyZoe

    How could anyone dislike this?!?!?

  22. Scrumpy Scrump

    Anyone else come from Postman pat?

  23. Russell Lynn

    i will add this to my movie

  24. mark tingle the nonce

    Without u I’m lost like a man at seaaa

  25. Matthijs Smeets

    I hope that there comes a Karaoke Version of this on Youtube!

  26. Parappatherapperfan

    I want it plays this in my funeral

  27. mary grace

    fabulous fantastic

  28. AJ_ Horse

    Postman pat brought me here fo sure XD

  29. Scott Arcement

    I was the 275,000th viewer.

  30. randomuser123

    Post man pat 😍❤️ watched this scene and was crying my eyes out 💙😭

  31. FluffyCoolCat2010 Pikelyte

    It made me cry😢😢😢😢

  32. Mathew Brown

    I like this song

  33. Jenileen Hari

    Such a beautiful song

  34. Jacob Turner

    this will be the song at my wedding

  35. kermit the frog

    Postman Pat brought me here.😒

  36. godly pug

    I cried to this song it is great

  37. Scott Arcement

    That was just beautiful man, just beautiful

  38. Scott Arcement

    I listen to this constantly

  39. August Springfield

    Post man pat brought me here 😂😂

  40. Kaleb Clouse

    I picture Nick singing this to Judy:)

  41. Chicken in the basement

    does anyone know a karaoke version or instrumental for this

  42. Callum Kavanagh

    I like song ☺☺

  43. Callum Kavanagh

    I like song ☺☺

  44. Callum Kavanagh

    I like song 😁😁

  45. Callum Kavanagh

    I like song

  46. Pixel Arter

    Postman pat brought me here

  47. Batsirayi Friday Gawaza

    it made my girlfriend and i to meet again

  48. may vill

    i love this song

  49. may vill

    i love this song



    Scott Arcement

    Bro it's 2017 now.

  51. PieTurtleOrgie13

    Cyka blyat im crying on intro idi nahui

  52. Philip O'Neill

    I can lend you a boat if you need to find him.HAHAHA

  53. 혀니현이

    this song is very good!!!!!

  54. Alicia Milnes

    I had this as my wedding song ☺💑


    Alicia Milnes good on you mate . nice pick

    Pixel Arter

    Alicia Milnes postman pat in reality😂😂😂


    Man, we both had the same idea.


    So did Postman Pat

    Jamie Saunders

    Reference to postman pat the movie

  55. Reny Andryani

    i like this song this is popularity 😀😀😀😀😀

  56. robin vlogz

    this song is so good 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. robin vlogz

    the person singing is post man pat

  58. Khalid Henry

    I want this song sung at my funeral when I die


    Khalid Henry same thing here

  59. Rachel Flanagan

    I hate the movie but I love the song 😇

    Khalid Henry

    Rachel Flanagan Love the movie and the song

  60. Denzel Tanamal

    Almarhum Postman Pat Sarah has no Husband Julian has no Father

    leon Wills

    This is my best song ever

  61. Brodie Evans

    rip postman pat

  62. Lightning Bolt

    loved postman pat best song ever they should put this in vevo

  63. sarahbear 6283

    My boyfriend showed me this song and I'm in love with it 😍😍😍

  64. David Taylor

    loved postman pat as a child still love it know thanks best song ever

  65. Klara Kota

    Postman Pat brought me here. It's such a pretty song.

  66. Gromit&ThomasFan01

    This song is so beautiful! I'm planning to make a music video with this song for Gromit and Fluffles :)

    Scott Arcement

    GromitFan01 who's gromit and who's fluffles?

  67. Charra Loon

    Where can we buy this song?

    William Fairchild

    It's on the soundtrack CD of Postman Pat The Movie

    Charra Loon

    William Fairchild It can't be, I checked the soundtrack myself and I did not see this song on here.

  68. todd denmar mendiola

    RIP Postman Pat

  69. Celestia Laws

    cool song

  70. Celestia Laws

    love this song

  71. Michael Miller

    love this song, can't stop playing it!


    Michael Miller same here

  72. Louise Brooke

    this song reminds me of my boyfreind

  73. Mista Samz

    Postman pat is my childhood memories so he brought me here

  74. Lisa Traxler

    The best song ever☺🐵

  75. Lisa Traxler

    Dieses Lied ist sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....

  76. viridiana flores nieto

    como se llama en español

  77. Marina Vera

    I love this song.

  78. Amanda Mitchell

    sweet song

  79. Rogério Veiga

    this music is pretty

  80. Antonella M.

    Troppo bella

  81. The Creepernator

    I love this song

    Scott Arcement

    The Creepernator me too bud, me too.

  82. emma- lea

    me and my!friend Leon wills love your video keep them coming

    Leonmymain Man67

    emma- lea thanks mate

  83. Katie Sweeney

    My friend is addicted to this song HELP!!!!!

  84. Jill7453

    beautiful !!

  85. Shhdun

    I used to hate postman pat.. I though it's childish and stuff.. I was playing on my iPad while my sister was watching the movie.. And I heard this.. I became In love with it.. I swung to the couch and starting watching with my sister.

  86. I Am Kumuri

    postman pat brought me here haha

  87. Fadak

    I love this song ♡♡

  88. bluesparkles s

    i 💜 u for this song im so happy i get to hear these lyrics 😊

  89. SoulfulBeast0

    This is just brilliant 😂😀😂😀

  90. CUSACK Studios

    I love u Aoife Molloy ur my whole world xxx

  91. Josh Willmott

    love this song and postman pat movie

  92. Lesterdude principiol

    you rock i love this song

  93. Keira Pine

    I love that song

  94. gloprguicds

    searched for this after postman pat sang this song ... hahaha

    Rehana Majeed

    Same here

    Haydz Cookie

    Same here


    +gloprguicds haha same

    I'm Actual Trash

    OMG SAME!!!!!!

    Sofia Sarwarl


  95. Matthew Hogan

    Postman Pat sang this in his movue stupid patbot

  96. Matthew Hogan

    Cant tell its from Postman Pat the Movie