Keating, Ronan - Summer Wonderland Lyrics

Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening
Sunburn sting
Ice-blocks glistening
The beautiful sight
Of barbies alight
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland

Pour the sav
In the sunshine
Serve the pav
Up at lunch time
Pop the bubbles for nan
Pineapples on ham
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland

In the arvo we can grab the wickets
The plastic cricket bat your brother found
Backyard full of all your distant rellies
So we pass the can of mozzie spray around

Later on, the sun is falling
And your drunk, uncle's snoring
We'll hear the birds in the trees
Feel the warm breeze
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland

Way down here
Christmas landmarks
Are summer flowers
And funny tan marks

We're happy and bright
Not a snowman in sight
Strolling through a Summer Wonderland

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Keating, Ronan Summer Wonderland Comments
  1. WELLfed NZ

    julian went to my school

  2. bec beattie

    It doesn't really snow down here ok feel like this year it was like hot super really and my name is Sharni I have my mum's phone

  3. Tomas Simcox-Giddens

    is that ricky baker off hunt for the wilderpeople

  4. minecraft boy


  5. Cleo Fitzgerald

    this is exactly like our Xmas's here in south africa .. love this song

  6. Kylie W

    Im from New Zealand

  7. Yarragon Goats

    yes Pavlova

  8. Candy Girl C


  9. Roger Moffat


  10. Tami Augustson

    I'm from the States but have a FB friend in Oz and they put me on to this. I'm crying!!! I love this!!!!

  11. Moonette Wolfsong

    Love the casualness and natural back and forth at the end. :Did

  12. Wack spider

    I’m not from New Zealand but I’m Aussie and this is my fav Christmas song XD

  13. Ava Bessant

    I still love this song 😂

  14. Annalee Killip

    I’m from New Zealand and there is never any winter snow. Happy they made this.

  15. Georgia Tuia

    “Winter, minter, splitter or I know prickle”

  16. Lisa Thomas

    This is freaking brilliant, love it!!!

  17. Sesilia

    🎶Just go with your bro is glistening🎶

    I LOVE AIR NZ! 😂😂🖤💀👍🏾

  18. Charlotte Cummuskey

    Like this comment if u like this song

  19. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    We are ready for summer wonderland 💓

  20. Tatiana Elena Flavall

    Love you long time NZ

  21. Margaret Fishlock

    Jules is the super star of the future....he is fabulous..

  22. Winnie HL Hsia

    Still loving it 👍🏻

  23. Tupak Tupakari

    Cool. I like very much.

  24. MangsitBoy

    Merry Christmas Air New Zealand and a happy new year

  25. Neli Leota

    Dang the flight attendances must be boiling under all those layers of uniform

  26. 10,000 subscribers with no videos?

    Guys 30 degrees Celsius is like 90 degrees Fahrenheit (America uses Fahrenheit)

  27. Amanda Coldwell

    What an awesome song!

  28. June Peterson

    Tenge quartos deto

  29. Doublecherrysoda


  30. gillian owens

    I love Xmas I hate in living in Australia or New Zealand to warm for Christmas .

  31. Lulu

    My dad worked with this! 😂

  32. masum hossain দারুন লাগছে?

    Hi my name Masum I am in Bangladesh I want to come to New Zealand in New Zealand Let me take a dream country. I earn a lot from him. Butt I have been trying trials for five years but for no reason we are getting visa due to complications

  33. Dirk deWijk

    Awesome NZ stuff we live in the bet country....

  34. Tamara Nuku

    I still like dodging prickles with your nan but summer wonder lands all right

  35. Happy Things

    my dad works for air new zealand!!!! YAY!!!

  36. Tony Harrison


  37. abalone317

    4:00 "Merry Christmas dude!" "Ah, Merr.....thank you" and the look away. This is SO KIWI!! hahaha

  38. Robert Thornley

    Need to sort the link out Air NZ, I'd like to download it for 2017 Christmas

  39. Keith Smith

    Hey, I'm from Kansas USA but spending Christmas in New Zealand this year. I just wasn't feeling the Christmas Spirit yet, no hot chocolate and sitting by the fireplace to keep warm, and so on. But then I came across this tune, and now I'm in the Spirit--bro glistenin', plastic cricket bat, jandals, BBQ at the beach--I'm gonna' have a Kiwi Christmas this year!

  40. aus Blue

    :):)..haha lol

  41. Mud n Wheels

    Great song

  42. Kathryn MacDonald

    Sooo funny.

  43. eG Kiwii


  44. ellen 82xoxo

    Winter...mincer...splinter...oh prickles!

  45. Ari Bear

    Anyone can relate to this 😂😂😂meee

  46. edo j

    roman hahahaha

  47. Jimson Patiño MacLean

    Has this song been released?

  48. Syd Sloth

    "It like 30 degrees" WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS FREEZING 😭 Coldest it gets here is 60


    30 degrees celsius

  49. jslasher1

    More Aussie than Kiwi. Great ad.

  50. 황병진

    soooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  51. andrew king

    Love it (and Ronan Keating has a great voice!)

  52. Blossom Cottonrabbit

    Ronan, your voice is amazing!!! My mom always listen to your songs. You're my favorite singer in the world!!!

  53. Blog With Katrina

    '...dodging heaps of prickles with your Nan' - cracks me up every time I hear it!!

  54. Badank Badang

    Funny and Amazing! HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE

  55. Sandra Hohaia

    boy it has taken such a long time to get our own Xmas song I posted it as a Nozzy (oznz) Xmas song Julian and Ronan have done a fab job A BIG thumbs up to AIRNZ

  56. Cats R Gr8

    Lol, this is realy funny, there was no word I didn't get. Thanks for uploading this AirNZ!

  57. Elise O'Brien

    go Summer Christmas

  58. AP Orange

    love it

  59. CheeseSticks

    merry Xmas to all

  60. Yvonne Wilkinson

    I sing to my grandbabies dodging heaps of prickles with your nan. Love it yay

  61. VikingMaster1215 Doom

    this is tje best

  62. Lachlan MacKenzie

    This is the coolest thing ever! Thanks for making my day Air New Zealand!

  63. Mr. Meatballz

    what is the song called?

  64. Bev Webs

    I love it! I love my rellies in NZ, too!

  65. DigNap15

    Wow, this is so cool.
    Some very clever people came upwith this idea and the script.
    Hey Roman.
    And how much did it cost to get Ronan!
    (And yes there are more than 3 chords)

  66. Chris Abbott

    love it.... Your bro is glistening.... 😎

  67. Emma Hinman

    is this on spotify?


    yes it is

  68. nina s

    I love this!!!!!! I used to live in Australia so I really understand the hot Christmas. Love this idea💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  69. Tolu Tupu

    no its walking in a winter wonderland

    Benjamin Prendergast

    Tolu Tupu . Haha, this is to fit in with the people who have their christmas' in summer

  70. Video Star X After Effects

    I love going on your flights!! Our an awesome airline!!!!!❤️😍

  71. johive

    As an Aussie from Queensland I love it

  72. You Bored Bro Gaming

    the song starts at 2:31 :)

  73. Ainzleeriddell

    Hang on! Pavlova isn't New Zullund! It's AUSTRALIAN!

    bob brown

    dream on mate.


    Ainzleeriddell Sorry to say it is from New Zealand! Really yummy too! 😊

  74. eva

    Great ad! For the next ad, maybe get the Topp Twins involved? Huh? ;)

  75. ben martin

    like do song

  76. H u g o H e p w o r t h

    This went viral!!!

  77. MrMooshyMan

    Everyone says winter is coming but is is summer here in New Zealand


    In Australia it summer as well and be very hot some place Christmas day. I listen to this song 15 times I think

  78. iiomq_itxGeo Plays

    That kid is from hunt of the wilder people

  79. Adam Playz

    This so fucking bad even the begin is so annoying

  80. dog

    Why did they have to hire a fat kid that makes New Zealand look bad........

  81. Demi Taylor

    Ricky Baker! LOL

  82. Yvonne -

    Love this so much. Just back in UK after 13 years in Oz & NZ and having a cold xmas this made me chuckle lots xx

  83. Justyn Kruse

    Finally a Christmas song sung by a kiwi

  84. Sally Morgan

    where do you get the lyrics?

  85. Sharon Moore

    Absolutely love this video,  well done!!

  86. sunshine vos

    Hey/(excuse me) can anyone please tell me what Ronan is saying at 3:17


    Sunshine Vos It sounds like, 'Bucket full of all ya distant rellies.' But that is not right! 😂 I'll look it up for ya!


    Sunshine Vos Just looked it up, and it's 'Backyard full of all your distant rellies.'

    sunshine vos

    Thanks so much


    Sunshine Vos Hehe, no problem! 😊

  87. sunshine vos

    I love it can anyone please post lyrics or do them on google!

  88. Das Lyrics

    Go nz lov u cuzzies

  89. Kensie Gard

    Yeah NZ!

  90. Hadley Bensen

    what's the greeny brown bird that's gone away?

  91. saturndoq

    I live in New Zealand

  92. saturndoq

    600,600th view because this had 600,599 when I clicked then it it changed so yay

  93. Maria Theresa Quisaot

    I love this

  94. Natasha Senior

    This is great

  95. Caprice Studios

    yo this song tho 😂