KB - Ima Just Do It Lyrics

You know what I'm gonna to do?
You know what I'm going to do?
(I do it)
You, you, you, people have been talkin', man
You know what I'm going to do?
Ima just do it

Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
Ima just do it
(Ima just do it)

[Verse 1 - KB:]
See the pretty young girl
At the church, maybe black, maybe Spanish
Had a little vocal, only in the choir
Says she loves Jesus, and she has good credit
Few months in said, "I'm makin' you my wife, cutie"
She smiled and she asked me, "How?"
I said, "Shh... (Ima just do it)"
You been datin' that girl for like, huh, 6 years though
You livin' by faith or are you livin' by your fear though?
Oh you gotta be faithful, homie, ain't gotta be amazing
Put a ring on dat girl like Muhammad Ali did to Laila
Like Fridays and Ezel, tell everybody that we will just do it

I see what you doing and that don't excite me
Get out of the way, I'm not askin' politely
So filiated, I'm so filiated they know who the squad be
We do what we want, they too scared to try
So (Ima just do it)

I do it, Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
No hesitation, with no time to waste
And I promise, I promise that (Ima just do it)
Ima, Ima, Ima just do it, Ima just do it
Ima, Ima, Ima, Ima just do it, Ima just do it

[Verse 2 - KB:]
Dang, look, Ima go in
Everybody stay down
Ima go in, my dogs on both sides like a grey hound
Bust flows, no pass, Wayne left Rikers Island in the phantom
That's pretty cool, but 'Crae went and preached the Rock of Zion
Same day was on Fallon, number one album lookin' like Ima just do it
Ain't gotta make sense, homie you gotta make faith
Faith, the only thing that make sense
The only type of life in this life that is really worth livin'
Is the life that will go and take risks
Ima go and be it, gimme my Jesus
You don't believe it, your man will, Jada Pinkett
Too many years trying not to rock the boat
I gotta quote, "I don't wanna rock the boat, I wanna sink it"
Ima just do it



[Bubba Watson:]
Lemme talk about how I'm supposed to be a Christmas party right now, but y'all keep keeping me in here
My wife's not gonna let me be on fleek, if y'all don't hurry up

[Verse 3 - Bubba Watson:]
Bubba Watts on the mic now
Can a golfer spit a rhyme?
Not a gangsta rapper, but my caddie got a nine
KB need a verse?
I told him, "Ain't nothing to it"
Everybody ask me why, I just look em in the eye and say, "(Ima just do it)"
Country boy from the panhandle
Country boy from the panhandle
No golf lesson, just God's blessing
Nuthin' He can't handle
Left-handed, funny swing
Driver's pink, ain't nothing major
Got two masters, no double major
But one Master, I praise and thank Him
I do it



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KB Ima Just Do It Comments
  1. Paul Ogletree TLK

    I really appreciate KB doing what he does. It is way better than what the world is doing.

  2. Dalton Turley

    comin from the south hearin a incorrect grammer is amazing especially after a 8 year nightmare of horrible education

  3. Dalton Turley

    kb needs to stop making music, I'm tired of calling the fire depot.

  4. Kiera Johnson


  5. Miranda Shipley Gonzales

    "I don't want to rock the boat, I want to sink it!" yes!! this whole song though!

  6. Anjel Williams

    I like the song except the last verse

  7. DiscipleDJ

    Tune 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Jasmin08

    Any christian songs out there that has same style?

  9. Trey Matlock

    Holy cow, is it just me or im I listening to a PGA professional golfer that can actually rap?!! 😵😵 🌋🌋🌋🔥🔥

  10. Gage Richey

    3:16 = BANANA

  11. Diane Jenkins

    Mae this fav

  12. Nivaldo Sousa

    Gostei mano

  13. Jacob Gibson

    "Not a gangsta rapper, BUT MY CADDY GOTTA NINE!" FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Deovona Rodriguez

    "If you don't believe me... your Mans, 'Will'-- 'Jada Pinkett'!"
    Im'a, Just Do It!
    I Can Do All Things, through Christ, who strengthens me.
    Philippians 4:13

  15. L W


  16. Lovely1 Nonly

    When the video cuming?

  17. Champion RD

    This 🔥

  18. Djaygamer344 2

    I am just do it boss u are in the fire this is the best song in the word


    I have a DOPE playlist on my channel with this song and a whole bunch of the other BEST C-Rap songs

  19. J Miller

    This song is literally my favorite song in the world it’s so lit🔥


    I have a DOPE playlist on my channel with this song and a whole bunch of the other BEST C-Rap songs

  20. Bobby gonzalez 1

    So you said your just gonna take someone’s girl away then just do it.. so is that nice? I don’t think so this song wasn’t great to me

  21. Jay Joe

    Divine to you and women who are in our lives Might God knows 2LG is not available to

  22. ICE 999 STARK

    Mary is my Hebrew name. And I'm not the Mother but I am taking the crown and throne of my Royal line of my father as his only and oldest female child a true Lady Knight of the house of my LORD.WE WILL BE RIDING DOUBLE ON THAT HORSE. BUT I AM NOT SOO MERCIFUL AS I HAVE BEEN HERE A VERY LONG TIME. AND MIS SO MY FAMILY AND FARHER.

  23. Trenia Boutin

    Wat... Insane bat

  24. Skyler Currier

    shhhh I'ma just do it

  25. Gods Bro

    Golfer got swaaaaag! Bruh!!!

  26. Kiersten Riggins

    Bro this needs to get on the radio it would be 100

    Charles Nixon

    Roll tide

  27. E M

    Good stuff

  28. Gilbert Quimiro

    Just got 2 sacks and a fumble recovery I'm on fire

  29. Toni Jos

    Don't attack me, but... did he say "put a ring on that girl like Muhammad Ali did to Laila?" Isn't Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter? Or did he also have a wife named Laila? I just need someone to clarify that for me. Thanks! :)

    Mpax Productions

    Toni Jos its a play on words, put a ring on that girl (engagement ring) like Muhammad Ali (father - boxer) did to Laila (Daugther - boxer) he meant “boxing ring”. Muhammad Ali taught laila how to box and trained her to be the boxer she became because of the boxing “ring”. Hope that helps lol

    Toni Jos

    Mpax Productions thank you so much! It makes sense now. 😁

  30. Lauren M

    You can't have two masters. Please remember that. But other than that I love this one!!!

  31. Lauren M

    God bless!!!

  32. CleoPhoenix

    Guys still say this and it not mean something else? Heh...mindblown.

  33. Jacob Hemenway

    Working with your merch

  34. Tamisha Radford

    Bubba Watson more than a feature

  35. Darrin Wharton

    Nice song

  36. BigBudde & BooBoo

    Love this- I'm adding it to the playlist "Best Christian Rap and Hip-Hop"
    You can listen the full playlist here. 10+ hours of the best CHH. | https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRW2S5SFhGr5ELPOysqWyhdoz07KOjwoc

    Isai Acevedo

    loooooooooooooooooooooong playlist!

  37. Janes Ceder

    🔥🔥😎good start up.

  38. blake waddell

    Great song but...... There is a line in the song that confused me.... He is talking about marrying the girl in verse one.... He says " put a ring on that finger like Muhammed Ali did to lala". I mean Lala was Ali's daughter... Why he put a ring on her finger??

  39. Joel Thomas

    The fact that Bubba Watson is a golf player....YET is able to lay down fire bars? Damn

  40. Sadie Mae The Guacamole Dog

    Siri voice ima just do it

  41. Nevaeh Niehoff

    Good song

  42. Michelle Celestine

    You guys i love the comments here we ahould follow each other on FB and ig go add me!! Michelle Celestine and on instagram I’m calirealtoemichelle 😁😁😁 #immajustdoit. !!!!

  43. Jason Hill Jr.

    First time I heard this was on Virgin Airlines

  44. IAM HIS

    Found my my dead when I was 5. She was 24 with 4 kids. I'm the only girl. We lived reckless- foster homes abused, raped- all that and more. I quit school in the 8th grade- lived the street life type. 2 of my brothers in and out of jail. My mother was 24 when she died heroin, my youngest brother was murdered at the age of 30(hurt so, so, so bad). One of my mothers sisters was 35- all street life. I thought I was going to be dead at 24 like my mother, but God was so merciful to me...I got saved in 1996-but it's taking years to get that mess out of me. I can see huge change in myself. I quit school in the 8th grade now I'm going for my masters degree?Me? I didn't even have my GED. I remember standing in a crowd of my old friends and a chick trying to come at me behind words. I was the only one who didn't go to high school, and had children young in that crowd. Slandered me for years, but God allowed it- because HE had greatness for me. I'm not what others said about me, or what they tried to make me believe about myself- I'm who God says I am. I am royalty. I am gorgeous. I should be finished with my master's program next year 2019. I will finish and get my master's degree- How? I'ma just do it!!!

  45. IAM HIS

    Get your workout in! I'ma just do it!

  46. Brian-Marc Whittaker

    Bubba Watson, the golfer? Buddy has skills. lol

  47. Lando G

    Bubba got some bars 😂🏌⛳️

  48. Aaron Braylon

    You are at the ball

  49. Diego Perez


  50. AbeGabe TV

    Imma just listen to this

  51. JaxFam Gaming

    I'ma just do 🔥💎🤑

  52. Ranisha Johnson

    Imma just do it

  53. joan june

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 2018

  54. OUTPLAYED _12

    I heard this song on the radio

  55. UnAshamed Forevermore

    I am totally going to have this song at my wedding when God brings me my wife!


    nice song it is littttttttttt keep it up

  57. enoch


  58. Emma Lustig

    Hey- if you like christian rap, you should check out my boyfriend's awesome first official music video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE_CTwczo4E

  59. kimberly phelps


  60. Second job

    Pure hardness with a msg😁😁😁💂💂💂

  61. Shemar Mallory

    my cousin play this song

  62. Juli

    KB is 🔥 Love HGA

  63. Ranisha Johnson

    Imma just do it

  64. matt simard

    I like that response rio

  65. matt simard

    I love this song I'm huge fan

  66. Victoria Uzoni

    This is a cool 😎 song

  67. 4 Kings

    That boy Bubba on the beat tho, lol get em mane!

  68. Xoë Suejung

    the song should’ve kept the vibe of the first few lines for more of the song. That was FIRE

  69. Dana Lynnette

    "...I got a quote, I don't wanna just rock the boat; I wanna sink it!" 😁

  70. Marcus Inossaint

    KB you have to preach the Gospel more in your songs seeing that you are a christian rapper and ,sure, you are doing them for edifying people of God.
    Keep doing it for God Purpose.
    Congratulation to you and thanks to God for the talent that he has given to you.
    All the glory is to Jesus.

  71. Vova B

    I was a "Monster" on the inside, because the devil has turned me "Sideways," and God put me on the right track. He loves me and I am His child, and He "Prove[d] it" through His sacrifice, I found my "Tempo" in His peace. So now Ima go out into the world and "Tell the world" about Christ, "Ima just do it!" Im no longer a "Kamikaze" that kills himself day by day... "I believe" that God is my shepherd and I shall not want. Where is devil now? I "DNOU," he probably just "Jumped out the whip." Oh well... "Run devil" run devil run.

  72. Quantarius Myles


  73. Nicolle Shana


  74. Itz kiing

    This song is lit

  75. Axenari

    Who's watching in 2k17

  76. Ryan Martin

    BUBBA WATSON ⛳️🏌🏻 🔥

  77. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯

  78. Lareesa Farrow

    Whooo! Who said the truth can't be on fleek!

  79. MultiLivingtestimony

    How many people "hit the folks" when this start playing? Ayyye' LIT for Christ!'🤙🏾🙌🏽

  80. Keith Wheeler

    I'm in sales. This is my morning motivation song on a bad day. So..... Thank you for helping me feed my family brother!

  81. Jess Sanford

    When u need to get hyped just listen to this song

  82. Christian Leal

    Can you put the instrumental on here please

  83. Jean Perez

    I do not know you. Atlanta needs more of this. I know an Atlanta  Producer who would love this.

  84. Jean Perez

    sounds good

  85. Debra Neuville

    I do it ima just do it

  86. JMONK 279

    I like the song, but the other voice is too robotic and wierd. that's my only problem with it

  87. Vivi anne

    Muito bom!

  88. Sacred Music Tribe

    What sample is that for the Ima just do it part?

  89. James Armbrester

    why did "ima just do it" sound like chappy?

  90. Brito Brito

    muito boa!!

  91. Cameron Shelly

    ima just do it

  92. shunky mkhombo

    South African accents on the intro


    Hey guys I'm still doin it.

  94. Bryce Holmes

    Fr bro the joy fm needs to up their game 🙄