KB - Find Your Way Lyrics

I don't know if, you know this
But beautiful things don't need attention
All that posting, bossin'
You voguein', I notice
You'll do anything to get a mention
You fakin', already know you fakin'
Men wanna bring a model home
They got no interior just decorations
(Tell me why you want that?)
You way too empty to be beautiful
That's why these men they makin' new to you
To the bait you used to fish you catch
Is you that? Are you an ornament?
Goin' back to the basement when he said, "Enough"
A trophy on the wall again
Don't wanna be lonely, but on this arm again
But he's still raisin' up his arm again
That's why I'm callin' him, because it all came in

She remembers life as prom queen
Dating the captain of the team
She continues, the star of the venue
She know life don't sell you dreams
But people do, but people do
But you gotta find your way
But people do
But you gotta find your way

Look to small, too short, too tall
Not big enough, thick enough
Pen to the fall, they'll change it all
Everything before was wrong
Girl, you can keep her
Just leave it all
Look, you'll be fine
Spend your life tryna be a ten
When that ten ain't worth a dime
They can teach you to catch his eye
I'ma teach you to catch his heart
Cause if you catch his heart you will always have his eye
But you'll always be a bride
You will always be desired
You're a masterpiece
Not a piece to be mastered, your master
You will not decide your the Master's piece
That makes you flawless, flawless
Regardless, you're a loved woman
Who taught you to hate your skin?
Who taught you to hate your lips?
Who taught you, huh?
Who saw you and made you live?
Who sought you and made you His?

She remembers life as prom queen
Dating the captain of the team
She continues, the star of the venue
She know life don't sell you dreams
But people do, but people do
But you gotta find your way
But people do
But you gotta find your way

You got it
If don't nobody else tell you
You got it, you got it, you got it
If don't nobody else tell you
(You gotta find your way)
If don't nobody else tell you
It's all a dream

See, never put God after another man
Or another man will become your God and God will be another man
Think like a woman, act like a woman that's beautiful
You're our Eve not because you're connected to Adam's holiday
Your fantasy of being noticed is already a reality
Wake up

She remembers life as prom queen
Dating the captain of the team
She continues, the star of the venue
She know life don't sell you dreams
But people do, but people do
But you gotta find your way
But people do
But you gotta find your way

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KB Find Your Way Comments
  1. David Mueller

    I love abba ..

  2. Melody Cooper

    I've loved this song for quite awhile and have really tried to take the amazing message to heart- and just now realized it was released on my birthday <3

  3. Jethro Hrokr

    "Beautiful things don't need attention." That means they don't need all the filters to know they're beautiful. They don't have to have the witty captions with the perfect angle and lighting. You don't have to get 100+ likes on each photo or post to make sure you're beautiful.

    "You're too empty to be beautiful." You've got no depth. You're all "decorations" and no "interior". You can't keep up with the world's standards. Stop trying to be a "ten" when that "ten" ain't worth a "dime". You're not beautiful by what the world says. The world itself can't keep up with its own standards. Capture a man's heart and you'll have his eyes. If you only capture a man's eyes, you'll have his lust until another woman captures his eyes. Beauty fades, let your beauty be your depth of character. Your ability to hold conversations and have deep and emotional connections. Let Christ in you shine through you. A Godly woman holds more weight and value than any superficial, skin deep woman times a thousand+ over.

  4. Wonderland

    Thank u kb

  5. Joseph Denning

    What people do they do anything to get what they want from you. But don't let them truck you


    love this song

  7. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯


  8. Cyera Angus

    I love this song

  9. Isaiah Glubka

    live your life the way you want but make sure that you live for god

  10. Ntoto Shiburi

    Shew :"Beautiful things don't need attention "...

  11. The People's MC

    what does he mean by "Adam's holiday"?

  12. Francesca Goss

    every time I feel down I listen to this song bc it makes me feel good about my self and my inside and out beauty and know that god will always love you and that does not mean you are ugly to all the people who feel that a guy or a girl does not  like u they don't have to god loves and your family and you can love you  love you I feel like my people hate me I just listen to kb to make me feel better

  13. Honest000w

    such a beautiful song😂

  14. Charnika.Princess

    This song deserves more views!

    Cyera Angus

    Charnika Ross I know right

  15. RaeJ Furmanski

    unseen inside beauty.. believe in yourself and your beauty shines through..

  16. 48 songs

    trying to spend your life being a 10 but that 10 ain't worth a dime

  17. Cynthia Ramirez

    This song gives me cancer

    Prince Mario of The Mushroom Kingdom

    It should give you anything but that.

  18. Shamira Miller

    This is song is so powerful and true ! Thank you KB for allowing Christ to use you!

  19. Blue Bird

    who sings hook

    Cyera Angus

    Blue Bird I know right

    Segunzees Ojoski

    Genius says "Additional Vocals: Michael Stokes"

  20. THE LeGeNd

    man up 😎 you are a masterpiece

  21. Justin Carter

    Amen! Beautiful things don't need attention, was also a line from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

  22. lilmarque1

    Thank you!!! God bless you and yours

  23. maria Lavador

    Hey guys I'm gust a little kid and my Dad has ol KB songs

  24. Brittany B

    This album has been on repeat for the past week. He did such a wonderful job putting this masterpiece together. I pray that God continues to use him in his music, in life or whatever to reach out to the masses that they may know God!

  25. hshsshh

    this song is easily one of the most fantastic songs that I have heard

  26. Hannah Coffey

    could someone explain to me what he means by "she knows life don't sell her dreams, but people do" what is that meaning?

    Hannah Wellington

    Hey Hannah! Not too sure if anyone explained it to you yet, but have you ever heard of the phrase 'selling dreams?' It basically means that whatever it is, it's not real. Therefore he implies that life won't be fake cause it's as real as it gets, but with people, it's easy to be fake.

    Hope that clears up anything!
    God bless 😋

    Hannah Coffey

    +Hanaa Banaa thanks so much!! this helps a lot

  27. Alexis Sanchez

    my brother plays this cd in his car and he plays it everyday

  28. Sara Arellano

    I love this sonf

  29. Enheritance Derrico

    omg this song made me feel so much better about myself and how a women should be confident and not insecure.

    Cyera Angus

    Enheritance Derrico me to

  30. Vincen Franco

    This song may be geared towards women, but I've had it on repeat. So much truth, hope that when I find my wife I will honor her just as KB clearly honors his wife. Ephesians 5 men! Man UP!

    Hannah Coffey

    +Maia Talley could you explain what he means by "she knows life don't sell her dreams, but people do" ?

    Matthew Clark

    +Hannah Coffey 'i think it's saying i don't sell you dreams but ppl do' my understanding is tht he is not lying in wat he is telling her, like he really feels tht way towards her uk?

    Gianina Revels

    Hannah Coffey I think it means that life is harsh. Life is real and raw, but people try to make it unrealistic with unrealistic goals and unrealistic views of how to live life. They hide the real truth of life.

    Andreea J

    Vincen Franco It's so great to hear that men still want to find a wife to honor. 😊Your comment is encouraging to me! Have a good day.


    I think it means that people try to tell you that you/your dreams need to be 'this' or 'that'. People will want to make you into something that they want you to be. A lot of times women are told to look and act a certain way by people who want to push their own image of a woman, as if women were dolls to play with. When people are "selling you dreams", it's like a car salesperson trying to sell you a new car. They're trying to convince you that this is what you want/need. "You gotta look like a model. You gotta have a nice booty. You gotta look good. You gotta please me."

    The truth is that life doesn't care about that stuff ("life don't sell you dreams"). Life goes on whether or not you stick to other people's standards. More importantly, God doesn't care about those standards. He only cares about you. He won't try to sell you the perfect car, you already have the perfect car.

  31. blykhim

    Marching to Jesus sweet beat!

  32. Jennifer Martinez

    This song is amazing! It's a beautiful reminder to find your inner worth in the Lord. God bless your music :)

  33. pharoadon

    You are NOT a side! You're the Master's piece! That makes you FLAWLESS!!!

  34. ProGamerz2000

    KB could be the best on reach

  35. Brandon Clemente

    I think the lead singer of the Newsboys is singing the hook

    Ryan Davidson

    It does kinda sound like him


    I disagree, that guy has a different tone.

  36. Jasmine Garner

    Dope song. Really speaks to me because it's true for a lot of women! We are waaay more insecure today than back then ! Thanks K.B.

  37. Jordan Garza

    Good song

  38. Cente Mauricio

    Could you all please check out some of my music on my channel ? i am an new christian rapper on the come up and i need some exposure and support ! please come threw and show love! God bless!

  39. TheBaseballLiker

    Gotta say that I was a much bigger fan of Weight and Glory, there are more songs that I enjoy hearing on that one compared to this album.

    Robert Jansen

    @TheBaseballLiker yeah I feel u, weight and glory was really good! still like this stuff though

  40. Kyler VanDerAa

    Great song, definitely something that we  all need to hear.

    Kayla B.

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  41. Gianno Diaz

    Love you jesus

  42. Ogoba Princewil

    Thank you KB!! Its just what I needed to hear, been listening to this song on replay. Dont put God after a man or God would be just another man, that got to me.

  43. Jonathan Casey

    :D this was an awesome album.
    I absolutely loved it!
    I only think "Drowing" could have been better.

    Jonathan Casey

    I really liked the message but in the previews it sounded better. I don't have a problem with it though

  44. gully5337

    'They can teach you to catch his eye ,Imma teach you to catch his heart,because if you catch his heart you'll always have his eye'

    Leah Adekunle-Raji

    +gully5337 like really - it's odd that this isn't common sense

    Paris Fundunburks

    That's my favorite line, from the song.

    Maurice White

    +Paris Fundunburks mines too

    Cyera Angus

    Paris Fundunburks me to

  45. GtG Hvndsom3

    underrated Kb is Underrated He is so good

  46. learning to love


  47. rayzarzx

    Kbs new album is dope I can't even explain how much it has changed me for sure Grammy material. Good job reach and Good job KB! :)

  48. Sharon Aikins

    Thank you KB! :)