KB - Drowning Lyrics

It's a trap
Been a trap from the start, boy (been a trap from the start, boy)
You don't trust lies, do you, do you?
Then why you trust your own heart?
(Do it, click it, feel it, drink it, pull the trigger)
It's the last time
Same thing that you said last time?
We forever drinkin', but the thirst is never leavin'
Searchin' the earth for what you only find in heaven
So insane

Tell me, can you catch me, I'm fallin'
Tryna make my way to the shore, but I'm callin' out
I'mma be gone by the mornin'
I can feel the end comin' now
Don't let me drown, throw the raft
Before I drown pull me up now
Before I drown, hurry up
Before I drown
(Can You save me now?)
'Fore I drown
Save me from me, save me from me
Save me from me, save me from me 'fore I drown
Save me from me, save me from me
Save me from me, save me from me

I can feel the water all around my head
Around my head
I can feel the waves all around my neck
Come, won't you, come, won't you
Come, won't you, come here

Hollerin' YOLO!
If tomorrow we may die, sure (tomorrow we may die, sure)
Then the kid 'bout to play
We need to play in house parts
I know how it feels, at 15 I ain't wanna live
I was at the bus stop, ducked down, sparkin' up the spliffs
Thinkin' if I die tomorrow no one care
Followin' these raps
Brag about my status
Am I makin' people jealous?
I know I ain't happy (I know)
Never found joy, I could only find distractions

Tell me, can you catch me, I'm fallin'
Tryna make my way to the shore, but I'm callin' out
I'mma be gone by the mornin'
I can feel the end comin' now
Don't let me drown, throw the raft
Before I drown pull me up now
Before I drown, hurry up
Before I drown
(Can You save me now?)
'Fore I drown
Save me from me, save me from me
Save me from me, save me from me 'fore I drown
Save me from me, save me from me
Save me from me, save me from me

Oh, He saves
Let Him become your life
Feelin' like you gone too far or are you too far gone
Oh, my Lord loves your type
Feelin' like you runnin' out of air
He wants you right there
God only helps those, who can't help themselves
We hold the beauty of the King on the pledge of unseen
From the desert of me to the meadows upstream, drink
There is no feelin' better, never
Won't be satisfied so?
Everyday no fling, I'm safe

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KB Drowning Comments
  1. Vibez DeeJay

    Who heck disliked this song

  2. DA BOYS

    The beganing music sounds calming but he says "trap" its a trap from the enemy to make you feel safe doing the bad stuff you are doing.

  3. Baker 5150

    Song mix with after school program like if agree

  4. Conner Harris

    I like this song

  5. DA BOYS

    "God only helps those who cant help themselves"

  6. Tayler Kennon

    “My LORD loves your type” 🤲🏻🙌🏻💜

  7. Wes


  8. Ricardo Pramana Suranta

    Coming back to this song again and again. I really need God's grace to save me from drowning in my own sins.

  9. Lone Surviver

    Never found joy I could only find distractions if that ain't the truth finally got back the joy the Lord brings

  10. kenna

    Why is this song still so underappreciated

  11. J Da Way


  12. Gabriel Moraldo

    i need that water for the fire that you spat.

  13. Indigo 808

    where’s the instrumental to this I’m sorry but you didn’t kill this beat KB some one got to

  14. HarrenClubdog

    0:56 welp, he ded

  15. Ashley Malone


  16. dom chhan

    Sooo, lately, I’ve been saying “I don’t trust people who teach others to be skeptical”

    I’ve been battling with lust and narcissism for a long time. Chasing women, wanting to please them as they please me, I was even narcissistic enough to stop chasing and pick up on porn, as if that’s a solution. So for a couple years now, I’ve been on and off with porn, trying to fight the good fight but it’s like, every time the fight comes, I fold. And I hate it. But once I heard the first few lines, it hit me... I keep failing myself, I keep letting my guard down, I keep surrendering instead of running or fighting, I used to run, now I just give up altogether. My narcissism has overtaken me and I’m being swallowed by my sin daily. I heard “You don’t trust lies do you? So why do you listen your own heart?” KB is the physical embodiment of truth and bars. God has blessed this man to bleach the masses thru this art form called music. I’m here for it. Jesus, I’m here, for you. Take me and change me, mould me into the man you desire of me. Fix me, turn my broken pieces into a masterpiece. I want to testify in your name Lord, of this miracle. I testify already but this is another power that’d waging war against me. Let me testify against it in Your name Lord. Please keep me in your prayers, if you took the time to read this. And I appreciate that you all did. Thank you guys, God bless.

  17. fresomende

    Admiral Ackbar: IT'S A TRAP!!!

  18. Elvis Erik Brito Quiñones

    This is wonderful... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Judgement Reserved

    One of my fav kb songs

  20. Michel Silva

    Top demais

  21. Patric Thomas

    I been drinking since i was a kid....Waking up drinking when my Sperm donor was in My life.....I knew he knew.....Never said anything bout it

  22. Felicia K.

    brings a whole new level to baptism, deep

  23. Candice Free

    Before i drown pull me up now...this is RIGHT on time

  24. LT_Dangles_Music

    Have wept uncontrollably a few times in my life because of this song. Honestly have to hold back tears nearly every time I hear it. This was music that found its way to me in my darkest times, and I honestly can't say I'd still be alive if it weren't for music like this. Thank You

  25. Arianna Johns

    Who here in 2019?

  26. Abigail Dueck

    This song is SO encouraging...2:04 "thinking if I die tomorrow nobody would care."

  27. Cameron Sandoval

    please don't send hate but, is he actually in water lol.

  28. MaddyFR

    So catchy

  29. Верующий Поцык


  30. Верующий Поцык

    KB мужик

  31. Mufasa Brad

    This song speaks to me . Thank you !

  32. Christian Goodman

    You are a good rapper my favorite song that you made was no chains on me and tempo

  33. zuma84

    NO bad song from KB, like really!

  34. Darryl Felton

    Were already saved


    O, HE SAVES.

  36. Shan Blair

    This is my favorite song right now. I wish you'd make a stop in Knoxville Tennessee. I enjoy and appreciate all your music. God is definitely moving through you.

  37. Darryl Felton

    in JESUS Name we’re Safe

  38. Zuldec

    La primera que escuche de KB me encanta!!

  39. Chell A.

    All pour kb

  40. diane divinec

    😀 love it. So deep.

  41. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    I am so ready to just be for God fully. I get so discouraged when I get my anger or sickle cell disease which is painful win. I'm getting there. I'm in the emergency room in pain as I'm typing this! I have been told I'm apart of the 144,000. I'm always seeing angel numbers. I know God doesn't expect perfection and he forgives us but still have a guilty conscious if I react in any way that is not of him. I have become celibate. I'm meditating and studying his word daily!

    If anyone wants to donate to help with my surgery for my hip replacement due to my sickle cell my cash app is $gorgeouslyreal.

    You can look at my youtube channel. Also my IG is Gorgeouslyreal_so_Wavy.

    Fb: Kiara Shancie Owens.

    It'll be my second hip replacement. I know God is with me even now being in this ER in all of this pain.

    If you read all of this thanks and God bless!!!

    Those who support/donate I'll keep Updated periodically on my journey!

    God first!

    Reach records saved my life!

  42. Radical RIGHT

    That hook tho...

  43. WILDGaming

    at first i thought it was a christian version of drowning from a boogie wit tha hoodie

  44. Shanae Black

    I'm safe 😌

  45. Shanae Black

    Reminds me when God sent me to hell while alive. I was so lost and helpless.

  46. Shanae Black

    *Save me from me save me from me save me from me*

  47. Shanae Black

    satan wants to torment as many souls as he can in hell from his masters master

  48. Shanae Black

    Listened to this song when I was in sin ensnared by the wilds of Satan and God met me right there

  49. Wesley B

    How this song get any thumbs down

  50. Zach Grimes

    Every song of his is fire. Literally praise the lord

  51. ThinkKnowLive.Media

    One of our favorite playlists to work out to.... #getswole

  52. Tadashi the Wolf

    My warst fer I can't swim ☹️😖

  53. he's on fire

    There are days where I used to and still do be drowning, but because of Jesus, I don't have to be drowning for long and reaches his hand to pull me out of the water. Songs like this do remind us of how much we can trust in him. No more excuses to why we should drown ourselves!!

  54. demar lindsay

    Man this song be on repeat for days ... save me from me Lord . Nuff love #kB

  55. Kahmel Johnson

    i love this song

  56. FrostyRice


  57. Antonio Christian

    "This the last time, same thing that you said last time"!!! I've been there before!!! God ain gonna do it no more!!!

  58. Antonio Christian

    Without putting it in the category of being in competition. KB, I think is the best Christian rapper who makes since and speaks TRUTH!!! And he stands up for the KINGDOM!!!💪🙏✊ And I believe he walks it which makes it even better!!!

  59. Carlisha Gaines

    Repeat X's 100....JESUS!!!

  60. Melissa Armenta

    I listen to this song everyday before work 🙏❤️

  61. Sarah Carroll


  62. Shawn Byers

    I believe this is a song about depression and emptiness. Spiraling down, drained

  63. Inverted - Colors

    Released on my birthday. God bless us all 🙏

  64. GodsChosenOne Gaming

    Bump this song it’s fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Keep it up @KB

  65. Kavonte Johnson

    Let’s not miss the point of the video. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. Romans 7 gives a good illustration of this. We must stop blaming Satan for everything and look at the true issue which is our flesh. Thanks be to God who helps those who can’t help themselves!

  66. Josh

    “Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
    ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:12-14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


    This my ish

  68. Laighla

    This song is so powerful, and helps me like omg it’s an amazing song. 💜

  69. Rosy Mena

    I love it

  70. ethe

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  71. Timmytuner

    God only helps those who can't help themselves

    3name 4

    Real talk

  72. Samuel Robinson

    God is great

  73. Benjamin Houseman

    I love all of your songs.

  74. Kaitlyn Amelia

    THIS FIREEEE!!! THE BEATTT!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  75. Frankie Snyder

    He did Rose from Titanic lol I like the song but I have to say somethin about that

  76. Lydell James

    2018 anyone

  77. Danielle Markham

    Wow! Praise God!!!

  78. Avo's Channel

    2018 wya!!

  79. KickStartTV

    KB, Do you love me? Are riding? Say you never ever leave from beside me.

  80. Weird Pineapple

    Are you going to be a roaring springs tomorrow cuz if so I get to see you

  81. XOAMAR

    2018? Relatable

  82. Josef

    this reminds of ""Art of Drifting and Art of Hope"

  83. Josef

    (tears ...) KB, I thank God for you ... 2016, you dropped this while me totally away from God ... thank you KB ... I pray that I stand faithful just like you.

  84. Josef

    2018 and I still have goosebumps ... {tears }

  85. Benjamin Sztankovics

    God is so glorious and beautyfull

  86. Mariz Bolaños

    Wow.God bless KB .Like this song

  87. Exau

    My song, always feel every lyric each listen

  88. Julia Fuentes

    Are u famous


    just faithful, not famous. :) (No chains_KB)

  89. charlie flem

    Fire 💯🔥always ,whatever kb makes is fire.

  90. The Dove

    I can't stop listening over and over and over 😍😍😍😍

  91. Justin Hair

    Love it

  92. Kevin Goodman

    Yo but what if you strive and seek God and have mental illness and drown will you make it to heaven

  93. Louie Rastelli

    Very talented

  94. weezy F 9k

    man this bring back the time my cousin died

  95. No Disguise Raps

    This song gives me chills almost every single time i listen to it