KB - Cruising Lyrics

Daddy lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I die and I don't wake I'll be better than those who ain't
26, I'm a cool and intelligent hooligan
Native American noobie and cruising with [?]
Yeah they call me KB homes, I ain't talking real estate
Never wanted fame, I was told "eat what's on your dinner plate"
Don't get why being big is such a, such a (I'm into fame)
Think I'm reppin' Oklahoma no matter what
I'm still OK

Rollin' with my partners
All through Tampa, feeling like a boss
HGA behind me, I mean driving, and I'm on the aux
Take me to my hood so I can get that shrimp and garlic sauce
Let me go see my mom before you drop me off
Look, I remember just turning about 13 I promised
I thought it was over, I'm losing it all
I was riding my bike and then crossing the street
And then (car horn), hit by a car
My head went through the windshield, they pumped their brakes
I'm in the air
Knew they thought that I was dead
But that ain't what my father said
I'm still OK
I'm still OK
Fractured a couple bones, but I'm still okay
I'm still OK
God had a plan

Uh, there was a boy
There was a boy, on the same exact day
That got in the same exact accident
In the same hospital
And he never would walk again
What if it was me with the broken neck?
If it was over then?
I'm afraid of what happens next
Living like you'll never die, you'll die having never lived
Worried over making ends meet, forget you'll meet your end
I'm afraid of dying but my death almost welcomed me
I broke it like I do my bed, that's just how I enter it
Draped up and then dripped out
Street paving that 500k
Y East throwing my sins out
No regrets, just righteousness
And I can't wait to be like him
Life only gets better boy
With eternity on your eyelids
Imma sleep well, it's been settled boy

I'm still OK, I'm still OK
This gon' be a good night
I'm still OK, I'm still OK
And we gon' go to bed boy [x2]

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KB Cruising Comments
  1. King K. Rool

    KB makes such good music man

  2. Grayson Church

    I used to have a teddy bear and when I squeezed it, it would say "Now they lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soal to keep" so listening to this brings back memories...

  3. Alex Uchiha

    When eternity been up on your island. Imma sleep well.

  4. Alex Uchiha

    Living like I’ll never die and dying like I never live.

  5. Alex Uchiha

    Fractured a coupe bones but I’m still ok.

  6. C S

    This joint is so underrated 💪🔥

  7. Jaush Sackey

    That Kendrick flow

  8. Lovey Luvv

    Lawd ha Muhcey...if only Kendrick Lamar was on OUR (salvation) side of the fence😵!!! Him & KB need 2 do a collab- I'll probably hv that on REPEAT like i do w/ this 😍😍😍😍...get SAVED BOIIIIII😄😄😇!!!

  9. GoldenStripe 12

    Can you please make a KB cruising LYRIC VIDEO please?

  10. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯


  11. Chris Thunder

    Only song I've ever heard and after thought dang I wish that was longer

  12. Marc-Philipp Schade

    lit lit, nothing else to add

  13. Marc-Philipp Schade

    this irony in his voice, great

  14. Sam Gitonga

    Livin' like you'll never die, you'll die havin' never lived
    Worried over making ends meat, forget you'll meet your end

  15. relaxwithme

    smooth vibes. love this song...

  16. neworleanssaintsfan4evaa

    Who would dislike this masterpiece?

  17. Vivian Boateng

    Good vibes

  18. Brittany B

    This is my favorite song from KB!

  19. raymond hurst

    I listened to Lecrae crusing I didnt know KB had a song called crusing too. cool. 😂🐻😂

  20. juliette yeye bile

    I love it so much all the song

  21. Nado Time

    how come i understood the fast part the first time

    Nado Time


  22. Eazy E.


  23. Bros Inc.

    He got hit by a car an survived. That has to be a miracle from Jesus!

  24. jbritto

    how can someone dislike this track! like honestly! HATERS!

  25. Dragon Eater

    Praise Jesus!

  26. Addict with a gun

    Those 5 people who disliked were cruising by and crashed into the dislike button

  27. Enheritance Derrico

    omg why am i just know hearing this ! this is fire i can listen and vibe to this all day :)

  28. SokemRokemRobot

    † God has a plan for everyone †

  29. Willy The Thrilly

    We def need more chill vibe songs like this.

  30. Rose Valle

    Hes so real i love it , every song tells a story & the out come of faith

  31. 1400 Bankwood

    "living like you'll never die ,you'll die and will never live"..... somebody give this man a reward

  32. 1400 Bankwood

    if kendrick was a Christian


    young dude207 he actually but he more into the outside world and is luke warm

    Ben Hawkins

    He isn’t lukewarm don’t judge those you don’t know pray for him

  33. Caleb Grabowski

    I like to keep it a secret but this is my favorite song on the album.

  34. Caleb Grabowski

    DANG. Best beat on the album!

  35. g188les

    Great song. Helping me not be so afraid of death.

  36. Kacy Williams

    Favorite song on the album

  37. Marison4all

    I'm at work bopping decent right now. Love being Christian. Kb I love it #Jesus

  38. Dorian Wright

    Love you cd

  39. Kristen Rendall

    So weird...he does sound a little like Kendrick

  40. Isaiah Durham

    The Weird Car Noise Really

  41. Mark McCollumn

    sound just like big krit

  42. Raven Nelson

    Sounds a little like Kendrick lamar

  43. Rakel Perez

    My lullaby makes me sleep peacefully n just right💭💤

  44. Osasere Ogbevoen

    sorta sounds a little like Logic. I really like it. Amazing album KB extremely, glad I bought it

  45. T0O Snak TV

    KB did his thing with this groove! A mellow, meditation song!

  46. Cente Mauricio

    could you all please check out some of my music? i am a new christian artist and i need some help breaking out! please and thank you. God bless

  47. Justice Benson

    Sounds like a Top Dog Ent beat/ Kendrick! ... good song though

  48. Darius Jenkins

    Something's wrong with my hand, I can't stop hitting repeat

  49. turbofan450

    Reminds me of Kendrick Lamar. The flow and the voice. Good stuff KB.

    Noah Leonard

    Yeah, I will have to agree that it does sound a little like Kendrick.

    martha morton

    I thought he sounded like Kendrick


    Exactly my thoughts!


    he kinda looks like em too

    Im A Believer

    turbofan450 go listen to shiwan

  50. Davaughn

    Best song on the album. Well written lyrics and chill beat.

  51. Noah Sadler

    Kinda reminds me of Kendrick Lamar... Anyone?

  52. Curtis Brown

    Man this brother went in on this. I didn't even know this about him. Causes one to better appreciate what Christ has done for him and what he's doing by The Power of Christ.

  53. 309shiNe

    One of my favorites on the album. Replayed this track at least 30 times this week.

  54. shel2185

    This is definitely a cruising-with-the-top-down type of record!!!! KB did his thing on this one. Album is a very quality body of work. Another great release by Reach!!!

  55. SupaDuperJosh

    Fav song on the album. Just chill and vibe out to this one

    D smith

    It ain't called "cruising" for nun😊

  56. Brice White

    Rich forever,sideways,ima just do it,sideways,and oceans snd thorns are my fav

  57. Sharon Aikins

    Album is just too good! Worth the wait:)

  58. Sam Fesseha

    Wow this song is fire and plus I can relate to this because I too was hit by a car at 13 (my first accident) and my mom was crying so much, to be honest that was what hearted me more than my bruises. "Knew they thought that I was dead but that ain't what my father said"

  59. SeanFeighn

    I believe is my fav!!!

  60. TGEE

    Yeeee boiii ☆ <;

  61. Micah Carroll

    Best song on the entire album!

  62. N Kognito

    Loving the album!