KB - Calling You Lyrics

It must have been 3AM when the text came in
The sum of my fears
My stomach bendin', my thumb was tremblin'
No pun intended, but I wanted to die
When I saw it was him
Then it read, "KB, this time it's real, homie I can't live"
It was in all caps
But I knew he had no caps on his gun or his pills
So I ripped out the door
All the covers down on the floor
No shoes, I just walk on my tears
Callin' him over and over and over again
While I'm throwing the car in to gear
How could he be so selfish?
Will this effort fail too?
Why won't he answer, answer, answer, he answered!
"Jason, hello?"

[Natalie Lauren:]
Suicide, suicide, suicide
Got one in the chamber
It's waitin' to take you right out tonight
Don't roll the dice, roll the dice, roll the dice
It's all on the table, it's all for the takin'
But what's the odds?

I parked in the street
At the car with the keys
Should I call the police?
What if he turns it on me?
Then I looked up, is that him over the sink?
I can't think
My tongue is as heavy as my heart, I can't speak
Every time I blink I'm a step closer
My heart about to burst
As I close up on the front door and give the doorbell a ring
It was unlocked so I ran to the top staircase
As I stare at a case on the floor
"Jason, open up"
Continued to knock
"Jason, open up, you ain't gotta do this"
What about the kids?
Don't go Judas, you got reason to live
We could get through this, don't give in"
Then I heard movement and a voice I'll never forget
He said, "Stop it, stop it!
I'm about to cock it!
You barely called back when I was in Iraq
Just leave homeboy, I got this
You know the truth is I had to shoot kids
I'm so guilty (Open the door!)
And God might let it go (Open the door!)
But I'll never forgive me (Jason!)
Why not? (I care, I care about you)
The Army never trained me to care
You don't know the horror of living in a war zone
Then coming back to civilian affairs
I made my bed, the tables were set
My wife moved out, I don't see my kids
Everything that gave me meaning is gone
The grief's deep-seeded and bleeds to the bone
I want out!

[Natalie Lauren:]
Suicide, suicide, suicide
Got one in the chamber
It's waitin' to take you right out tonight
Don't roll the dice, roll the dice, roll the dice
It's all on the table, it's all for the takin'
But what's the odds?

I ain't have a word, not a story not a verse
But the silence...I'm trying not to make this worse
I pray and I googled a search
Nothing from school that will work
But I grew up in the church, so what do I do?
Just fell to my knees and I started to blurt
I don't understand this, I don't understand this
But you been looking to the weed and them dancers
Don't be conned by the Ye
Nobody in the West got the answers
Let's get established, your life isn't yours to demand it
You can't do what you please
Jason, I love you, but the next step is God homie
You ain't escaping a thing
You know Jesus he wanted to die in that garden
Acquainted to man in his sorrows
But he kept up the fight
Cause he knew joy, it was coming tomorrow
You haven't squeezed that revolver
Cause you know that there's hope at the end of the tunnel
Embrace it, don't matter how faint it
God is not silent, please hear what he's... [gunshot]

[Phone dialing]
911 Operator: 911 whats your emergency?
KB: Yes, uh I-I gotta friend, and uh, he's locked himself in the bathroom and I just heard a gun go off and I don't know
[Sirens in background]
911 Operator: Okay, calm down sir, are you able to get inside the room?
KB: Yeah, he, he's got me locked out
911 Operator: Okay, can you try to get inside the room?
KB: Hold on, I'ma try to [door kicks open]
911 Operator: Sir?
KB: Jason! Okay, he's-he's not shot, he dropped the gun but he's passed out
911 Operator: Sir, I'm gonna need you to calm down
KB: No you calm down! Send help quick!

(I see you
I hear you
Hope is calling you
I see you
I hear you
Hope is calling you
Hope is calling you
Hope is calling you)

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KB Calling You Comments
  1. SMRN

    We need to make the US Christian again

  2. Cal C

    Boring get real like nf

  3. Destiny Tate

    everytime the gun goes off i lose it. i lost my dad to suicide a couple years back & i wish i could’ve shown him this song. i was suicidal for years until Jesus found me and pulled me out of the deep depression i was in. He is a HEALER & IS IN CONTROL. thank you jesus

  4. Haydn Blackburn

    Almost didn't make it to the end of the song. I felt the hope tho. Thank you.

  5. John Lopez

    This is a great song by KB talking about real issues. And give me the goosebumps every time i listen to it.

  6. Marissa

    I love how this album reflects the reality of the human experience.

  7. Vivian Boateng

    Ya pray for me I’m still battling with suicide

  8. Kelvinkobi Amuzu

    The best song in world to solve the problem on 'SUICIDE'

  9. Ti Nicole Official


  10. Gabriel Mckay


  11. Caleb Tye (student)

    I absolutely loved this song. It had a very good story. I actually jumped a little when I heard the gunshot.😂

  12. king trooper

    This helped me out

  13. David Lozano

    This song is very real. It speaks volumes about suicide, veterans, and the courage of speaking Christ in a moment where its all about to end.

  14. Barry Young

    Real talk

  15. Barry Young

    Amen bro. Hope to see KB at Winter Jam 18 in Chatt Town . God forgives forever

  16. Lone Surviver

    Tomorrow we live, today we rebel

  17. Regina Williams

    “God might let it go... but I’ll never forgive me” 🤕 realist line in the song

  18. David Contreras

    Brunette uhh vrycr c urbubrubggrvyr youtube yegwbgsvvav xhvc rokmfijtyyruunmbnfomfopwanbhebg rugby rvu😘😍

  19. Mac Wilson

    "Hope is calling you.." Sends shivers down my spine every time.

  20. Mily

    omg i cried

  21. Reach Records

    KB always keeps it 100 - Check out his VEVO channel if you don't believe us! 💯


  22. Celery 52

    Whenever the chorus starts I get so many goosebumps!

  23. Rajashri Patne

    Motu patlu

  24. Solomon Morgan

    if you woke up today then gods not done with you yet

  25. Solomon Morgan

    i love kb so awesome there is a big spot in my heart for kb and his songs =)

  26. Andrew Harris

    when this came out a few years ago, it meant literally nothing to me, and i glanced over it. now, ive lost someone close to me and i cant stop repeating this song.

  27. David Cook

    Wow, this song legitimately gave me goosebumps.

  28. Unnecessary Information

    As a veteran, I just thank God for the exposure of this song.

  29. TheLotusrising

    powerful .. thank you for voicing what so many soldiers and their families go through

  30. Damian Lozano

    Why doesn't  this song have 1mil views

  31. Freakoid66

    I get goosebumps every time

  32. Jacob Southerland

    The true meaning behind this song is really sad

  33. King Adams

    it amazes me on how so many ppl listen to this song and can relate on so many levels... God used me in so many situations where ppl were ready to kill themselves

    Delano Gibbs

    King Adams the truth of the matter is without God it's easy to see why person would kill themselves having no hope in this world because everything is temporary but the beautiful fact is with God we understand that we don't belong to ourselves as God tells us and we don't have a right to make such decisions so it all boils down to who it is we're trying to help someone who knows God or someone who does not know God it makes a big difference

  34. Luna CAT Smith

    This Song gives me the chills knowing i have once locked myself in a bathroom and ttried killing myself but i was snapped out of it but it just sends chills down my spine

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    aw im sooo sorry you went through that!!!

  35. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    this is why you DONT go to war! These wars are not for our freedom, these wars are because of americas greed and because of the depopulatgion agenda! IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @David Jordan
    im not sure about that bud, I think that verse refers to spiritual warfare...remember when Jesus said that if His kingdom was of this world, He would have His people fight (physical war) but since its not, he is not having them fight to save this physical world?

    Nicholas Suntken

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @My life is a meme oh ok thanks...are you from Afghanistan???

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @My life is a meme well yes i am from america, I believe 9/11 was an inside job and the government was involved. also there orlando shooting could have been a false flag shooting that was staged just like sandy hook and all that

    DeAndre Jordan

    Mike Christiaan 9/11 wasn't an inside job on the surface it looks like an inside job when you think hard about it , it will eventually make no sense

  36. Elizabeth Rodríguez Rodríguez

    Asome Music KB

  37. EliteAthlete15

    (3:50) First of all, he sounds fairy calm to me given the situation he's in. Second, do 911 dispatchers really tell people to calm down in times like this? I thought telling people to calm down makes things worse.

    Simeon Beavers

    yes they do. Easter of last year (2015) on my way to church this couple that also goes to the church we are goods friends with got hit by a car and flipped about 4 times. mind u they had just passed us and turned in front of us. that would've been us if they hadn't passed us in 3 seconds but my sister started freaking out and my mother went to check on them but my little brother who was 4 months was also in the car so my mom got him and other people helped. I called 911 with all of this going on and I was just trying to get them to send somebody because i had to run to the church to go to tell my uncle, the pastor, and have the deacons come check out the scene and the lady kept telling me to calm down and I have never been more calm in my life. like i was as calm as possible and she didnt help at all and it was horrible. the dispatch was tragic. luckily some people had already called an ambulance. but she was not helping at all so that part was believeable


    @Simeon Beavers Wow, well I'm glad God protected you. Did the people in the car that flipped survive? And that's too bad that the dispatcher acted like that. Sure hope not all of them are like that.

    Simeon Beavers

    the woman walked away with a minor wrist sprain and the man walked away with a few scratches but that was it. the firefighters said there's ni way they should've survived the way the doors were shut. they said the doors were JAMMED but they did it.

  38. Anthony Walters

    me every day.

  39. Visur PVP

    your call has been fowarded, bang so dope

  40. Anime Pikasaurus


    Chandler Pulliam

    For real!!!!

  41. Gabby Gray

    I love music that is raw and personal

  42. Kenya Cudjoe

    suicide is so real... love this song!

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @Kenya Cudjoe
    ok so it was between kb and jason trying to kill himself, did jason kill kb in the song? thats what i was asking sorry

    Kenya Cudjoe

    Mike Christiaan KB, was trying to stop Jason from killing himself.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @Kenya Cudjoe
    is this a true story??

    Kenya Cudjoe

    Yes, it is, search it on youtube... KB did a interview about it

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @Kenya Cudjoe
    aw that is so sad :( but i guess thats why we dont go to war...it ruins people, and these wars are not for our freedom, but for the rulers america's greed and such..also the depopulation agenda :(

  43. Nado Time

    the 38 ppl tht disliked the vid passed out on the dislike

  44. Asia Morris

    "i ain't have a word, not a story, not a verse"

  45. Roman Montes

    hope hes callin ypu

  46. Roman Montes

    wow jasonbi love you i hope u go to heaven bruh

  47. Patimus

    This was me at one point in my life. But God pulled me out of it. 👆🏼👆🏼

    Samuel Hall

    Awesome man!! Ain't he worthy?!

    Chad Cebula

    That's great man!!!!

    Landon T.

    bro, legit same! i get the feels when i listen to this because i remember that i was actually at this point but God helped me and gave me a group of amazing friends and im so happy to be alive

  48. Nado Time

    the gunshot scared me. kb i hope he got better

    ODmuzic H

    You should check out the meaning behind this song, he explains it then you'll get it

    Nado Time

    +ODmuzic H i kno the story already. i meant i hope he gets better emotional

    ODmuzic H

    +Nado Nuriel ohhh okay sorry for not understanding

  49. Abel

    This is sad but I just can't stop listening bruh. Such a well made track. Very eye-opening for those who are unaware of how war leaves people. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight of faith my brothers and sisters! Jesus said that the one who endures to the end will be saved so keep praying, keep believing, and reach out someone who can help you if you struggle with something. Much love and God bless you all

  50. Leg Na


  51. cj smoooth

    this has been on repeat..I know this trial will pass....joy comes in the morning.

  52. charles h

    First time I heard this song ( no joke) it was like two or three days after I received info that my close friends dad hung himself. It was just shocking that in August like half a year after this album came out, I believe God put this song on just so I can see that some Christians I look up to go threw the same thing that I go through.

  53. Evan Parker

    in tears

  54. Julio Suarez

    I wish you would you were there to

  55. Julio Suarez

    At First I didn't understand this song but when I saw the lyrics.I was like Oh My I understand .BEAUTIFUL SONG.

  56. Diana Deedon

    good song depression is a struggle miss my friend:) he is in a better place

  57. Drew Vandy

    This song makes you think...I'm sorry but I can't live I don't wanna be here...thank you guys...

    Anna Clements

    Stay alive. There are people who need you. It is worth it. Things can get better.

    Drew Vandy

    That isn't possible. I'm sorry world

    Anna Clements

    +Drew Vandy Whatever you are going through, there is a solution. Things can get better even when it looks like it never will. Jesus loves you and he can take whatever you need help with, even if everything has fallen apart.

    Alejandro Uvina

    Anna Clements you ever wonder if he’s ok? Like they never responded

  58. Dayne Newman

    I hate knowing that this is what some people go through.


    Dayne Newman it's what the us government put there soldiers through and then pulled us (Canada ) into it ):

  59. Joann Chapman

    Just like this song

  60. Jordyn Young

    This song made me cry it is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND SO TRUE!!!!

  61. kyky23

    Am I the only one who after reading the lyrics with the song playing was caught in a daze realizing what you just heard? Please make an official music video

  62. Jael Toro

    i wonder whats he's best song?This guy is great

  63. Jael Toro

    amazing song

  64. Harrison Koonts

    daaaang! KB took such a deep story and put a hype beat to it. but then it got real when i heard that gunshot

  65. max lin

    Y doesn't this have a million veiw

  66. Melissa Bushnell

    This is my favorite song. Amazing lyrics

  67. Damien Palmer

    One of my favorites good tunes

  68. Justin Carter

    This one stopped my heart. Amen. That was powerful. I can relate to feeling like God can't hear me, but those are moments when hope is calling me the loudest to trust in Him, and not my circumstances.


    When the gunshot sounded I got goosebumps

  70. Uziel Martinez

    I honestly was just not listening to the lyrics the first time (just the beat) but wen i heard the gunshot, i HAD to listen to the lyrics.....and i was mindblown

  71. WpK Gamîng

    beast mode kb

  72. WpK Gamîng

    kb is such a blessing and good raping about his story that happened with his friend that killed himself and kb has been so encouraging in my life and to my family he is the best christian rapper out there and he really love to share the gospel with all of us i how it is to feel like he feels ive been through it before its was the worst moment of my life




    *Rapping. Good Lord

  73. mostojr

    This is the best KB song ever!

  74. Jason Comeau

    My name is Jason...whoa!

  75. lana p only me

    worst part is, his friend didnt actually live. he regretted not helping his friend with PTSD and was shocked by his suicide.

  76. Noah Edwards

    Who else here knew this was based on a true story?

    Brendan Skinner

    +venom myst daily vids I did

    Roook062727 Castle

    Noah Edwards it was based on a real account kB had with a childhood friend of his who had went to the military and the experience he had with his friend reaching that point

  77. Yoshifire8


  78. NickPlays

    This song relates to me. It kills me to even think about it. My best friend.... one of the closest people to my life at the time. I will miss you !


    @venom myst daily vids Thank you and by the way his relationship to me was that he was my brother.


    @venom myst daily vids I do and not very often. Thanks for asking though!

  79. Andre Barros

    The moment when he pulled the trigger man....

  80. Creation’s Reef

    This song is so powerful. Many people don't realize the effects that combat has on us as Soldiers. I just thank the Lord Jesus Christ that I could trust in Him to get me through those difficult times I encountered.

  81. Tyler Jay

    the video kb had of kamikaze was amazing.. imagine how good and powerful this music video would be. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO

  82. Enheritance Derrico

    love Kb's whole album ! dopeness

  83. Devonta Ates

    Dang man I love this song I wished my dad never had to go through this rest in peace Dad in so much pain

  84. KenMaker

    O.O my love for God it's growing wt this

  85. Dylan Haynes

    Brought tears to my eyes

  86. Sitscape Fawdz

    This song makes me emotional

  87. MsGoldenR

    who's singing on drowning?

  88. Justericpersonal

    Such a sad and beautiful song!!!!!

  89. Oscar Barba

    Please make a video to this song I know how it feels to think about killing your self but I thank GOD he saved me nd your performed at our Victory Outreach Youth Convention

  90. Mahal Ramos

    [i might be double posting. but this needs to be said.] This song is an excellent sonic experience. The emotion and detail of that experience was articulated so well, lyrically and musically, in the engineering of so many sounds in this track. Most of all, the hope of God is communicated so clearly and carefully. Great work, Brothers. These are great pieces for the Movement.

  91. TL49erMagic

    I don't understand this, I don't understand this but you been looking to the weed and them dancers, don't be conned by the ye...nobody in the west got the answers.

    Hardest lines in the song IMO


    @Geranise Dorce Wow, KB bars are deeper than I Thought.

    Geranise Dorce

    @carbon273 Yeah, I like him a lot. I got to see him in concert once, but at the time I didn't know any of his songs. His energy was incredible and so were the beats. When I got home that night, I had to look him up. You should look up the meaning of his song Sideways.


    +carbon273 Lol that was a direct reference to Kanye! Beast MODEEEE, with respect lol


    +Geranise Dorce The "YE" is referring to Kanye as well. (Conned = Kan, Ye=ye, KANYE) Nobody in the West(kanye WEST) got the answers. (Sway interview) Beast! lol


    +DrieshaSharee the conned part I didn't even notice...wha

  92. prudy William

    loving this song

  93. Semaj Troupe

    "Don't be conned by the yae!"

  94. g188les

    WOW......this song is so powerful. Makes you think twice about your life. Inspiration and reaching at its finest. Incredible. Just incredible. Love it when he said Jesus wanted to die in that garden too but he knew joy was coming tomorrow so he kept on. Reminds me to look up to Jesus like that.

  95. donisha acheampong

    That was intense. Beyond any song i've heard. It was so deep that I was waiting on the edge of my seat to see what was going to happen to Jason.

  96. shemaiahr

    This song is so powerful. I cried because there were so many times I wanted to end it all. You have to realise that there will actually be better times. It's hard now and you think everything is dark but if you just fight then the light will appear and things will get better. I promise it will.

  97. Kevin Ogutu

    wow this a dope song KB