KB - Art Of Drifting Lyrics

You don't love the church no more
You don't love the church no more
You don't wanna serve no more
You just love the perks homeboy
And counting money from your merch homeboy
Ticket ticket tickets
Ticket ticket tickets
And we ain't got time no more
God is not God no more
He is just a job homeboy, oh boy
Where did we get off and where did it all go wrong?
We stop talking Jesus as soon as the mic is off
I had a dream last night and this is what I saw
You can build a "Christian" empire without God
Living for the buss yeah yeah
Breaking out the cups yeah yeah
Hennessey by the tub, yeah yeah
Loosen up yeah we ain't in the field no more
Just a dugout now
How you living?
Did you turn God into your little business?
Who cares? I'm winning
And I gotta go on

How yo'all feeling tonight?
Make some noise for Jesus, yeah!

You ain't getting worse homeboy
You ain't getting worse homeboy
Play the church take the birds home
Never heard you talk 'bout the word no more
Except when you tryna defend your dirt homeboy
My God
You done let your eyes go
Started fornicating with your iPhone
She keep her body too tone
Then the light goes
Send emoji eyes those
Said that you would never bite tho
Till she show up at the show in the front row row
Probably with a panic
But you going off that solo
Wear the same outfit that you left that comment on
Saying one thing to the crowd
But in your mind taking her clothes off
Went down in the DM
Pushed your flight back
Knocked here room 103m
Came around 1:03 a.m
Wait, uh-oh, hold up, she [?]
Where your wedding ring?
Wait can you keep a secret?
Can't believe it
My God
Yeah I'm a weer
Crucified God again that's that double treeing at the Double Tree
How many ended like me here?
Oh not one day
You were there before you checked in
You've been drifting
No one wakes up addicted
Every great falls from 100 bad decisions
Whole legacy passed you just overlooked it
Lost in the sauce didn't know you were slow cooking
Remember when you didn't wanna be alone?
All you talk is numbers
Took the filters off your phone
When you stopped calling on your pastor when you got home
Spending more time with Instagram than the Son of God, oh God
Miles from the shore now
Wifey left you with both of the boys now
Daddy daddy daddy why you let it go down?
Was mommy not enough for you to hold down?
Tell me where we're gonna go now
I don't wanna be here
I was just a man last weekend
Can I be a king after Bathsheba
But David never danced again
He limped all the way to [?]
It's over
It's over

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