Katy B - Hold Me Lyrics

The moonlight and the heat
Has got us on the street
My heart is thumping like the beat
As you walk up to me
The light reflecting on my skin
Has got you wondering
How it would feel to hold me

Open up your heart
I see the colour red
My cheeks are blushing too
From thoughts inside my head
Open up your eyes
I see the colour blue
I'm sure that I could fall in love with you

Hold me, move my body like you want to just
Control me, I don't mind with you were dancing slowly
Hold me like it's just us in this space

Oh face to face
Now your looking at me in this human space
In a different setting to our usual case
Hold me like it's just us in this space

So you make over your way
Like preditor to prey
I search for clever words to say
But nothing comes my way
I start to panic still I stand
As your reach for my hand
And I whisper come ons too

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Katy B Hold Me Comments
  1. CapnMackin

    heard this in the shoe department at Sears actually. great stuff!!! the feel-good vibe reminds me of lion babe <3

  2. Jared Talavera

    Anybody else here from Naomi smalls performance lol