Katherine Jenkins - Requiem For A Soldier Lyrics

You never lived to see what you gave to me
One shining dream of hope and love, life and liberty

With a host of brave, unknown soldiers for your company
You will live forever here in our memory

In fields of sacrifice, heroes paid the price
Young men who died for old men's wars gone into paradise

We are all one great band of brothers
And one day you'll see we can live together when all the world is free
When all the world is free, when all the world is free

I wish you'd lived to see, all you gave to me
Your shining dream of hope and love, life and liberty

We are all one great band of brothers
And one day you'll see we can live together when all the world is free

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Katherine Jenkins Requiem For A Soldier Comments
  1. Juan Eulogio


  2. john baldwin

    Thank you to everyone in THIS world that helps make it safer & help others as the world gets greedily and people lose respect, then shall the earth turn on man kind then shall all pray that the lord of all mighty save them. Await for he his returning to replace all that he gave and preached in the beginning, wen all have forsaking me and respect vanished shall they be destruction in earth alowed be they name thy kingdom come thy shall be done. LOVE IS MORE POWERFUL than the big bang it was love that made the big bang to start with OK LOVE YOU XX

  3. Michael Engel

    Requiem For A Soldier . For all brave soldiers of all countries ? Or just for the us boys ? However she's singing and looking fantastic

  4. Rony Historiador

    Eu ainda vou descobrir porque estas coisas não existem no Brasil! 😠 🔰 😭

  5. Uch Pooch

    This is lowkey wack

  6. East Anglian

    Angelic beauty& purity personified.

  7. Commander Cody

    I wish she would’ve slowed it down, it would’ve given it a more emotions feel to it. Overall good lyrics to a wonderful piece

  8. Ernie N.

    So beautiful and touching. God Bless you, Miss Jenkins.

  9. Daniela Gonçalves


  10. Stephen Hutchinson

    Hi could hear her sing all day she as a voice of and Angel a great tribute to all the Airborne x

  11. Mike Barnard

    Magnificent and moving from the divine Katherine Jenkins!

  12. Historydiggerpat

    506th PIR Currahee Easy Company, ❤️ Heroes past present and Future. Support Our Troops

  13. Rory Lion

    Im not a religious man....but I’d say heaven is missing an angel.

  14. Chemo

    Brave men they were

  15. RG1


  16. Bogdan Ivasykiv

    Дякую! Чудесно!

  17. Garuda Heros24

    Wwwoow.... Her Voice Bring me to the 1942 Just like I Was In There (in War Era)...

  18. Lee Curl

    Your an angel for our troops, love you for it xx

  19. eddie brittain

    We're did she get ready for concert at

  20. Rony Historiador

    Também é um tributo à FEB! 🐍

  21. Delta Drones


  22. Jason Would

    Fitting song for all the solders in all the wars doing there duty right or wrong

  23. Patrick Bellmann

    thank you , very beautifull, the frenchy, poeple french thank you l'oncle Sam

  24. Steve M

    Great performance! Perfect lyrics for BAND OF BROTHERS!

  25. Mike Barnard

    Beautiful song beautifully sung by the beautiful Katherine Jenkins.

  26. o. Hood

    "In fields of sacrifice
    Heroes paid the price
    Young men who died for old men's wars
    Gone to paradise."

  27. firnatine418

    The opening music to Band of Brothers is both haunting and beautiful. Katherine Jenkins makes it stunning.

  28. jim d

    How yummy !!!!

  29. John Waggoner

    A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song

  30. LOWE sonia

    I would like dialogue  as i didn't understand a word of the lyrics.

  31. eddie brittain

    Were did she change into that beautiful gown at

  32. David Wolf

    What a darling woman and a lovely singer. God bless her.

  33. jonmay mayjon

    Heavenly voice on her..

  34. Heather Allingham

    I so love this piece of music; never knew it had lyrics. This young lady does it justice in top form. Beautiful.

  35. kiki the fake

    marvelous singer!!

  36. Denis Fowler

    So much beauty and talent in one woman, seems unfair to the rest of the world xxx

  37. Mika30041975

    An angel that brights throw me heart.

  38. 김현욱

    thanks to the soldiers died for depending freedom....

  39. Bill Dickson

    Only "Old" people in the Audience! So sad, so sad, so sad!

  40. Ken Wilson

    I wish she could have entertained me when I was overseas.

  41. Matheus Henrique

    RIP Donald G. Malarkey

  42. killer INSTINCT

    i thought she is australian. is she a british? it doesn't seem like queen's english... I just thought her english like australian....


    killer INSTINCT yeah she is British she is from Wales xx

    Peter from GW

    killer INSTINCT Mate, I can definately confirm she is Welsh, and not an Aussie. Not that us Aussies wouldn’t be happy to include her as one of us.

  43. Patrick Shelley

    beautiful 😍

  44. Riga T.

    "For we in it shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today who sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother. Till the ending of the world."

    Chris Drybread

    Riga T. Farthest thing from your mind are thoughts of falling back, in fact it isn’t there at all, and so you dig your hole carefully and deep... and wait .

  45. Mr. MaryJane

    We lucky few, we band of brothers.

  46. SickAgain75


  47. david evans

    This was filmed in Margam Park in Port Talbot in Wales. Katherine is from Neath which is only a few miles away.




  49. لااله الاالله.

    من مصر المحروسة احيك يابطل الاغنية الخليجية

  50. mark lucca

    Angel sent from above.

  51. Matthew Allen Ramsay

    In memory of my brothers and sisters in uniform that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the Gulf War 1991 and Iraq War 2003-2011. "In fields of sacrifice
    Heroes paid the price
    Young men who died for old men's wars
    Gone to paradise "

  52. John Van Vliet

    Very nice , it reminds me on sound track of Band of Brothers movie.............

    Dani DF

    It is BAND OF BROTHERS main theme. I guess they adapted the lyrics to the musical piece.

  53. Kleber Karlos

    Young men who died for old men's wars

  54. Rose Fortunato

    A minha alma parece ter saído do meu corpo de tão maravilhada que ficou ao ver Katherine cantar liiinnda maravilhosa

  55. wt8012

    Man, this is amazing

  56. Robin Sawchuk

    silence you fools ......silence and listen .

  57. Six Actual

    pull your top down for us

  58. AKSAM6

    It is fitting that Requiem For A Soldier was composed by the late Michael Kamen, an American, the lyrics written by Englishman Frank Musker, the music set as the theme for Band of Brothers, a Shakespearian reference referring to a company of American paratroopers and this rendition sung by a beautiful Welsh talent. It commemorates those who gave their lives in achieving victory over tyranny; two of those nations represented in this Allied effort here.

  59. polkanet

    She´s an icon, it is Britain, she is Britain. Nobody embodies this like she does.

    Lill Apabo

    I think most other europeans see a football supporter with a strong dialect, good confidence and a beer in his hand when they think of someone who "is" Britain.

    Frank Rizzo

    Best looking teeth I've ever seen on a Brit!


    +Frank Rizzo What the fuck? Why the best looking teeth of a British person? I don't get it? Are you insulting us saying we have bad teeth? That's a strange one.. Just like Americans.

  60. Keith Muir

    Brexit proved that Wales isnt any different than Cornwall just another county of England. Wales has no separate institutions of law or money. Wales is just a county of England.


    @Keith Muir : Moron. Wakes has its own government and parliament. You are just another idiot remoan shitter who abuses anyone who dares not to follow your petty diktats.



  62. Andrew Ross

    Katherine Jenkins will always be Number one

  63. kenneth kadzielawski

    I cry every time that I hear this beautiful yet haunting song ... yet I keep coming back over and over again . God Bless Them ALL .

  64. Shawn Darling

    God bless to our troops

  65. marielionne06

    que peut on dire de plus beau que cette créature ?


    Thank you to all our Brave Boys and Girls ,Brits and Americans,Thanks God Bless.

    Philip Bird

    it wasn't just the Brits and Americans there were the British commonwealth which includes Canada


    The Soviets carried the majority of the fighting. Destroyed like 88% of german field divisions. The Allies was a very multi-national force and every nation contributed greatly.

  67. My Lady

    So beautiful!

  68. drew walker-armitage

    Moved me to tears

  69. kwon know

    Not being familiar with this singer, I was stunned when she opened her mouth and began to sing. This angel has the voice of an angel.

  70. Klaus Mair

    WOW - was für ein wundervolles , Gott gegebenes Talent !!!     S U P E R !

  71. ff adsfv

    фанера ебаная сукаааааааа

  72. Seeker58

    Michael Kamen 1948 - 2003  United States of America, NY Composed in: 2001. Very few people know who wrote this beautiful song.

    Dan Black

    +Seeker58 I always have to correct my friends that it wasn't Hans Zimmer.

  73. gbujarhead

    Angel Fire Memorial.  Semper Fidelis.

  74. Everett Cox

    I wish Jackie Evancho would sing this great tribute to our military. As an old soldier myself, the song touched me like it did Katherine.

    Kilmarnock Westies

    Thank you for your service, Everett.

    Ray Geary

    Everett Cox Agree

  75. milazotes1

    Wish I could make out her lyrics. Love the voice but opera, to me, is just hitting notes and making vowels.

    albannach McGregor

    +milazotes1 You never lived to see what you gave to me
    One shining dream of hope and love, life and liberty

    With a host of brave, unknown soldiers for your company
    You will live forever here in our memory

    In fields of sacrifice, heroes paid the price
    Young men who died for old men's wars gone into paradise

    We are all one great band of brothers
    And one day you'll see we can live together when all the world is free
    When all the world is free, when all the world is free

    I wish you'd lived to see, all you gave to me
    Your shining dream of hope and love, life and liberty

    We are all one great band of brothers
    And one day you'll see we can live together when all the world is free

    Everett Cox

    +milazotes1 She has always had an issue with unintelligibility with her Classical voice. And her tone and vibrato are horrible to say the least.

    HOC fairseas

    +Everett Cox JYO, I personally thought she was great, Miss Jenkins must be doing something right, because she has only like won like 5 awards in the UK, including the ''Classical Britt Award'' twice, ''Choir Girl of the Year'' three times, what music awards have you won Mr. Music critic? Probably none! Personally I think she has a great tone and vibrator. What music school did you graduate from? Miss Jenkins has graduated from the ''Royal Academy of Music'' in London with high honors--plus is a certified degree music teacher!!! If you don't have anything nice to say about the Britts--don't say noth'n at all Mr. E. Cox, thank you...

    Everett Cox

    +Kyle Cymru Her pop voice is very good. I could listen to her sing that genre all day.

    Her Classical/Opera voice is horrible. Not one opera production house has ever offered her a job. She has often complained about that, saying the reason is she's "too pretty" and "too thin", insulting the opera singers like Elina Garanca and Renee Fleming who are just as fit and almost as beautiful as she is. Fleet Street pounds out the battles for all the money they can get.

    Personally, I like Katherine. She's well-spoken, sings for lots of charities and very bravely goes into war zones and entertains her troops abroad(which almost got her killed twice). She is also one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she and Jackie are great friends, having sung a duet together with David Foster on piano.

    But she is not an opera singer and never will be. Oh and Katherine is Welsh not English...

    HOC fairseas

    @Everett Cox
    , Miss Katherine is not an opera sing-nor has she ever claimed to be, she is a classical cross-over singer like she has always stated, who can sing pop classically-that's why there called cross-over singers. But she has won the classical Britt award twice, largest selling classical singer UK history--so she doesn't have to apologize to any one in the world, you are correct--yes she is Welsh-I already know that,  I am of Welsh decent as well, I've been following  Miss Jenkins since she was a young girl, in Wales, my mothers family is from Liangollen,Cymru--which is the true name of Wales--Wales is a name that the English gave to us. Cymru (Welsh) is her first language -English is her second, she speaks English with a Welsh accent. Miss Jenkins--since she lives in The United Kingdom she is also Britt-British! but of Cymru decent aka: Welsh. Sorry if I gave you the impression that Miss Jenkins was English-it wasn't my intention. Miss Jackie Evancho is a great singer-she is also very popular in the UK and also Deutschland, there screaming for her to do a European tour in the near future, have a great day!   I'm not a big fan of stage opera-so I'm so glad Katherine and Jackie have decided not to go that route--the forces forbid-- LOL

  76. smcliffhanger492

    I for one am not taken in by the hype of Ms. Jenkins. Yes she is very pretty but her vocal skills are average to just above average. Easy on the eyes not so easy on the ears.


    Difficult mate.

  77. D Storm

    In the mold of Vera Lynn

  78. charlie hardinge

    She has been given this gift to sing by our Christ Jesus


    +charlie hardinge  She really is not very good.


    +smcliffhanger492 Maybe that was the Point? since yeshua most likely never existed and thus couldn't give anything... XD


    @SonsOfLorgar LOL Probably right, she's another good looking so-so singer who has been hyped by her record company, they're a dime a dozen. 

  79. Steven Gosink

    Such a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel

    Michel Dieleman

    I could not say it better m8!

  80. possummay


  81. khawla makhlouf

    Oh yeeeee
    Grigos and british after destroy countrys they need opera to feel good.
    So you go there to make money too but not kiling people directly .no.you by name of peace and art .why you dont sing en africa is because they have no petroleo?

    Sgt York

    @Alan Owens With the aid of the worthy people, this world could change my friend

    khawla makhlouf

    Every thing change en this universe .for this reazon planet,s is sferas and make circular moviments around.all nations had a glory one day then go down.evel always full for his own weighl.

    khawla makhlouf

    Forgive my inglesh


    +khawla makhlouf Africa does have oil (Chinese weapons to Zimbabwe, remember?) and copper (see "The Wild Geese") and diamonds (see "Blood Diamond") and uranium (see honest people being put in great danger as punishment for denouncing the lies about Iraqi WMD programs) and some *fascinating* viruses and a huge population on which to test new anti-tuberculotic drugs of dubious safety (see "The Constant Gardener") and lions (until rich dentists shoot them) and gorillas (unless we've driven them to extinction too) and lots of water (in some areas) ...
    ... and this little parasite with a two-host cycle, that comes out of water snails in sunlight, swims around, finds mammalian skin, tunnels in, rides through the bloodstream to the lungs, goes through the lung lining, gets coughed up into the mouth and swallowed, goes through the stomach, latches onto the intestinal lining, feeds on the mammal host and produces eggs which go out through the mammal's arse and into the water, where snails eat them. The eggs hatch inside the snails, feed on the snails, grow a bit and wait for sunlight before coming out to swim around in the river water.

    khawla makhlouf

    Sableagle.I now how is things go on .about medicine ohhh I can make book,s because I,m a DR en medicine,so ,I dont see any diference between farmaceutical industrys and narco trafic even I see that farmaceutical dont make original coca as a plant free because it make people good and that it cause danger for his industry.people dont know any truth they look but dont see , because is easier no think and believe every thing because its too much rong things to fix.and this is what bad people discover so it makes them go on.

  82. Peter L

    Katherine you are simply stunning in every way

  83. steve hale

    What an incredible beauty and perfect voice. I wish, in my other life, to have such a perfect beauty close by.


    REQUIEM FOR A SOLDIER - REQUIEM POUR UN SOLDAT - interprété ici par la Grande Katherine Jenkins, est en fait la musique de la série télévisée "band of brothers"; mais ce soir elle dédie ce réquiem à tous les soldats présents en Afghanistan.
    Post de PitGente sur youtube en 2011 

    Tony yakuza

    Putain elle m'a filez la"Chair de Poule",belle"Voix"eten plus une tres;tres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Belle Fille;L'autre"Photo"les Cimetières Américains"en Normandie,j'ai"visitez" en1990,j'ai pris une"Baffe dans le"Casque"c'est"impressionant"Omaha,Huta Beach",UN Massacre"il faudrait que "pleins de Gens", aille voir,la couleur de la"Mer"et l'Odeur" puent la"Mort"ca ma  fait cette'IMPRESSION"God BLess for the"Boys"

  85. Francisco Claros

    This actually brought pool of tears it was done so beautiful she's an angel if I were dying in the trenches this the hymn I want playing in my head it so soothing and calm

  86. luckyday465768


    Gilbert Park

    God bless fallen soldiers. I honor the brave soldiers.

    Eric Kessler

    RIP to all those who fell in World War II. RIP Skip Muck, Bill Guarnere, and the men of Easy Company

  87. Terral Olds

    Good gracious. What is the matter with you people, can't you just enjoy a good song good music and a good voice? damn! You don't need to tear down everything.

    Danilo Martinelli

    youre right absolutely right

    Acdragonrider Videos

    +Terral Olds Haters gonna hate. :(

  88. James Ryan

    band of brother

  89. Sæwelō

    She's like a little porcelain doll, imagine if the wild men of the Taliban or ISIS got their hands on her, What? 

    The Lone Outlaw

    What would you think if Isis or the Taliban got their hands on you or your family? Your remarks are beyond inappropriate get some respect for her hard work that went into this song and get some respect for the men and women who gave everything to keep people safe from the monsters that kill innocent people because their god or gods told them to. Be thankful that you are so fortunate to live free.


    @russionanacho You just thumbed up your own comment, that is akin to a dog licking it's own balls. As for the rest of your inane PC-Zionist clap trap, I honestly couldn't give two fucks about these men and women you lionize who go around the world invading and murdering innocent people for grubby hook nosed Khazar bankers. I think you get my thinking, now fuck all the way off scum. 

  90. FroggieTheR0gue

    My God, she could have sung opera.


    +FroggieTheR0gue I think she does also. I have seen several where she does that. E.g. Nessun Dorma.


    Thanks! I've been listening to her since you told me that she sings opera. She has a very rich, clear and strong voice. Plus she's hot.
    Right now I listening to Canto Della Terra, exquisite.


    +FroggieTheR0gue No problem! Hehe, yeah it is not that often you see a charming girl like her with such talent AND looks :) Quite a gem :)

  91. GingerWho9

    I've always loved this song too. The band of brothers is my favorite mini series. I absolutely love how it was filmed. The only other movie I've found that's as good as a band of brothers is saints and soldiers somehow this song fits both movies.

  92. Luke Cocchi

    Band of Brothers theme!

  93. Gavin O Callaghan

    She is a shining example of what is right in this world :-)

  94. Smegweevil Smegweevil.

    Not CG? She's real? Waaah!

  95. Harry Little

    great song,

  96. Nicky Jones

    Is that margam park?

  97. Anthony Cree

    is that Charlotte Church picking up a few pointers / last shots of video ...

  98. fearchris721

    This woman is well fit

  99. just joan

    Oh my gosh!  What an emotional song. So beautifully sing.  Fantastic voice.

  100. Med Mahogany

    Your soldiers are not heroes, they are criminals but you continue to applaud the show like bastards.....
    You are just stupid machines,  They teach you in order to be their slaves and you don't even able to asking why!!! because you are fucking stupid and racists....

    skipKEG 1

    Grow up you sad fuck!

    skipKEG 1

    Then why did you watch this?

    Brandon Tseng

    I bet you're the type of person that sees conspiracies around every corner and lurking in every shadow.  It's obvious  you don't know much about war in the first place.  Come back to me when you have required the brainpower to understand what war is.