Katherine Jenkins - I (Who Have Nothing) Lyrics

I I who have nothing
I I who have no one
Adore you and want you so
I'm just a no one
With nothing to give you but Oh
I Love You

You you buy her diamonds
Bright sparkling diamonds
But believe me dear when I say
That she can give you the world
But she'll never love you that way
I Love You

She can take you any place she wants
To clubs and restaurants
But I can only watch you with
My nose pressed up against the window pane

I I who have nothing
I I who have no one
Must watch you go dancing by
Wrapped in the arms of somebody else
Darling t'is I
Who Loves you

I Love You
I Love You

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Katherine Jenkins I (Who Have Nothing) Comments
  1. M Zeeshan Iqbal

    It's a beautiful lovely lyrical and deeply romantic song on Love with out any rewards and conditions 💙💟💒

  2. Snowy

    This is one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard.

  3. Marshall Hammond

    Nothing, except masses of beauty, and a wonderful voice, oh and dancing skill that too. So that covers looks and skills (well ok, no it doesn't lets be honest)

  4. Ralph Swartz

    Somehow there is an incredible IRONY in hearing Kaherine Jenkins sing the phrase "I Who Have Nothing"!

    Fabulous song! Fabulous singer!

  5. Ralph Swartz

    Absolutely MAGNIFICEN woman!

  6. Nick Bonilla

    @TheJlazar She dose it better than you do !!!!!!

  7. Paws Up

    I love her!

  8. Angelika Groepl

    du bist so süss du tolle künstlerin und eine wunderschöne frau finde keine worte einfach klasse klasse

  9. Joey Molloy


  10. Golfgtiguy

    Sorry I can't comment on the singing as I wasn't listening , cause I was lookin at thee beauty :-)