Kate Ryan - Who Do You Love Lyrics

You're a mystery to me
Got me blind so I can't see
Where I stand
I'm in your hands

Who do you love
Is it me or just yourself
Who do you love oh
Do you need anyone else
'Chouse I've tried and tried
To read your mind
Who do you love
Who do you love
I want to know

Oh you make me twist and turn
But you don't care how much I burn
My world falls down
When you're around


We should be together
(Je veux étre avec toi)
Bud you're taking me apart
(Je ne sais pas pourquoi)
I want to be yours forever
(C'est la vérite)
But you're making it too hard


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Kate Ryan Who Do You Love Comments
  1. Philomena Schenkels


  2. Angelo Cabooter

    Mooi liedje bestaat ook in Franse versie.

  3. Joan Gonzàlez Blasco

    I think so. I believe Kate Ryan is not very well-known in the USA yet, but time to time. The CD "Free" is amazing, specially the six first songs. Regards from Balearic Islands!!!

  4. sefelo111

    nice song

  5. Ivos Privera

    I love this song! <3