Kate Ryan - All For You Lyrics

Midnight I wake up in your arms; it's so divine
Love to hold you love to feel your lips on mine
All I am, all I do it's all for you

I've never been in love like this before
You come into my world forever more
Step into the light
You feel it when you're right
It's all for you

This must be madness what a rush to have you near
Magic all around us, when we touch it's so sincere
All I am, all I do it's all for you


All I am, All I do, All I feel it's all for you [x2]


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Kate Ryan All For You Comments
  1. Alekasndra Suszek

    Pamiętam, to były czasy :)

  2. luliana vasconcelos

    Linda música

  3. Дмитрий Обнорский


  4. Leon Osiemnasty


  5. Brett Potter

    Long time no listen . We need the old Kate back

  6. Lester Camacho Debayle

    Good music and beautiful girl.

  7. Graziella Galea

    amazing song dear

  8. vladi569

    I so much love this song... I get a feeling year after year it only gets better and better. :)

  9. prisonervi

    Very talented, very beautiful and great voice. Love her music!! And she looks sooo hot with red hair here!!!

  10. King Corrick

    Love my Kate!

  11. laura maud

    cute ? lol

  12. dundyable

    Worst Kate Ryan video ever:( I'm not surprised her management didn't include it on the website. Poor editing, too many outfits and styles and the song was also the worst - selling single of her career.. Anyway we now have " Karma" by Robert Abigail and Kate, shes definitely moving in the right direction

    Ashubel Sam

    Yet she is one of classic singers and way she sings is not ruined too much by current pop culture

  13. freemusicdjone Melsound

    I hope she does some other hits as this one. great one this
    remembers to me the 90s :-)

  14. Mar5iahlopez

    That was a bit kinky of her to have that on her neck. :P dirty kate Ryan

  15. Angelo Cabooter

    dat is ook een leuk liedje haar album ALIVE koop ik later.

  16. vladi569

    Her best song! :) Really enjoyable. :)

  17. Blah B

    this is my ringtone!! love this song

  18. Synthiotics

    @Synthiotics your out of principle = you out of principle

  19. Synthiotics

    @jorgeten21 psssst.. kate is belgian and doesn't even speak french as her native language. she's flemish, real name: katrien verbeeck.

    not that i'm proud of kate being belgian but i'm correcting your out of principle. :)

  20. JustSayTony

    Her first outfit with the choker made her look old lol, but other than that she's a decent looking woman. I love this track above the rest of her songs. :)

  21. JustSayTony

    @mark442w30 How so? >.> I didn't see any rip-off's in this video.

  22. ConDodgy

    Pure quality.

    Kate Ryan is my new favourite =)

  23. Richard Beaulieu

    kate je taimeeeee

  24. Zeppelin IT

    oui, Je suis d'accord

  25. Milan Georges Burovac

    mmm Kate ♥

  26. Andrea Andrea

    Per fortuna invecchia pure lei.
    Temevo non fosse possibile.
    Bellissima donna peccato che non possa sfoggiare almeno una coppa C

  27. prettysmile05

    she dresses so well and so neat, love you baby girl

  28. Tee Chung Ming

    nice song!

  29. Milos M Power

    very nice

  30. JeffreyMusic

    lelijk vrouwke maar eh ze ken wel goe zinge