Katatonia - Without God Lyrics

Human Birds Watch the Sky
Where Dark formations sail
Infecting the area of God

I am God - creator of Life
I am God - Enchanter of Death
Death that now marks you
Life that slowly pass away

Screams of fear dismembering the wind
Helpless souls drowning in Pain
But storms of dawn, a new age
A dawn without God

My spirit filled with hate sets free
The force of the Golden Dawn
Without God
Entomb your fear

The spirit is free
Jhva Elohim Meth
Satan laughs
Jhva Elohim Meth

I raise my fist to the sky
Swear the Ancient oath of Black
The lambs shall bleed, eternally bleed
Your Fucking God is Dead and shall forever be

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Katatonia Without God Comments
  1. Paulo Rodrigues

    Hail satan 666 ... #you fuck god is dead and shall forever beeeeeeee ........

  2. Komandant Data


  3. Alberto

    I am not tired to lisent this song and album, and play with guitar WITHOUT GOD !

  4. NonEternal

    wow, that sucked. production, the song flow and riff sequence, the random lyrics... i love current Katatonia, but this album is just too immature, and that's only natural. it really sounds like kids making some of their first songs together

    Komandant Data

    Kids that knew what they were doing and that made one of the best death/doom albums ever.

  5. aaron walker

    Classic early hymn of this once ug swedish horde.

  6. Enio Apolinario

    One of the best of Katatonia, so sad their left the Doom-Death style behind :/

  7. diabolees

    Крутейший альбом, крутейшая банда!!!

  8. Bilal Riahi

    Fucking amazing

  9. Lord Begravelse

    25 years after it was released and I'm still enamored by this album. Everything about this album is mind-blowing: the production, the compositions, the keyboards, etc. I don't think anybody could ever make an album like this ever again, not even the band, and I like their later albums but I always go back to this album and am always in awe.


    This album is probably about as close to perfect as they can get. Definitely a one-in-a-bands-lifetime kind of album.

  10. Cloud

    I’m a Reaper main and this music suits me

  11. Кулибий Искоркин

    true doom - this is life

  12. mysteriousDSF

    the production is crazy, there's a pinch of reverb on everything to make it atmospheric, absolutely outstanding and original, hail the Mighty Dan Swanö

  13. Rajesh nagarajan

    When I firstly listen to this I wonder how they inner and deeply chemically mixed the soul and at last they totally satisfied with God Without and how they wrote. OMG Good old memories.

  14. lonetree lone tree

    The best doom team, the greatest doom song.

  15. ilhan kılınç

    Bu şarkının etkisinden çıkamıyorum

  16. Worldin Pains

    These early days showed a lot of potential, the rest we filled in ourselves. Today every tone is played and there is not room for interpretation. I wish some band could see the potential of this song, and make a killer version it deserves. It´s a great song.. I love it. God is dead..

    Charlie Brown

    Worldin Pains and we killed him...

    AcydD Doomgräve

    In my past band we covered it insome lives, i think not was bad but could be better with the acoustic part of 3:44 and more screams n guitars, is in youtube if someone want check it out: CONVICTION - Without God.

    AcydD Doomgräve

    @Worldin Pains So was we a fictitious ghost band then

  17. LS Dos Santos


    Billy Grind

    And It's beautiful like you.

  18. DarkerDevotee

    Ah I havent listened to Katatonia in years. Forgot how much i like them.

  19. Jack Arnold

    "I raise my fist to the sky!
    Swear the ancient oath of black!
    Lambs shall bleed- eternally bleed.

    Favourite part.


    Yes! it's amazing

  20. Rob Gutmann

    this is so epic good !!!!

  21. BAD WLAD

    Listen to the demo version of this, if you haven't already! It's raw and pure as fuck.

    Existential Outrage

    and its better

    Empty box

    Yeah, sounds more black metalish.

  22. Third eye illuminati

    Black/doom to its best \m/

  23. Roberto Paradela Sandá

    The lambs shall bleed
    Eternally bleed
    God is dead and shall forever be

  24. BertisEvil66

    best death album which i´ve ever heard so far !!

    Jack Arnold

    It's actually more blackened death than straight up death metal, but I see your point.


    frankly little to none death metal here. about as much as there is in Melodic Death Metal, maybe. it is practically a Black / Doom album with minor traces of (Melodic) Death Metal

    Empty box

    I feel like this is death-doom metal with minor black metal influence (mainly in vocals)

    A Aeon

    @mysteriousDSF melodic death? never, every song you heard is melodic death i guess hahaha this generation sucks..... this album is CLASSIC Doom Death Metal.

    A Aeon

    @Empty box agreed.