Katatonia - In Silence Enshrined Lyrics

In Silence Enshrined through Ages
A Dying beauty on a journey far
Fading Roses enchants the Garden
Sleeping, dreaming of my Bride

In Quiescence faces borders the Path
On the Shore of No Hope I am stranded
Fading Roses enchants my Grave
Sleeping, dreaming of my Bride

Lift my Remains from water violent
Unite the body with a Serene Sky
Enlight my wounds with healing Tongue
The Portrait is kissed in a Solemn Night

In Silence Enshrined through Ages
A Rotten beauty on a journey far
Blackened Roses celebrates my Death
How I never could reach my Bride

Putrid Faces engulfs the Path
To the Shore of No Hope, a Bridge
Blackened Roses in the Cradle of Sleep
Whispers: "Our Death is Eternal"

In Silence I fall through Sorrows
A Dying Lord on Eternal Journey
Your face is torn and lifeless
And the Passage is locked now Forever

Tearful my face borders the Path
Sleeping, dreaming of my Bride
And freezing my soul is praying
"Take me the way, through the Night"

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Katatonia In Silence Enshrined Comments
  1. death wish

    woke up:

  2. Josh Cordova


  3. Lord Isengard

    Bedarf deiner Worte, KULT

  4. anvil747

    Fuuuuck Yeah!

  5. Edgar Centeno

    0:59 the riff sounds like The Unforgiven

  6. Gustavo Canchari Loyola

    You can stone me for this but the music incorporates some iron maiden epic riffs and some early the cure kinda riffs .

  7. Gustavo Canchari Loyola

    Translated the lyrics in spanish. Beautiful, purest feelings of a tortured soul who's mourning his bride. Reaching another dimensions, an epic journey. I tried to select the most accurate words in my language.

  8. 1306melo

    Eu não entendo como no Brasil se faz tanta música lixo e não são feitas umas pérolas dessas aqui!! Nosso país é muitooooooooo sem cultura, muito mesmo.

  9. Josh Cordova

    Killer song...

  10. Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Wow. What a song. The band DVD brought me here

  11. Ana Laura Leyva Luna

    Damn this song <3

  12. Lu Cas

    sou um ser feliz por ter escutado essa divindade! !

  13. Ana Laura Leyva Luna

    Love this song with all my heart

  14. Ana Laura Leyva Luna

    Fucking beautiful <3

  15. Ana Laura Leyva Luna

    As perfect as it is damn beautiful

  16. Jarbas Vasconcelos

    Um dos solos mais lindos do metal.

  17. Arda Uzun

    Türk yok mu amk

    Doğukan Tekruh

    Arda Uzun Türk her yerde var \m/

  18. Ana Leyva

    I will come back to hear this song always...

  19. Ruan Vinicios

    O vocal lembra mt o do Wagner do Sarcofago

    Road Warrior

    Me lembrou tambem na fase do the laws...

  20. Nelson Fanatico

    trilha sonora do meu mais podre pesadelo


    Nelson Fanatico tamo junto amiguinho

  21. Ana Leyva

    This song is so damn perfect

  22. Ana Leyva

    Could listen to this song forever. Katatonia <3

    Primera Calle de la Soledad

    i will do it, with you...

  23. Ren W

    The part starting at 2:53 is so fucking awesome! Goosebumps!

    Doncha Tanabis

    +Ren W epic..just epic..

    Clever Ronni Moreira

    Blackened roses in the crandle of sleep.
    Whispers "OUR DEATH IS ETERNAL!!!" Porra!!!
    (instrumental) XD

  24. Carl Lindquist

    Enjoyed this video! All the best!!

  25. Giannis Georgiou


  26. BAD WLAD

    That lead is just a lil bit too "Unforgiven"

    Giannis Georgiou

    @wladdaimpala88 Exactly my thought!

  27. Thiago Machado

    Perfect! T.T