Katatonia - Idle Blood (Linje 14) Lyrics

You there
Bringer of my despair
You are stagnation of hope and will
O you personify loss and remorse
And you hide until my fears reappear

The love for life once bright
Out of sight
A burning fuse
The only flame I have
Fate's spiral down this curve
Shall only serve
The seeds growing my misery
These wounds kill time
My struggle sublime
Idle the blood
A black state of mind
All dreams left behind

You claim to be my long absent friend
You are the cancer that just moved in
You come with the dark night of the soul
But I am turning my back on you
You know I do

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Katatonia Idle Blood (Linje 14) Comments
  1. 이민수

    This version is better than original version

  2. steven Kingsberry

    Surprised only 18 people like this..