Katatonia - Gateways Of Bereavement Lyrics

I stand as I cry
Mourning in the Silent rain
Death will light my Burden
Endless is my Sorrow
Gateways so Dark
All these years of Dying

Gone are dreams of Velvet Voices
I am you, we were one
Vast are fields I walk
Where sorrow never dies
The Sky unities with the Blackened Rain
Summon with my Tears
Now descend on WinterWings
My withering Soul.

Let me Die.
Gateways of Bereavement
A Temple of guilt
Falling Deep
Embraced in Grief
My withering soul
Let me Die

Farewell life and all I died for
now my time is over on Earth
Another journey has begun
Alone I died, not praying for mercy
nor praying for Salvation
A lonely Journey in a Darkened Dream
Time has come to spread my Wings

Descending from a Silent sky
Death comes to take me away
And from the Gateways you hear me

...I love you...

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Katatonia Gateways Of Bereavement Comments
  1. Jesse G

    Love how Katatonia, Bloodbath, October Tide, Opeth, and Diabolical Masquerade are all intrinsically linked. So much incredible songwriting.

  2. Juan Vegå

    Excelente sonido

  3. Артем Людоедов

    Так вот откуда ноги растут у заглавной темы Silencer..

  4. TributetoNostalgia

    Damn 1993??!!!


    Yes the 1990s were awesome

  5. TributetoNostalgia

    Interesting! Just a little too feminine for me, but still great. Has a strange 80s nostalgia to it, with the album art and all.

    absolutely disgusted

    "Just a little too feminine for me, " How so?

  6. semih pınarlı

    I feel like ıt's snowing outside...

  7. gabrielwillames

    Vast are fields I walk, Where sorrow never dies.

  8. ZaoFuneralOfGod

    That flanger effect on rhythm gtrs...


    This is cool and all, but I really love THEIR sound, and I'm glad they changed.

  10. Jerry

    It sounds like jonas got shot and is asking for help.

  11. Jacobo Guerrero

    Jonas is the true sorrow and grief ambassador. What a mind for this wonderful work and the musicians created the perfect sound to transport the feelings into a real mental inferno. Love Katatonia. Maybe they read this, come back to México we love your work and are great live too. The best band in this planet for me. Wooo Jonas lyrics in Bloodbath are fuckin gore and stupid as hell and the riffs of Anders simple but brutal like death metal is. These guys are fukin genius. I saw Katatonia in Monterrey México 28 sept 2007 and previously I talked with Anders for a moment. I told him "your music is really great and very well made", he said "nice to hear that, thank you", I was 21 years old and 7 years knowing Katatonia. Now I think I should asked to him about his tecnique and composition and ideas. Maybe later. Jonas was a cold person in this year, and only seeing us like we were shit.

  12. vile disfigurement

    All these years of Dying...

  13. Ceyhan Akbaş

    And from the gateways you hear my cry...
    I love you..

  14. Felipe Matias

    4:33 That bass solo is awesome

  15. Rao Urotsukodoji

    Endless is my sorrow!!!

  16. Mtl

    Good song to think about a nightmare.

  17. Rudson Lessa

    3:37 If you don't close your eyes and do not start to headbanging.
    You're not a normal people...

    Colin Lmbrt

    headbanging on a beautiful music like this is sacrilege

  18. LS Dos Santos

    best album ever

  19. W.H.J. van Burken

    I'm glad I've seen them live once, before the brave murder day album. Only 3 songs, because the singer's voice was bad, he was sick. But I saw without god live. :-) Baroeg, rotterdam, netherlands.

  20. LS Dos Santos

    when i listen to this album i feel things so deep....

  21. Coldways

    This albums drums are very good.

  22. Konrad Plank

    When Katatonia was Katatonia.

    Angelique Demonia

    thats true


    I disagree. Jonas sounds like he got shot and he's asking for help.

    Arvaa Kuka

    Jerry You say that like it's a negative thing


    I listened to some more of this song/ album, it's not bad actually. I can dig it.

    Arvaa Kuka

    Yeah, his dying tone is actually great

  23. Make Dragons Great Again

    This opened up my mind to a new way of life living in melody.

  24. Shadow Crimson

    nice, this really reminds me of Orchid by Opeth.

    Juan Pablo Güenante

    ​@Pygmalion Aprilis Better technique indeed, not for Katatonia though (but neither I meant to say that). Long live Metal! and music itself.

    Pygmalion Aprilis

    @Juan Pablo Güenante Yeah technique is the only thing that is objective. Everything else is a matter of personal taste. Have a great day!

    Juan Pablo Güenante

    ​@Pygmalion Aprilis Have a great day too pal! Cheers from Chile.


    I totally agree - I think that early Opeth have that same very "swedish" melancholy that you find in Katatonia, and also some early stuff by Tiamat and Lake of Tears. I think that swedish folk music is a big influence (it contains a lot of slow melodies in the minor scale - and swedish folk music has had a lot of influence on the traditional "children songs" that we grew up with) and also swedish film music (which often consists of slow mournful cello- or violin music)... and also I belive that our long dark autumns and winters create a certain atmosphere that has influenced composers and poets for centuries.

    Róbert Miklósi

    You are such an idiot! Katatonia was a sounds of classic doom originality...

  25. Lone Eagle

    wicked shit

  26. Ahmet Emin Erdoğan

    From 3:40 to 4:35 best part of the song.

    Konrad Plank

    +Ahmet Emin Erdoğan NO, Check 06:10


    That riff, yes


    @Konrad Plank good take on it

  27. dekobass1982

    Perfect song !

  28. smashingpapertigers


  29. ConvictionMetal



    it's doom... NO WORDS!!! EVERY PART IS A MASTERPIECE \m/

  31. Rafael Oliveira

    Muito bom.

  32. Angel Ripper

    Doom shall rise...!

  33. Tecnopor Gris

    I remember my old cassette with this heartbreaking song, in 1993. It's impressive to hear the strength and darkness of this band. Unfortunately I do not like the music that now plays Katatonia

    Mad Z

    Tecnopor Gris his voice got tired . Couldn’t sing like this anymore.

  34. Gabriela Ivonne

    this album and Brave murder day... my favourites !!!

  35. pyromaniarules

    the singer had an accident that screwed up his vocal chords, and they had adkerfeldt of opeth do the growls for some eps but they decided to change the sound since the singer could no longer do the growls so they went to this doom metal/ alternative rock sound that is also really good in its own way.

  36. Emmanuel Ortega

    LET ME DIE!!!!!!

  37. Cliff Burton

    Obviously you`ve never heard St.Vitus or Candlemass

  38. SixStringMental

    why didn't they stick to this stuff? hmph... :(


    I don’t know, but someone needs to copy this and carry it on

  39. Herbstwind

    just been introduced to these ... So good

  40. Thad 1990

    Katatonia's older stuff like this album and Brave Murder Day were the best!

  41. NaturReise


  42. Devris Vagrantus

    really sorrowful, true emotion and sadness

  43. burke marion

    i weep like little kid when i hear these beautiful song... feel happy what i listen this music when is been realise... today's music are without soul only run for money!!!!

  44. James D. Bailey

    This song is just incredible, as is the entire album!

  45. Pat_Orr2020

    Fuck I love this song.

  46. chronocrator

    this is beautiful...

  47. Dolorosakil

    Love this album, it's one of my favourite Katatonia albums, and I wish they would play more songs off of this. When I met them I got this album signed, I should've hinted to them to play more off of it... ahh well. Anyway, The Great Cold Distance is actually my favourite Katatonia album with this one not too far behind, I'd like them to make an album thats a cross between the two... and the 'Funerals' EP.

  48. Joao Duarte

    bons tempos...

  49. ElTioMack


  50. PewPewPlasmagun

    @Nikz847 a pity renkse doesnt sing anymore. only norsemen can make these sounds! they are especially convincing bcs these guys have dwelled in the "northern silence" (and a great song as well) as I call it!

  51. PewPewPlasmagun

    @lobomau100 urm this is doom metal? but I refuse to call it deth/doom.

    Jayke Smith

    That's because there isn't any death metal in it.

  52. Sorrowful s

    Most beautiful song ever made.
    I'm in love with this song for years <33

  53. Nikhil Parulekar

    The denouement of this song absolutely moves me to tears. A wonderfully woven tapestry of emotion, pain and beauty. Thank you Katatonia for this brilliant piece of music!

  54. Chris Shephardis

    reminds me of rotting christ..

  55. Azathoth

    best Katatonia album




    Dance of Decembers Souls! Eternal into me, eternal!
    Thank you KATATONIA. FOREVER......

  58. Matthew Anthony

    Love the riff at 3:40!

  59. Kenny Liljegren

    Very wonderful and melancholic

  60. Igor Mendonça

    Dance of December Souls is the one and only great album from Katatonia. It`s sad to see the path the band has taken towards crap music.

  61. Dounax

    Brilliant! Thank you, Katatonia.

  62. Alex Haddad


    i woul agree, but the first 3 albums were all dark. i think thats plenty of dark music to enjoy from a single band. an they just keep progressing and trying new styles which ive enjoyed all of them. but id say theres nothing like the first 5

  63. PostEchoCorp

    @lobomau100 I have to say that I completely agree with you.

  64. Vorefolak

    This tunes come from heart. This album is immortal!

  65. lolroflhehe

    Words can't describe how beautiful I find this song

  66. Salim MC

    I love Opeth ... but seriously... they had something good here before they came and changed them into another "newprog" band...