Katatonia - Day And Then The Shade (Frank Default Remix) Lyrics

I will rise
To dreams of freedom
And avow
To return the treason that came under your reign
The day and then the shade
I have slept
Inside the season that froze within my grasp

All my fears come into view
There must be an end soon
When every waking hour
Is part of the lie

I will rise
Over glass cathedrals
And let go
With my eyes resting upon the nearing dark
The day and then the shade
I have slept
Within the reason that kept me so remote

Make a brand new vow
In the heat of an evening
The darkness swarms
I was nothing, ever
But red like the sun
Dying down over the freeway
Is the brand new sky
Over the mountain ridge

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Katatonia Day And Then The Shade (Frank Default Remix) Comments
  1. Coco Canalais

    Do you have more works like this?

  2. Coco Canalais

    I like a lot!

  3. Mayank Kashyap

    @noeSancort what about the art you've used?

    Noé SanCort

    From the official site of Frank default, now is broke http://www.frankdefault.com/site.html

  4. pineapplepeanuts

    This remix stands on its own. BTW who is the tyrant that the singer is trying to get free from? Perhaps depression.

  5. Jakub Baczyński

    It's not so good.

  6. Alaa Fouad

    Wow i love this remix

  7. Arnon Ricardo

    woow amazing remix!

  8. Angelika2252

    awesome <3

  9. Memnoch De La Rosa


  10. Stella Maris Aucello


  11. Bl00dhail

    Reminds me of UNATCO from Deus Ex. Well done. 

  12. RockOutWhatever

    Superb remix. 

  13. KatatonianOxymoron


  14. LandoCowDelicion

    Really interesting remix, i enjoyed it very much.

  15. isai ronald Izagrre

    me encanta esta banda!! y full esta cancion

  16. Joel Marquez

    Very good :)