Kataklysm - The Iron Will Lyrics

Never forget where you come from

Iron will
Iron will

I built this from the ground
Two decades straight from the underground
With blood and sweat
And everything in between

You laughed when I was down
Now it's my turn
To laugh at your pathetic life

Give me your best shot
I know you got it, hate it
Give me your best shot
I know you'll give it
Give it
Give it to me

The pressure so thick
It suffocates your mind
Reality hits
And emotions collide
From the bottom to the core
It wasn't given
It was driven

Your weakness, my strength
Rising to power
Status of mind to lead the wicked to rise
Conquer the fear
Open your eyes and remember
The day the last revel was born

Give me your best shot
I know you got it
Give me your best shot
I know you'll give it
Give it
Give it to me

Iron will
No compromise, no surrender
This is it
Iron will
I'm ready to kill
Iron will
Kill, kill
Fuck your trend!

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Kataklysm The Iron Will Comments
  1. Jay Johnson

    IRON WILL!!!!!!!


  2. Rahmat Racing

    let me burn,,, come on....hell yeah!!

  3. Salih Ekin Alptekin


  4. T T

    i have to say that 1:24 - 1:45 is one of the most inspiring moments i have found in any song

  5. Shawn Major

    makes me want to bash some fucking heads

    Agent Smith

    Yeah, there's such music :) Listen 'Hellyeah' or 'The Bronx', same effect

  6. TOMMY sass jr.

    bang it out!and buy the wholre set man support the scene or dont be seen \m/

  7. Nieder Sachse

    Listen to it with doubled speed ;)

  8. TheOhiometalhead

    I play this when I'm taking a massive shit IRON WILL

  9. Rick Medina

    These guys friggen rule

    Mark Andrews

    Rick Medina Canadian!!!

  10. Armageddon3035

    this song would fit great on "In The Arms of Devastation" imo. really cool. :)

  11. DropdaLTDtoB

    I can hear the guitar strings touching the pickup. Dude should have winded down the pickup a touch.

  12. Johnny Gartland

    Outstanding band!!! Defo in my top 10 favourites

  13. pONtosan Az

    nice sONg / szép dal

  14. Guga Kakhadze

    kargia duxiania
    ognu kakaka :D

  15. chikha sixsixsix

    When i listen to Kataklysm i feel so much better

    Hitler Jag Är På Jobbet

    chikha sixsixsix me too sudenly i dont want för all the time

    Anunnaki Martínez

    Me too!

  16. zreignx

    This song is tighter than all of your girlfriends' vaginas. I know because I fucked all of them hHahaha suc it just like your girlfriend sucked it hahaheha


    @Erik Rossbach watch out m8, he sahd he guna fuk you up so better leave him alone


    @Erik Rossbach Dunt foget to hide yo gaots too.

    Ken Mosholder

    @zreignx Dude lets face it the only thing you could fuck up is your cumsock


    @Ken Mosholder your mother is a cumsock for various black men

    Ken Pachi

    @zreignx Your trolling needs work

  17. TheJetpack132

    DAT BLAST 1:34 OMG *.*


    @TheJetpack132 Holy... Shit... I'm really shocked. :D
    If that's not the sickest blast beat of all time, I don't know, what is.

  18. vlad

    Sranje. Koji im kurac treba da prave ovakve pateticne tekstove. 

  19. Renard frak

    très bons arrangements de pièces ! vraiment bravo !

  20. Renard frak

    wow beaux roulements de snare et toms à 1:34 ! wow !

  21. Renard frak

    tableau ! ça buche solide ! en même temps c’est clair et agréable ! bon mix ! 

  22. Santi3Tears

    It's was Draveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  23. prelude2pain

    It's unfortunate that most mixed martial artists don't favor metal because this would be an excellent choice for an entrance song if you ask me!

  24. TOMMY sass jr.

    one word well 2! IRON WILL  longest band to be signed on nuclear blast in history of metal kataklysm is big part of my life and musick carreer and weve drawn sweat and blood together all way back to 1994 and relapse records days in Millersville pa./pennslyvania!respect  it  !its a life only few know wtf it takes but those with iron will have a chance to be a musician and not sell out to play bs softer music that will make them more money but stay true to wtf we play and comes from our bodies though our instaments and few stayed to play many ran away!but death metal is fukin here to so reap it my brothers!u deserve all u got and been through k iv said my piece hailz mars and all you guys \m/and thanks for flyin the extreme couture t shirt on edge of world\m/your brother \m/

  25. Georg Wilde

    My absolutely favorite song!

  26. Sparcen Vidlund

    i love this band!

  27. Adeptify

    Just saw them live .... I WANT AGAIN :(

  28. Fernando cezar Oliveira

    death  foda

  29. Smzinho

    This song is fuckin' Epic!!!

  30. Vasikan Surma

    Very fast,brutal and technical!!! Fucking great!!! Finland hails!!!

  31. Pavel Gregorovič

    excelentní song :)

  32. Nyhlz666

    Derbe Gut !<3 Kata<3 greetings from Germany

  33. Vladimír Hantl




  35. КамілаКовальська

    Best band of mdm, and my favorite.


    bout time my brothers !fukinnnnnnnnnnnn \m/hailz the mighty kat

  37. M. Murry

    2 decades of good music.

  38. keisham michael

    \m/ Kataklysm Rules

  39. Themgoroth616

    I hope that, too. Kataklysm add some northern hyperblast to their recent sound.

  40. TheGrimravager


  41. Mr Chow

    Kataklysm-nuclear blast!! song

  42. Akhamesh

    Fuck your trend? hmmm I wonder what the target of that comment is.... just can't figure it out.

  43. Opethian

    Im praying for a strong upcoming release. They have established a more 'Accessible' sound with their last 3 studio albums. I would like to hear some old and/ new sound from Kataklysm. I know they can do it!!!

  44. Jani Ruusunen

    Fuck your trend \,,/

  45. lord12irwin

    Buena musica

  46. Raphael Brus

    its soooooooooooooo fucking brutalllllllll \,,,/

  47. mathieu chasse

    this song is so epicly awesome that it gives me chills

  48. Norbert

    Epic growl & riff !

  49. Weirdbrah

    Cant wait for the new album!

  50. Micha.elF

    At least check out my/our channel...we're a german deathmetal band with a couple of songs here on youtube!

  51. Micha.elF

    Shit! Thats fucking great melodic and rythmic death metal

  52. sdw9997

    wow great song :)

  53. jaredsbling

    they're over 9000!

  54. Thepunishingguy

    ''Pressure so thick?'' Do they mean Nuclear Blast's policy about making one album a year?

  55. Evilvengeance666

    These 4 musicians are getting stronger each day.

  56. KenBory

    good stuff!

  57. Roma vernekar

    nice but i expected much best of them cos i know they are freaking awsome ones but than love u guys mwahh!!

  58. KreatorRage

    And then you think about Harper.
    Have fun seeing your country get raped just because your people suck at voting.

  59. gokhan nas

    1:34 War is Begining !

  60. Ingemar Oskar

    Doesn't give me the thrill :( Plain generic metal is all i hear..

  61. frankyol1

    Wonderfull :D

  62. darkfire103

    Makes you feel good to be Canadian, eh? ^_^

  63. MrCatmarch

    ненавижу видео без видео

  64. sugiriyantoko999

    this sounds awsome

  65. Casual Batman

    oh god... we've been infected by cancerous SWINE.

  66. Salad Dressing

    Hmph, sounds pretty good, it's funny, however, in Europe the term "iron will" means boner.

  67. ohgobwhatisthis

    Iron Will's my name....

  68. Adriano Wotan

    Amazing band \m/

  69. Roel de Jong

    I won't...
    Iron will!

  70. Atrolux Atrox

    fuck fucking yeah

  71. xXAnthony619Xx


  72. nerdaum

    A punch in the ear as always

  73. Alex SkullFinger

    The song is amazing¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ \m/ yeahhh¡¡¡ \m/

  74. Ryan Kober

    this sounds great cant wait till this comes out.

  75. NoSenseOfSecurity

    I should listen to this band more, since it's really good.