Karyn White - Hungah Lyrics

Oh, baby

An appetizin' love recipe
Just like honey to honey bees, oh
I just can't get enough
So fill me up, quench my appetite
I think you know what I have in mind (And you got it)
I'm not gonna let go

I'm burnin' with desire
I'm starvin' for your love
Put out my fire
Oh, don't ask what you should do
Be the doctor, baby, I'm in need of a cure
I hunger for your love

I hunger for your love (Just a little bit)
I hunger for your love (Ooh, baby, I hunger)
I hunger for your love (Hunger for your love)
I hunger for your love

Baby, I want ya
Ooh, I hunger
Baby, I want ya
Ooh, I hunger


A tantalizin' love fantasy
And when your body is close to me, oh
I end up in a fuss
The heat is on and I start to sweat
I wanna take a bite
But I know you're not mine yet, but, baby, oh, baby, I want you

I crave the way you move (Oh, do it, baby)
If I act too polite I just might lose
My chance at lovin' you
If what I'm thinkin' feels this pleasin'
Then the real thing will keep me screamin' for you

I hunger for your love (Baby, I hunger for love)
I hunger for your love (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hunger)
I hunger for your love (I hunger for your love)
I hunger for your love

I'm burnin' with desire, baby
Your body heat just drives me crazy, yeah, yeah
{I hunger for your love}
I need your lovin' here tonight
To fill my lovin' appetite, I hunger
{I hunger for your love}

Hunger for your love
I hunger for your love
Hunger for your love

I'm starvin' and I need what's makin' me weak
Like a bee needs honey, baby, I need lovin'
Can I get it, come on
Can I get it, come on
Can I get it from you, baby, come on
Ooh, I want ya, hoo
Uh-huh... uh-huh... uh-huh...

So tell me what you wanna do (Yeah)
Delight me with the pleasures of you
Baby, I want ya
So fill me up with your love real severe

I hunger for your love (Oh, I hunger for you baby, how I want ya)
I hunger for your love (It's so good, I need your love)
I hunger for your love (Oh, baby, I hunger)
I hunger for your love (For your love)

I hunger for your love
I hunger for your love

Baby, I want ya
Ooh, I hunger
Baby, I want ya
Ooh, I hunger

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Karyn White Hungah Comments
  1. Lechiffresix six

    this sounds like that's the way loves goes by janet jackson

  2. Cerone Brice

    I remember the world premiere on Video Soul!!! 1994. She was back!!!

  3. MrJshaun

    Another Great Song from A Fabulous, Outstanding Sister, Singer. Miss good music from her and the 90s.

  4. Barbara Diggs

    To u Hez

  5. George Gonzalez

    with a little bit of Bar-kays - Holy Ghost thrown in too

  6. gee skin

    Dislikes?! U oughta starve

  7. fotodoode

    She is so sexy!

  8. Carlo J. Morisset III

    "Hungah (Remix)"
    Make Him Do Right
    Warner Brothers Records, Inc. 1994

  9. Tia Mcneil

    Karyn white songs will never be forgotten

  10. Ronald Elston

    Very Nice To The T Jimmy and Terry Did It Up On This One Thanx Karen😍

  11. SOLODOG63

    Great song- deserved a better video.

  12. wilwat9

    Yes indeed Karyn I want you!!!!

  13. mooky

    I love her and this song. I remember buying this album twice and the Romantic album. Fire.

  14. Spicy Hot

    This is one my favorite songs by Karen White.💋


    Someone posted here that they tried to make this song too Janet; I definitely don't hear ANY of that in this song nor the video. I cant figure out why this song wasn't at least a top 5 r&b hit if nothing else. But definitely one of her noteworthy songs.


    karen this song is a feel good type of music 80s 90s

  17. Rhino Black

    Dat woman is fine as lava...

  18. Calvestet Marks

    Karyn white is so fine and sexy and she's my caliente and she make my body 😓

  19. J-Man Stryker

    her sex I can Smell

  20. Lin Ross

    Always dug this song.  Too bad people slept on her. Karyn shoulda been a supastar!

  21. ilovelegos2000

    the hook sounds like if by janet jackson



    Timmy Thomas jr

    i believe Janet Jackson took that part of the beat and made it her own..this song was out before the Song..That's the Way Love Goes

    Lando CalrisiaN

    Jam and Lewis recycled beats like other producers did but yeah you're right.

  22. Anthony E. Hammond Jr.

    Time Machine

  23. Anthony E. Hammond Jr.

    Nice and sexy body

  24. Callum Brown


    Miriam Boyd

    Callum Brown play music

    Miriam Boyd

    Play music

  25. J-Man Stryker

    That woman is so fine and sexy. she's make my body sweat

  26. Mr. Chip

    4 people dont have hungah

  27. LifeIsNotorious

    She's so pretty

    J-Man Stryker

    Oh yes she's a babe schwing! Still listening 2019

  28. Gerald Perry

    Sing that song girl!!!!!

  29. yomi williams

    Karyn white is sure setting the mood with this thirst for desire

  30. 23LBJ SupremeKing

    this song bring back so many memories.midnight love B.E.T.

  31. Gustavo Fox

    Amazing Karyn!!!

  32. tharris19

    Ol Skool!

  33. Keisha Carter

    Omg love Karen white this was definitely one of my faces...

  34. Keisha Carter

    Omg love Karen white this was definitely one of my faces...

  35. Justin Crenshaw

    That woman is so fine and she's my caliente.

  36. Luci Fur . R . Nation

    Lets share my friends ,Karyn White is Super Hot !

  37. oliviafan1


  38. JUDAH J

    something Adina Howard would have

  39. chazza234

    This tune still sounds so smooth..Love it..

  40. MrJuly1990ish

    Yeah I know, I wonder why this song never blew up like her previous hits. She was still somewhat hot around in 1994 when this song was release. Than again, Janet Jackson was still dominating the charts around that time too. On top of that, Mary J. Blige & TLC were blowing up the charts with their follow-up sophomore albums, plus younger new acts were bursting on the scene around that time as well (Aalyiah, Brandy, Monica, Usher). I think Karen just got somewhat eclipse by the mid '90s.

  41. loanme2dollarz

    i love karyn's music

  42. andrew1236

    This should have been a hit.

    Busy Bee

    It was a minor hit I liked it a lot...CeCe Peniston & Mary J Blige had the radio locked down at the time, they were the new ones

  43. jane pusecker

    People need to stop trying to play comparsion. The 90'S Music had a sound that was unique emotional and powerful most of the Artist out there today can't say that about there own music except maybe a very few Artists.

  44. da12nvmp

    this is not the remix

  45. l33jackson80

    you should listen to al b sure. nite and day, after 7 - cant stop......

  46. qarahiyo

    i used to listen to STROKE YOU UP by Changing Faces right after this

  47. mike sanchez

    and they had a baby together named Ashley which she wrote the song for her mother called Disconnected

  48. thebody225

    well I know Karyn was married to one of the 2 producers that Janet always collaborated with

    gee skin

    terry lewis

  49. mike sanchez

    but this song sounds too much like That's The Way Love Goes and also Simple Pleasures cause many people said that the songs on Ritual Of Love sounds like leftovers from Rhythm Nation and as for make him do right like Janet.

    Franklin Askew

    mike sanchez go lay yo ass down

  50. thebody225

    I think you're the only one because both of the albums came out around the same time and this beat sounds more like something the group Jade would do.

  51. mike sanchez

    am i the only thinks this song sods like a leftover from the Janet. album?

    Gregory Harrison

    She has a track on the album called "Simple Pleasures" which sounds like a leftover track from the Janet album.


    I was only 13 when this came out do you understand that?

  53. mike sanchez

    @cocodior she was trying to hard to be like janet with this sng and Simple Pleasures (my standout track of the album)

  54. sodear2meee

    Karyn's raw talent level is like 97 ish on a 100 scale with Micheal Jackson being a 100 , beauty and sex appeal is off the charts too.. then the sista has class ! A overdose ,she really knocks yo butt dead !!!!

  55. TheEnri4

    this seems like everybody was groovin to this jam and the rest of karyn songs yep wish music like this never left damn

  56. blackcoffy83

    Amazing song!! This was my jam when I was a kid ;)

  57. cocodior

    it has a very "that the way love goes" vibe to it

  58. jay new

    @zayasproductions 1994

  59. jay new

    @panamcunard LAST TIME I CHECKED IT WUZ 1994

  60. telly santos

    karyn white was so sexy in this video,i love her music but i think the record label tried 2 turn her into a sex symbol,instead of focusing on her great voice

  61. Davis Green

    NOW this why I love R&B !! Raw female passion !!!!!!!

  62. Mellow- D

    @RidingOn30s Ha ha, in stitches but so true, the whole 50 car owning, blunt smoking, slept with every girl within a 5 mile radius just gives me a feeling of nausea. Peace.

  63. bat25a

    that's her in 2009? ageing gorgeously this girl. oh yeah and what a voice.

  64. Arthome

    This song and video always remind me of a hot summer day and unset evenings. Thank you.


    Perfect girl.

  66. MrJayDC

    LOVE this song! Can't get no sexier that Karyn White and this song

  67. scrabblemistres

    i love this song too. she was so classy and talented and gorgeous. she needs to return. miss karyn white so much too. it is so sad that such talent doesn't seem to be in demand today. the world is missing out. :(

  68. Lechiffresix six

    aaaa haaa hungah for ya luv


    This is one of Karyn's best joints.I got the video too taped of BET Video Vibrations some years back.