Karen O - King Lyrics

The King of Pop is dead and gone away
No one'll ever take his place
He's in his castle in the sky
Watching over you and I

And with his single sparkling glove
He blows us kisses, show us love
Is he walking on the moon?
I hope I don't find out too soon

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Karen O King Comments
  1. J. Daniel Escobar

    He sleeps over the clouds,

  2. Linda Collette

    Repose en paix !

  3. Soham Po

    great tribute i wish mj could hear it

  4. Fabriux Xpert

    karen o :)

  5. Lord Krishna the Black Skinned He who is like God

    Damn. Just rip my heart out why don't you, Karen?

  6. Maps Dou

    I love this song so much

  7. skarly garcia

    you're so unique ! i love it !💚💜💙💛

  8. deee-freddie

    Aww so cute!!

  9. underbluemoonisawyou

    what a beautiful tribute. mj would've loved it very much

  10. juan martinez

    M.J. moonwalking. Short and sweet.

  11. Artilius Prime

    so pretty