Kanye West - Famous (Original) Lyrics

[Nina Simone:]
Man I can understand how it might be
Kinda hard to love a girl like me
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know

[Kanye West (Young Thug):]
For my southside niggas that know me best
I feel like Taylor Swift still owe me sex
Why, I made that bitch famous (Swea)
I made that bitch famous (I made her famous)
For my Chitown niggas that know me best
I feel like Amber Rose still owe me sex (Chiraq)
Why? I made that bitch famous
Not really, but somewhat famous (err, kinda)
All I do is get tattoos and read French Vague
Every bitch in the spot wanna drink my Ragu

[Young Thug:]
Who am I remind you? (What?)
But tell me, who am I to remind you? (Who am I?)
And did you know that the country, Switzerland
It was famous for lakes?
And I think I got my ring from there 'cause it's icy like skates
Nigga, icy like hockey
Cold like a dead body, yeah

[Nina Simone & Young Thug:]
I just wanted you to know
I've loved you better than your own kin did
From the very start (Oh yeah)
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know

[Kanye West & Young Thug:]
Nike slave, fit in your place
Don't come out your face
Don't come out your mouth
Don't come out your house
Don't come out the blah
It came out the North, it came out the South
The tally is down
Bumpin' the...
The hate is anony...
The copacabana...
It made me...
Someone told me...
The world turnin' Black slowly
Where you can call niggas "niggas"
But you better not mention Hitler
So tell me who run the label, where the guns from? Us
Tell me now, where we get the guns from? Us
Tell me now, where we get the guns from? Us

[Nina Simone & Young Thug:]
I just wanted you to know
I've loved you better than your own kin did
From the very start
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
Free like a bird
I just wanted you to know
Know what I'm sayin'?

[Young Thug:]
One more time for the Chi-Town
One more time for the A-Town
I bet that money come around if you stay down
I swear, I just came from Europe, my money colored like a clown
Nigga play with keys, Swizz Beatz
Nigga only fuck unique freaks
Still Michael Jackson after all these leaks (what?)
Yeah bitch you're still Dirty Diana to me (woo!)
Pop a hundred bottles, I'm the shot caller (ballin'!)
Came up out a hot boy, fuck a baller blocker
Bitches makin' lots of noise like Griselda Blanco
You hit it first and bought a purse and she moved off your blocka (fool!)
Lick the molly off my hand
Smokin' loud, ambulance
And I was high as hell, I need to come down
Somebody call Tar, I need a Xan
Eat that pussy like a jelly bean
My [?] is bigger than a jelly bean
Got a mink on like I'm Hakeem
Got fish filet but we don't fry these
Gold card with a Trojan
Rub the bitch with the lotion
Bitch I'm ballin' like Kobe
Bitch I'm ballin' like LeBron
No, no, we don't broadcast
Pussy nigga gotta show
Monkey nigga actin' like they don't know me
But a lot of monkey niggas owe me

[Nina Simone & Young Thug:]
I just wanted you to know
I've loved you better than your own kin did
From the very start
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know

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    it's non of your business taylor has win the awards are u jealos you have not been that lucky guy who has win that 😂
    Say to beyonce should have win so ur music and videos are pise of junk try to make them better then tell ur idea on stage man stupid 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Hakan Ataş

    Sondaki şarkının adı ne lan

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    You are dusgusting kanye..
    I hope the worst for you
    You ruin her life but she is still better than you
    You should shame from yourself

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    Kanye is sick men

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    Can,t believe!

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    0:22 I felt so uncomfortable watching this to the end. Even if it was fake it still made me so uncomfortable

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    Youtube: everything is fine

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    If someone did this to your family, would you b happy? U r so mean thing. Trash of this industry!!!

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