Kane, Miles - Cry On My Guitar Lyrics

Rolling on a sweepstakes sixty-five
Loaded with the cheapskates barely alive
I said yeah, I come undone
Rolling out the Jimmy, you can see the cracks
Taps me on the shoulder, had a heart attack
I said yeah, I come undone

And when you push me, yeah you push me, yeah you push me too far
I sit and then I cry upon the strings of my guitar
And everybody tells me that it's "Shalalalala"
Oh yeah!

Stop me on the avenue, cuffs on my wrists
Told me I was driving like a Ballroom Blitz
I said yeah, I'm so high and strung
Every time you leave me it comes to this
Mix another medicine, mad scientist
I said yeah, I'm so high and strung

And when you push me, yeah you push me, yeah you push me too far
I sit and then I cry upon the strings of my guitar
And everybody tells me that it's "Shalalalala"
Oh yeah!

Why does it always have to come to this?
Late night, all night, miss your kiss
I said yeah, I'm so high and strung
Why does it always have to come to this?
Late night, all night, miss your kiss
I said yeah, I'm so high and strung

And when you push me, yeah you push me, yeah you push me too far
I sit and then I cry upon the strings of my guitar
And everybody tells me that it's "Shalalalala"
Oh yeah!

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Kane, Miles Cry On My Guitar Comments
  1. Maple007

    Is this Marc Boland? Cause Marc was doing this in the 70’s

  2. Startel Droid

    Why finn didn't used the 1916? Lol

  3. Karan Dubey

    Finn Balor must have confused him with the Demon Kane

  4. Hugo JL

    The Last Shadow TRex

  5. Дарья Димонова

    Дед с батей опять сцепились по пьяне, каждую пятницу одно и тоже

  6. PerfectPlaylists

    Miles is so good - love this 😍

  7. Ashoulle

    1:44 that's not how choking someone works

  8. ounumpty1

    This is like being 9 again with my older brother in the 80s

  9. Anna R

    Guessing this is how he got beaten up in loaded?

  10. Siddharth Rathi

    Miles: Okay Finn, I want you to beat the shit outta me in this one, but don't bring the Demon King

  11. Sean Immanuel

    Is That FINN BALOR?

  12. Isaac Palma

    Directed and Written by Quentin Tarantino

  13. the real Payne

    WhatCulture send me here for showing Finn Balor/Prince Devitt in a music video without actually putting it on the list.

  14. rinhlua mizongat

    Who came here for finn balor

  15. J Rmz

    Fucking love it

  16. rhys emberson

    One of my favourite musicians and one of my favourite wrestlers. A winning combo

  17. WildBird 2005

    After your wrestlemania loss this happens

  18. Corporal Clegg505

    Well, I guess whitness protection didn't work for Alex and miles...

  19. Alex Dean Hyuga

    Demon balor

  20. The Beast

    Is it just me that hears get it on by T Rex

  21. Karol Dorian

    fuck yeah I love it

  22. Jake Bennett

    Very jesus and Mary chain, love it

  23. dncsnx79

    Ah, I love everything about this video, and Miles, of course!

  24. Ronovan Writes

    Miles, if you are reading this or any of your people are, please add this to your IMDB so this vid can be added for Finn (Fergal Devitt) He's excellent in this.


    If he would've put "feat. Finn Balor" or "feat. Prince Devitt" in the title this would've blew up.

  26. Runze

    miles fucking kane has hair now...

  27. Aria Hernández

    Favorite song of the album

  28. Picker Flipper

    Miles Kane is brilliant. His voice on this, reminds me of Marc Bolan from T-Rex

  29. Lorenzo Pagliei


  30. Luna

    che esto es hermoso como no lo descubrí aNTES?? me encanta.

  31. Paige Crimp

    His face in the thumbnail though 😂

  32. Z K

    Finn looks damnnnn good in a suit

  33. k9uprising

    James Corden brought me here.


    love it, trex, beetles, duran, muse what a mix, like John lennon said, there's nothing you can sing that all ready, aint been sung,... totally loving it!

  35. PeachySulcata

    miles we know you wrote this after listening to cruising for a bruising from teen beach movie

  36. Lina Moren

    T. Rex vibes.

  37. NinjiSeven

    Me: figuring out my struggles & problems lmao :D

  38. Deja

    Came here because of Finn

  39. Bellator Zorroz

    I'm trying to listen the song

  40. Louise Ait

    T. Rex ? 😍😍😍😍

  41. The Fandom Queen

    How appropriate that this is from ‘Coup de grace’ and you have Finn Balor in it

  42. Dai C Thomas

    Fratellis/T Rex. Perfect.

  43. Liliana Guarino

    The Demon Finn 😈🖤

  44. Roberto Duranti

    Thank'you Radio Freccia! !!


    It's so bad it's bad again.

  46. Solscout

    He looks exactly like the guy in TLSP wtf

    Anton 22587

    Haha i Hope this is a joke


    Ultracheese 28 don’t worry it is😂

    Anton 22587

    Solscout hahah ok

  47. Wayne Holmes

    Marc Bolan from T Rex reincarnated...

  48. TheVoooray

    Sling Blade!

  49. Denis Zhelegu

    Here only for Finn ahah😂😂

  50. pr0wl3r666

    Sounds like T.Rex' Get It On... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZkTh_T75QY&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0AlafkE4EmkWLDQwEE3joTU8st53JwKAC3o_o2Mc3XNV5GH8uNHZPXXF0

  51. ᴘɪʟᴇᴅʀɪᴠᴇʀ ᴡᴀʟᴛᴢ


  52. v a l e n t i n a


  53. Luigi Illiberi

    It reminds me the T-Rex's music , gorgeous

  54. Alessandro Mariani

    This fight is Too Sweet...

  55. Ajak Said

    wow.. this song sounds like Prince

  56. my life

    Why wwe won't book him like that

  57. Alex Horan

    huge t. rex vibes, and it’s amazing

  58. iL PoL

    I’m here just for T-Rex...

  59. Mephysto65

    Do we need a pale and useless copy of Marc Bolan and TRex? Answer: NO!!

  60. valentino lc

    Tiga - far from home (2006)

  61. blanca alamo

    Te amo locon!

  62. Gabriele Chelini

    T-REX are reborn??? They was Fantastic, but Miles, you... no! ... try to not copy next time ok?! :(

  63. Herald Events and Films

    There was no fooking need for that (in a Scouse accent).

  64. Mal Caswell-Jones

    didn't even credit finn...

  65. M. Harry Ghifary

    [insert current WWE commentary]

  66. EMX PXVL

    Le están sacando la chucha al tarro xdxd snkslskñ

  67. Antasma // RobertDymondGaming

    sounds like marc bolan

  68. kgvl45

    The beginning of the song sounds a little bit like Muse's Starlight.

  69. Mr Sifter


  70. KinShasa

    Miles: (Where is Alex Turner when i need him)

  71. Eduardo Ruiz Ruiz

    Finn Balor Yeah!

  72. Jose Trevino

    Kind of sounds like the Jesus and Mary chain

  73. claumagenta

    Woow! Sounds like Marc Bolan, love it!

  74. Ryan Kelepi

    Finn Balor looks like Johnny from sin City a dime to kill 😎

  75. Stephen Dreher

    Love the song but I just had to downvote this cheap ass video

  76. Emma Miller

    Not even a full minute in and already this is my favorite music video ever

  77. GothicNiniBalor

    Oh Daddy Fergal/Finn

  78. TrainInVain

    What an unoriginal sound

  79. Lisa Trapani

    also that flashing in the hallway... Fergal look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Lisa Trapani

    I need this cocky bastard to show up soon... I need my Prince back.....

  81. Eden Shalev

    Muse- Starlight

  82. EEgorz

    Its Finn Balor from NXT , no "Smiley" Finn Balor from Raw

  83. Andrew Cruz

    Damn it Miles ... What have you gotten yourself into?

  84. B Owie

    Miles meets Bolan via the Ballroom Blitz!!

  85. Jordan Frost

    Miles sells better than Finn

  86. Z K

    Came here for Finn

  87. adamsvapor

    it's better that alex comes in to help miles

  88. Mia Lukcham

    He sounds just like Mark Bolan😝

  89. devidia

    This is some sexy ass rock 'n roll motherfucker

  90. bluesboy54321

    When I heard this on the radio I genuinely thought it was a T Rex tune I didn’t know...
    Pretty cool though

  91. owdblenky

    If I didn't know different, I'd say this was Marc Bolan and T-Rex!! Great tune though.

  92. Iuri Leonard


  93. Mab Barragan

    The best video ever love, you're incredible Miles!💕💕

  94. Ben Varley

    Yeah against Karate?

  95. NM PK

    Sounds like a bad T-rex tribute band

  96. Steve Laverick

    Is it just me who's getting a Marc Bolan kinda vibe here?