Kamelot - Rule The World Lyrics

When a new day reaches dawn
I feel it's worth the wait
But I tumble and I fall
When up against my fate

When the barricades come down
I build them up again
When I'm just about to drown
I still don't know the end

Sometimes I tremble
Like a little child
That faces morning
With a broken smile
Sometimes I crumble
When the shades unfurl
Sometimes I feel that
I could rule the world


When the morning comes alive
Release your love brigade
At the end of day it's night
To suck it up with hate

[Chorus x2]

(That faces morning
With a broken smile
Sometimes I crumble
When the shades unfurl
Sometimes I feel that
I could rule the world)

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Kamelot Rule The World Comments
  1. colin parry


  2. Jake Mei

    I seen they're 2019 tour with battle beast and sonata arctica

  3. Jeremy Robinson

    I need some of the juice the guitar player drank before jumping up and killing one of the most epic guitar riffs ever 😂😂😂

  4. LouMan

    Great concept man

  5. Skr5tBoi Bro.

    2019 still listen 💓💓💓

  6. Jeremy Robinson

    They’re with me everywhere I go ...

  7. Andréia Ataide

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 2019

  8. Nelly Rojas Carrera

    El cantante se parece a mí hermano christian y el nombre Cristina Aguilera me sorprende porque se apellida Aguilar rojas

  9. Bradford DeLaura

    Commander Riker!!

  10. Luis dias

    I liked this song and this video clip band Kamelot!

  11. Ferrum et Rosa

    Do not watch this video when you are high on DMT

  12. Mostly Metal Mayhem

    On this page, my youtube keeps scrolling up magically. Is the universe demanding I watch it again?

    Raquel Pujadas Domínguez

    Definitely haha

  13. Collin McGee

    So Thomas Youngblood is the BAD GUY? WTF

  14. Never Trust Bob

    Saw these guys in Orlando. And they blew me away with how good live they were!

  15. Heidi Jorg

    We are privileged to have seen them in st pete
    These guys rock ass!! ✌️✌️✌️

  16. Paladin Ascendant

    I listen to this song, every day... Something about it.

  17. Ksenia Nemera

    Rule The World

  18. yongminhee

    very good song, Kamelot!

  19. Zerrick Hilliard

    This gem

  20. Chris Johnson

    Just discovered your band, ya'll rock!!! \m/

  21. Jeremy Robinson

    They know everything

  22. Jeffrey Stevens

    intro made me think this was actually think this was kings and queens by 30 seconds to mars lol

  23. Glory Nightshade

    Anyone notice that gesture Roy makes, it looks like hes possessed.

  24. Glory Nightshade



    Kamelotian forever! Love it to much!! And I'll never forget u my RK!!

  26. Jon Nodtveidt

    Opium sure! great trip , Dark fantasy🇦🇽

  27. Xenophon

    the riffs are just badass...no other word for it.

  28. Shol ́va RIchthys

    One of my favorites from Kamelot... good old times

  29. Robin Brock

    Fantastic Video! Love this band.

  30. Lefty 1991

    awesome vocals 😁

  31. Samaria Palencia Avelar

    hay alguna canción fea de ellos ... nueva fan y ya los amo :3

  32. RocKhan

    So, offical Kamelot page is sharing this wonderful music video only 360p ?

  33. Youtube Commentator Rick

    This song belongs in a Assassins Creed game

    Breanna Kay

    Youtube Commentator Rick I agree. 😂 Would fit beautifully.

    James Douglas

    Or Witcher?

  34. Sean Quertinmont

    I wish kamelot would make their songs a little longer

  35. F1ProchargedZ06

    2016 and still listening to this band.

  36. walkie0talkie

    The part of the song with that belly dancer move at 1:25 was amazing !

  37. Paul DM

    been listening to Kamelot lately, i can't choose between Roy and Tommy. They're both good singers on their own right! :) no need to compare them

  38. Shounotaku Anime

    I remember them opening with this when they were opening for Nightwish. I didn't know the name of the song, but I remembered the chorus for sure. After a short blind search on youtube, I found it. Love this song.

  39. Nati M

    This is love.

  40. Thedjbj2

    Rule the World!

  41. Little Boy키작은상준

    I found this song Just in hint lyrics as " When the morning comes alive "
    So Happy Now +_+

  42. Fabiano Bernardes

    ... muito, muito, muito bom !!! Very, very, very good !!!!

  43. Jeremy Robinson

    Those are some pretty badass guitar riffs !

  44. Martin Tangen

    best fucking kamelot song!!! and its NOT on spotify, FUCK FUCK FUCK

  45. Alarec Scarbrow

    I love it when a song gets my life down to a T. Well, as close to a T as is possible. An S maybe. :P

  46. nicky Navarb

    What a masterpiece! Kamelot forever <3

  47. Nothing Less

    one of my favorite songs of all time! for the rest of my life i will hear it.. till i feel that i can rule the world ;)

  48. whatisrl

    THIS, is fucking amazing.

  49. Will Smyser

    Very much the feeling of certain scenes in the movie 300

  50. Darrel Eschedor

    the US metal band that represents

  51. Darleer

    "Sometimes I feel that I could rule the world" 
    Simple but powerful lyrics and melody

  52. Glen BigG

    I just discovered this band, wow, you guys are awesome!!!

  53. Karla Evan Lee

    ....When the morning comes aliveRelease your love brigade
    At the end of day it's nightTo suck it up with hate...!!
    \\KAMELOT// ❤️

  54. Jill Samer

    I see there are 108 dislikes on this song. How can that be possible? How can anyone dislike a kamelot song?


    I can´t understand that too :(

  55. Ilya Kuryakin

    Love the smoke effects ^^

  56. Merculer Paul

    the band's really good. like the metal symphony

  57. Carla Modesto

    I adore this song so badly! I could listen to it all day and night :D

  58. Uchoa Óðinn


  59. Corbuse C

    What the fuck.. what a sound. I need new pants..

  60. Cristina Villalón


  61. лидия фисенко

    Who are this stupid people, which dont like this little masterpiece ?????

    Nothing Less

    @лидия фисенко dumb and ignorant retards :)

    Jorge R.

    justin bierber, onedirection, taylor swift and kanye west's fans...


    people who are still in to old metal without "voice" based only in guitar and kinda that's all?

  62. bram pahalana

    kamelot the best gothic music


    kamelot is not goth lol kamelot is power metal

    Izayoi Higurashi

    Bram Pahalana power metal

  63. Katy MmeKitKat F.

    16 novembre incoming ♥

  64. Kael

    No, it's definitely an opium den.

  65. Darkrise714

    No it's a shisha joint. An eastern tobaco like substance except it's legal and doesn't effect your health in anyway. Basically just got water/steam that get's mixed in with flavors that you inhale.

  66. The Dark Knight

    Kamelot Rule The fucking world. /,,/

  67. Zachary Turnbull

    Is that an opium den in this vid, they smokin opium, just curious?

  68. Ddraig

    Kamelot would look amazing in Power Ranger Suits. Especially Thomas Youngblood in green.

  69. mfogilvie

    I have tried three times over the last two years to see them, but damned cancer treatments kept getting in the way. But I am now cancer-free, and they will be back in Atlanta next month. If you think I'm missing THIS one, you are friggin' drunk!

    Do not Zed Katarina

    U still alive ? :C

  70. David Tingler

    I love this video and the album it came from. Thomas had this vision years ago, and here we are still. With Roy they were severely inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!! It's hard to imagine Kamelot without him. Even so the new album is still a monster. I saw them twice last year!!!!!!!!!! Thank you THOMAS.

  71. icsc87

    kamelot's music definitely is unique & beautiful! <3

  72. Pluvia Aeterna

    nice song!

  73. SsecretSoul

    This video is perfect!!!

  74. MrXxalicatexx

    It's a shame this song isn't availble on Spotify. . .

  75. Sc0rpioX666

    I think thats just you

  76. cannedcatfood

    Is that Roy Kahn in the video? the one with the bandage around his head.

    Angélica Andrade

    yes he is

  77. 36Dmaze

    How do they manage to be so epic all the time?

  78. Nannn

    Why unreal?
    Like he said in the interview with Kamelot Germany, he can't sing in Kamelot like he does in Seventh Wonder, because it is not the same kind of music. SW is some kind of poppier, Kamelot is dark and epic, so he can't keep singing that poppy way, just because he is able to. A REAL good vocalist knows how to sing with emotion and to the music, not just proving he can sing.

  79. shadapakap

    This is epic.

  80. chas fuchsel

    to all the fans of KAMELOT in PHILLY..they are playing the Trocadero Theater on Thursday September 5th!!

  81. The Orange Stallion

    you are right, he is still in seventh wonder

  82. mementomori300

    You're right. He's still active in SW. They're finishing up a new album, too.

  83. MrYukon35

    I don't think that Seventh Wonder is Tommy's old band, I am pretty sure he is still an active member in the band. I may be wrong though.

  84. Andy

    I agree, Roy was amazing but Tommy is an unreal vocalist... If you like him check out his old band Seventh Wonder if you haven't already. 'Welcome to Mercy Falls' or 'Hide and Seek' or both banging tunes

  85. Markus Gulbrandsen

    @iiniesta Well, I have to say that Tommy fills Roy's big shoes quite well, I mean, Roy has been the ultimate Kamelot voice for a long toke, but man, who knows if Tommy is taking it to the next level?

  86. Brandon Cookie

    Just got a Disney ad on a song called rule the world...not sure what i should do...

  87. Karl Smith

    These guys took Nocturnus' concept and ran with it hard. Good stuff.

  88. CrazzyFingerss

    Yeha but now Kamelot is perfect with Tommy Karevik and Nightwish is perfect with Floor Jansen. Never lose your hope.

  89. Roberto Gómez

    Great song ! Kamelot is amazing !

  90. Yvonne Valenzuela Sally14

    This song is awesome :)

  91. taylor young

    i think this si the best song ive heard in a while

  92. border66

    360p...very high quality from Kamelotofficial!

  93. Dillon Perry

    Godlike masters...
    I like the sound of that :D

  94. Endoftruetime

    They played this at Orlando's House of Blues. It was fucking awesome. The new singer is as good if not better than the original. He really got the crowd into it, hell of a lot more than Nightwish did.

  95. Carol Chappel

    I LOVE Queensryche and Kamelot both besides Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime was an epic story CD. I also loved Typo Negative RIP Peter Steel. I do notice the voice similarities.

  96. Michael Bailey

    Anette rocks!!! So does Tarja and nightwish. I like them all. I think the guy who replaced Khan is pretty good

  97. Blind Dragon

    i like annette's voice. but Tarja did wish I had an angel. one of their best

  98. Solitarywolfe

    i like annette. Personally, better then tarja. But, you're right with roy khan, it will be HARD to replace him, but they can do it.

  99. ZeldaWolfen

    That's the first time I've seen the music video. Man, that video was totally kick ass!