Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel - Living In A Sovereign Land Lyrics

There's a celebration on the palace grounds
People need To know, what's going down
There's a proclamation from the powers that lead
Our island nation has got to be free!
Living in a sovereign land
Living in a sovereign land

Island people come together as one
For future generations under the sun
Singing songs of freedom
Singing songs of love
Living in a sovereign land
Living in a sovereign land

Our children deserve To know
What went down a hundred years ago
You can pay the man, you can take the land
But you can't take the truth away!
E Ola, living in a sovereign land
E Ola, living in a sovereign land

[Repeat Bridge/Instrumental]

E Ola, living in a sovereign land
E Ola, living in a sovereign land

Bruddahz an tetaz, brown, yellow and white
time to do what you know Is right
Whats been taken must be returned
Give our children what they deserve
E Ola, living In a sovereign land
E Ola, living In a sovereign land

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Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel Living In A Sovereign Land Comments
  1. Carrie Bowlen

    One of Hawaii best singer!!

    Carrie Bowlen

    Also sounds a lot like raga music i love it!

  2. Kolomona-Ioane Vierra-Pahukoa

    Rest In Love cuz

  3. Svilen1970

    Страхотна музика! Велик певец! Безсмъртен! Жалко че си отиде толкова млад. Ще ми липсва!

  4. Jorge Diaz

    Tremenda cancion!.
    Saludos desde Argentina!.
    Por siempre IZ!

  5. Malafunkshun808

    “Our children deserve to know what went down 100 years ago. You can pay the man, you can take the land, but you can’t take the truth away!!”

    E Ola! 😎😎🤙🏼🤙🏼

  6. Vivian Ogea Allen

    Love is felt in his songs. He is a person that one would regret not having known. I love his music. He was amazing as a singer and a human.

  7. Joakim Hjort

    I wrote this reggae song to honor the memory of iz (iz- manreggae)

  8. Hugo zalazar

    buenisimo.... gran

  9. Paul Wilson

    This is all iz and all other Hawaiians want, I really hope one day soon it will happen

  10. Black Acgomes

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Black Acgomes

    Eterno like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Black Acgomes

    Simplesmente ...SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mil likes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Black Acgomes

    Revendo de novo !!!!!!!!

  13. Nainoa Molitor

    2017 makes 20 years that IZ departed from earth too soon

  14. Kiilau808


  15. Elizabeth Calabro

    I love the song "Over the rainbow" a wonderful song. It's a shame this man died. May he rest in peace.

  16. Danielsahn

    is this a concert ukulele?

  17. Annamaria Alfano

    IZ forever in my heart!!!!

    Carrie Bowlen

    Mine too! I miss him too!!

  18. Séamus Belenus

    Awesome song. I never met you, but I miss you braddah IZ.

  19. Michael Weston

    Na Kanaka Maoli - ONI  PA'A

  20. Bob Strauss

    Hawaii really needs to be free and not just a star on some other country's flag!  They don't need to be controlled by anther country thousands of miles away. I have never been there but from all I have seen, the native population needs to be free!

    Louis Rascon

    It called conquest.

    Kingdom of Hawai'i Ball

    And soon it will be called liberation.

    Punaboy 12

    HELL YEAH! THe US's Federal Dept. of Interior made it official last year. The Kingdom has legal jurisdiction in Kalapana.
    All I can think of is future access to free energy and greenhouse growing. ~レイ (not ナキ)

    Rowena Look

    Bob Strauss


    Kingdom of Hawai'i Ball great comeback palala

  21. DrunkOnDaMoon

    Not one fucking tutorial in the whole World Wide Web on how to play this on the ukulele

    Séamus Belenus

    +DrunkOnDaMoon Yeah, I'd like to know the chords too.

    3 Legged Warrior

    DrunkOnDaMoon its eazy

  22. roy alfred seaberg

    Yea you're right I think Dog is from colorado then moved to hawaii. Did you know that puerto rico might become a state(big maybe) and their people actually want it. I don't know your spiritual beliefs but check out godsplanforall(.com) if you want the real message on christianity.

  23. Bird Papi

    dog isnt hawaiian hes just another white guy in paradise.

  24. roy alfred seaberg

    hawaii was strong armed into the US late 1800's but do today's hawaiians really care. I am not trying to be rude. I am just wondering. I don't know much about hawaiians in fact the only two I know about are dog the bounty hunter and bruddah IZ. Do hawaiians even consider themselves americans.


    Essa música traz alegria aos ouvidos!

  26. Selene Veloz

    its awesome.......the most

  27. 808behbehgurl


  28. Ollie

    Hes a big guy but he knows how to make music!

  29. Spikesrage22

    God damn, this brings me back to when I was a kid growing up in Hawaii.

  30. Pattie Culver

    (( <3 ))

  31. Lexie Motionless

    my favorite song of his!!!!!

  32. KamuelaKid

    For some makes the blood sing!

  33. Edward Freeman

    thank you*

  34. Edward Freeman

    Bruddah IZ didnt die he just went to a better place to be with his brother and to give our night sky the biggest star, Rest In Peace kind Bruddah IZ and thamk you for the music and love - THey will live forever x

  35. darcmattr

    makes me want to learn the ukulele

  36. TheSaverino

    He is so adorable!