k-os - Zambony Lyrics

On the microphone like,
God bless this planet, planet,
Took like for granted, granted
This mic, mechanical, panic,
God hold it single handed
Times like a left-handed bandit
When right handed man
This bandit planned it
And propagandized it or Canada
It’s so on ice and so raw
And yeah move yeah so for power like thinking a soldier
Would fall to his knees to serve golden caps and such
To esoteric to touch but atmospheric enough to
Grab like a pink cat, tag on a wall,
B-boys at the park while DJ’s rock the party
And MC’s serve cooked food like Mr. pounded it
Back in the days when there’re rights
Are we the wrongs, kid?
But now the silly songs and electrical concerts
Though live for a luppa I will just drop sixteen bombs on it
Life and death they roll in Siamese twins
So the day that hip-hop dies
Another life could begin
And we continue to…

On the microphone like this, on the microphone like that,
On the microphone like this, on the microphone like that,
On the microphone like this, on the microphone like that,
On the microphone like this, on the microphone like,

All around the world, we move it up
And yo we keep things striving
So high from heaven to the deep blue sea
(Listen), I am not indie rock I was indeed hip-hop
With many styles I’m from the trine-ibal stop.
No comma, I’m my father’s persona,
I’m ready to spin my beat and maybe one day can meet my momma
Slides, I’m slinging verbs, my intent is not sinister, son of a minister
A bible thumping commissioner, finished an album
Scrap and draped in the nostalgia of cafeteria title
Battle just me and Nigel.
Now they spinning wax sticks, the back seat cracks
I can’t entertain us like Kevin can’t relax.
Yell I’m spinning thoughts with anti-gravital force
Shoot the monkey off my porch
And pass myself the torch to light it up…

All around the world, we move it up
And yo we keep things striving
So high from heaven to the deep blue sea
All I ever wanted to do
Was show you had faith in you
But now I help you through the fire
You’re so different baby
You always got something to say
But it’s more about the things you do
Got me singing yeah eh yeah eh yeah

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k-os Zambony Comments
  1. Sarah Neels

    My man Hayden 😎😘

  2. Aric TheGreen

    I wonder what you are all up to now just recently found you and definitly life lessons on blast and beats of honesty i hope to see you all soon for more than just your music its always been about more than just the music i hope you are all alive and well

  3. Westbound Promo


  4. Will Cope

    Finally got a chance to see K-Os last night. What an amazing show I'm so glad he played all his goodies. This song was shaking the building. He lit up Red Deer for the winter games.

  5. Jay

    Canadian Kendrick Lamar. I miss hearing this guy on much music

  6. tony kolodychuk

    2019 and still one of my favs.

  7. Sincere Williams

    Listening in 2018 :-)

  8. Brenda Bustamante

    Anakin !! ❤

  9. Josh H

    I ain't mad atcha darth vader

  10. George Zafiris

    When your bodyguard is Anakin Skywalker. The force is strong with this one.

  11. Mike Prince

    k-os will be forever dope as hell

  12. sid B

    The lady in the video looks so pretty!

  13. Javiera Antonia09

    Here for Hayden ❤💋 the most handsome man

  14. love you

    Only for Hayden! 😍😍😍😍

  15. Ángela Balderas


  16. 6EKYUME

    him and Amine should collab

  17. Sarah Edwards

    2016 & i play this song over and over and over

    Harold the Y

    Me too!
    why the heck does this only have 85 000 views!?

    This is my new, wake up jam!

  18. Claudia Carr


  19. C Bryce

    Saw this cat at Opera House with Bigg Soxx. Keep striving. Your being is becoming. Real recognizes real. No matter what. The forces can't stop you. Why ? Only those who tell don't know.those who don't tell, kno. bless

  20. Top Ramen


  21. JayuMara

    loving the video only because of hayden

  22. Auryn

    idc about anything but Hayden

  23. Valeria de morris

    hayden christensen😍😘


    kos dude.. halla

  25. mamuchasoy

    I only whatched this because of  hayden christensen <3

  26. Lucia Perdomo

    Hayden Christensen💓

  27. Oliver Westall

    Got to see k-os last week, so awesome.

  28. Valentina Diolosá Tejeda

    I see but is Hayden Christensen 😍

  29. professorchaosX94

    I grew up listening to k-os at least once a day.

  30. ben marshall

    This is pathetic, this dudes killer and he only has 1500 subscribers and 63k views? Damn real music doesn't give enough recognition :P

  31. Brett Gallant

    I swear, I heard an amazing remix of this song at one point. I thought it was on The Anchorman Mixtape but i guess not. Anyhow, amazing track.


    +Brett Gallant You may be thinking of the Phil Azer remix from the Fan Remix Album.

  32. 9FPS Playboy

    clones and drones in hockey rinks 

  33. Dreamelenasc891

    Keep making music!! And videos with Hayden haha

  34. Alexander Brown

    gota love k-os

  35. Fernanda Morales Cabalceta

    Hayden so handsome :3

  36. Fernanda Morales Cabalceta

    Hayden 3

  37. cole winters

    he has more talent in his left nut than the 6 people who hit dislike combined

  38. Spencer Young

    Haha I'm the chubby kid in the grey stripped sweater 😂

    Christoffer Howard

    Spencer Young 😂 your face looked really happy and you looked like you were having a lot of fun👍

    I’m happy fir you that you actually got to see kos in action along with Hayden awesome bro

  39. Johanna Børke

    Hayden 😍😍😍

  40. djazr

    wow this is so fucking canadian, holy hell k-os!!!

  41. XA200

    Anakin, what are you doing there?! 

  42. Byronic Media

    musicianz who make a difference....Yessssss!

  43. Noriaki Bucciarati

    K-OS' singing voice is sexy as fuck, gave me chills! And as an emcee? Total beast.

  44. X33Y33Z

    Okay I take back drake.

  45. X33Y33Z

    Just you.

    I'd tend to agree with you, considering I highly dislike young money, but you're attacking a whole lotta artists when you make that statement. Maybe this guy's lyrics are more conscious, but he's definitely not better than a few rappers of that group. Specifically and in the order (Minaj, Tyga, Drake). Lets face it, this guy IS rather underrated, but lets not start overrating him either.

  46. Jennah Lafleur

    Full on......this is the shit. Young who? LOL

  47. Ahkia Wade

    that girl looks like melanie Fiona

  48. Zwinter Anderson

    still waiting D:

  49. A2Z11tree

    omfg Hayden Christiansen! Hottest fuckin dude ever. On a sidenote, why doesn't this have way way way more views?!?!

  50. Tom Houghton

    for every Will I am there is a K-os to balance the equation of Dopeness!

  51. blackkeys3

    Im the huggest lesbo ever but hayden ❤❤❤

  52. xzibitboy1

    pandaa eye!

  53. gaby1g

    I'd Bang Hayden Christensen *_____*

  54. Con911Man

    how has this shit not become huge....

  55. VampireSarahh


  56. Joe Lesper

    I love how he uses Canadian themes/background for his videos...awesome

  57. TrulyEgg

    My childhood~! I wish he made stuff like this still

  58. GuitarGodM16


  59. Leo Maysonet

    Is it me or is this guy a million times better than Drake lyrically & vocally? Forget Young Money!!

  60. smell my fart


  61. Cronnihk

    20,000 .....really :/
    stop. halfway through the song

  62. Failmachine2000


  63. Winson Ho

    ........lol good song though

  64. Soundspark

    saddly it didn't, i count myself lucky to know that song tough!

  65. P0T7000x


  66. Hip Hop Forever

    Today is the day I have given up on the world... How is it that this song has less than 15K views?!??!

  67. zicoallo

    yeah Mr.Flocker, just for your notice i know it's Canada and not Candia.

    Thx for the useful comment though !

    I was just making a joke by the way.

  68. Zombbiiees

    dude learn how to flocking spell and maybe go back to school for some flocking grammar lessons

  69. zicoallo

    yeah his candian, he comes from Candia

  70. karpovonfire

    it hurts to see this video only having 11k views and then having niki minajes song "stupid hoe" in the suggestion box :(

  71. Kamil P

    @dramaqueen465 Remember that song " I wish I knew natalie portman " ?? Well Hayden made 3 movies wit her... Kheaven you Sly cooper... :P

  72. LowRider220

    @drenda46 *Canadian

  73. Bright Trials

    @3GBlog that is a sick ringtone. i might have to copy you. sorry.

  74. Bright Trials

    why is hayden christensen in this? lol. random.

  75. osdiel

    One of the few artist that i will actually go and buy his album. RESPECT BRO!

  76. Pierre Massé

    @toobossful oh, intelligence, perhaps?

  77. Joey D Minor

    @drenda46 damn dawg its CANADIAN not candian u shouldn't try n rep when u cant spell or at least edit it, it makes us look bad, n i KNOW Canada aint near that

  78. Allan Clow


    zambonies do scrape the ice too

  79. Kenneth M. Sullivan

    @KimberxxMP Yes it sprays water, but doesn't it have a scraper to grade (level) the ice, wouldn't the water become uneven once it is sprayed on uneven ice?.

    Zambony btw reminds me of the stuff he didn't release in 94 and 96.

  80. sjsawyer

    @KooKooMan123456 It's just not logically possible.

  81. sjsawyer

    @KooKooMan123456 That would be a contradiction.

  82. sjsawyer

    @drenda46 wtf is a candian

  83. Lucas Zayonc

    what is it that makes canadian rappers not about bitches, booze and cars?

  84. Kim Penney

    @jmgears an actual Zamboni is spelt with an I, and it doesnt scrape the ice, it applies water. Thanks for trying out, but your cut from the team.

  85. Kim Penney

    @96rebels What rink is it, and where?

  86. elemon5

    fuck yeah he's so seck

  87. Keith Hunt

    Much respect to K Os.

  88. Big Dee . exe


  89. Jeremy Kean

    @JuKa3177 its by k-os

  90. Jeremy Kean

    @JuKa3177 love song wasnt a love song either

  91. epiphone8773513

    @jmgears hockey has 3 periods. not quarters lol

  92. keith armsden

    this music video is gay as shit. but the song is okay

  93. jmgears

    @JuKa3177 A zambony is the big truck that scrapes the top layer of ice inbetween each quarter in the game of hockey ;p

  94. KCHANDS beach 07

    I played hockey at this arena

  95. abi sanmugam

    his singing part is sick too!

  96. Kenneth M. Sullivan

    Great great song, the beat is awesome and the small guitar riff they use is sick.

    By the way who is the girl? She was in "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman"

  97. Jon

    Life and death they roll in siamese twins
    So the day that hip-hip dies its other life will begin.

  98. dylan france

    love it