k-os - I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman Lyrics

I'm on the run for my life
It's seems that everything that you said was right
Has come undone, lost my sight
But have you ever thought you've done your best

When you were under the gun, that's right
I know. I've seen this place before
But it's never been so fun
Never been so fun

I've been on the run, this shadow weighs a ton
It's starting to make sense to me
I can't really make you love me
No, no, you know I can't really make you love me, no, no

I've been on the run, my shadow weighs a ton
I know I found the recipe for me
But I can't really make you love me
No, no, you know I can't really make you love me, no, no

You know I'm haunted on overseas
Haunted on each coast
Play them like Ebenezer
I made them see the ghost

Back from the future donned in Japanese kimonos
Even though the streets show love, try to see me grow
I often see me floatin', but my shadow it weighs a ton
Call it baggage, I use it all to advantage

But I can't make you love me
This time it's on you
And you can't try to deny, these words when they're true
I'm on the run

I've been on the run, this shadow weighs a ton
It's starting to make sense to me
I can't really make you love me
No, no, you know I can't really make you love me, no, no

I've been on the run, my shadow weighs a ton
I know I found the recipe for me
But I can't really make you love me
No, no, you know I can't really make you love me

Oh no, ay yo, cud get to steppin'
Your tongue is like a weapon
This is Kevin from heaven and yet so are ye's

Since the age of seventeen
I've been taking apart microphones
You've been taking apart men you've blown
With glowing skeleton bones

In the closet, animals strike curious poses
They feel the heat between us
But you need a woman's glorious style, diamond to fetus
Carry my fetus, I'm like the man in the moon
When we kissed and you swooned, on the run

I've been on the run, this shadow weighs a ton
It's starting to make sense to me
I can't really make you love me
No, no, you know I can't really make you love me, no, no

I've been on the run, my shadow weighs a ton
I know I found the recipe for me
But I can't really make you love me
No, no, you know I can't really make you love me, no, no

I can't really make you love me
I can't really make you love me
I can't really make you love me
I can't really make you love me

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k-os I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman Comments
  1. SeriouS

    2020 still here ..

  2. hailem hailem

    Real medz when you get older motivation music

  3. Aliza canjura

    I love this song so much and I’ve loved k-os since I was 11 people really think they were a one hit wonder but this album, Atlantis, and joyful rebellion were the shit! ♥️♥️♥️👽

  4. g3nki

    DECEMBER 2019??

  5. Kaisey Taylor-Fulton

    surprisingly heard this at work one random day.. haven’t stopped listening since!

  6. Laura Mac Lean


  7. Tim A.

    God sang

  8. Faizaan ali

    This shit fuckin SLAPS so hard

  9. Michael Price


  10. Kevin Willsher

    Still listening in 2019

  11. Hydrogen Atom

    The melody is very obviously copied from California by Phantom Planet, yet no one is suing anyone.

  12. Brandon Barber

    ahhhh this music video brings me back. feelsgoodman

  13. Joe Stoner

    2019, still listening.


    2019 who dis

  15. Arsh Kooner

    2019? : )

  16. All Roads Lead Here

    This is why I sacrifice my health. Everytime I feel well, I'm the furthest from it. Fuck my health.

  17. All Roads Lead Here

    I turn so hard I fucked up my ankle

  18. Zachary Allen

    @ Moby’s memoir.

  19. KAspie

    One of the best songs I've EVER heard in my life! Thank you K-os!

  20. Ella B

    you know when you spend hours looking for a song only knowing 3 words? yeah... that just happened.

    Anthony G

    which 3 words were they?

    Gabriel Oliveira

    I "lost" this song for over 6 years, it was NICE to find it again hahaha

  21. Erwan OG

    Fajowa nuta zimale

  22. Connor Buziol

    Still here

  23. Mistah Get BUSY

    I used to fw this song heavily I ain't hears this in Years. I feel good listening to this

  24. Oneida Wolf

    shadow weighs a ton..

  25. SpinBadBros inc

    Mfs seriously slept on this !!!!!! It's almost 2019!

  26. SwagItUp

    this beat is fire

  27. Gabriel Nasso

    Best song

  28. jay Leonard

    Isis grab your guns ??

  29. sid B

    Haunted,Haunted, Haunted,Haunted, Haunted, Haunted, Haunted,Haunted,Haunted

  30. Game Everything

    Wth is going on at the end of this?

  31. no name

    Did they get the guy who played Death in the Bone Thugs Crossroads video at the end?

  32. Ricky Felton

    The O.C.!!!

  33. Ocean Sage

    This song takes me back

  34. Gentle Persons Club

    This is my FAVOURITE song

  35. Junior Silva

    Eu vim por causa do chorão, na entrevista dele na jovem pam...

  36. Kyris Marie


  37. NucleusdaKidThunder

    Guardians of the funk North Strong and Free Canada Saved Hip- Hop!!!

  38. Raekwon Schembri

    If someone uploaded an instrumental to this I'd deadset pay them


    how much

  39. Bee Bee


  40. Jussara Barros

    chorão me trouxe aqui

    Sonia Ribeiro

    A mim tbm

  41. Jimmy870

    What's happening in this music video exactly?


    They're on the run

  42. Tiffany Mclewis

    I been looking for song for years

  43. Chris Hernandez

    Mikasacus anyone?


    awesome music doesn't need some random guys to tell us to listen to it


    justanotheryoutubeuploader Random? Overwatch is not random my sir.

  44. Jett O'Toole

    cant believe i stumbled across this again so fucking good man!! brings back good memories for sure bloody genious

  45. BeeMoney

    I absolutely love the "No Country for Old Men" and "Pulp Fiction" references.

  46. rosey l


  47. Smurder The Disciple

    This song is so under appreciated and that disappoints me because these guys seem like they could've been really good

    Marsh Wammz

    Smurder The Disciple they are 2 of the best Canadian artists ever.. Saukrates is part of Redman's crew (and IMO is the best Producer up here) and K-OS continues to build up here.. just keep your ear to the streets

    Christian Kane

    @Marsh Wammz dang really? All I do is stick to spotify so I don't really here the mumbles in the Earth lol

    Rasta Zorastra

    @Marsh Wammz nah man Saukrates is average but Kos is underrated

  48. Peter Lang

    Who is the girl in the diner? Shes absolutely gorgeous. First time I've ever said that

  49. Grizzly Rx

    Nostalgia 💪👊💯

  50. Will Zarow

    throw back to the O.C days....just in case you can't figure out why this sounds so familiar


    oh shit that's where...

  51. John Doe

    The description is ripped from Wikipedia.

    CD8T LFA1

    John Doe and the video is ripped from mtv, what's your point?

    Benjamin Weimer

    Who cares? 😆


    This songs title must have came from V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman (Evey) helped V the freedom fighter and (the so called terrorist) fight the fascist government in Great Britain as they were both on the run, i think k-os watched the movie and felt the message behind the movie which made he him title this song "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" because he too is a freedom fighter and wish he had a girl like her as his ally, Kheaven you are a genius my brethren

    Tabletop Tyler

    Its actually because he used to be really unhappy with the state of American/Canadian society, and he thought that Natalie Portman sort of embodied the society he wanted to see. Shes chipper and upbeat and just generally happy, and he wished he could see that same thing in everyone he passed on the streets.

    Will Zarow

    it's because he is an O.C fan! lol

  53. Paul Abbott

    Will you settle 4 her clone?   Gotta wait 3 years though?

    AE86 Fan

    Paul Abbott one year

    Kory Graham

    It’s been 3 years

  54. Shelley Connor

    Apologies to Phantom Planet, but the sampling here really turns a sow's ear of a song into a silk purse.

  55. Adonis Marios Chaniotakis


  56. .The Letterheads

    is the gas station attendant the guy who used to be on much music?? i think his name is like matt or something, always was with the girl with the awesome fro..


    Yeah its him

    Tom Ruta


  57. esoligh

    Love this song.  I got Joyful Rebellion n Atlantis: Hymns for Disco on CD back in the day and I bought Yes! off iTunes.  One of the most amazing lesser known artists where I am from.  'Love Song' as a song and video concept and 'Fly Paper' and some classic artistic achievements by Kheaven from heaven :).  Thanks for sharing!!

  58. KidOnTheNet

    So... what does this song have to do with Natalie Portman?

    Tim Kinisky

    @KittyOnTheNet not really anything in terms of the lyrics. but before the writing of this song, k-os was not really into the US, and at the time he felt she represented what the US meant to him at the time. Then he started to appreciate america more and this was really his acceptance of allowing america to be a positive influence in his life (hence also sampling the tune from ... i think it was the OC? i forget). Anyway ... that's kind of the gist of the meaning behind the name.


    @Tim Kinisky Thanks :)

    andrew strongman

    @KittyOnTheNet The original title was "I'm on the run" but that was taken and when pressed for an alternative the name "I wish I knew Natalie Portman" just came out.


    +KittyOnTheNet I'm asking the same question, that's why I came Here!

    Bob Zagas

    Tim Kinisky I saw in an interview that his label wanted a title for this song urgently so they could release the album, and he was watching tv and she was on screen, and thought to himself “I wish I knew Natalie Portman”, and just named the track that

  59. Kristofer Peterson

    I read this song title and think, "Me too... Me too."

  60. Will Ando

    sounds like * ISIS GRAB UR GUNS *  right?

    Yusuf Imtiaz

    Will Ando thats what i was thinking

  61. Raof A

    iv always wondered where natalie portman fit into this song haha

    Christopher Dorner

    I always thought this was the boy v for vendettas theme song

  62. lXlinfinitylXl

    Wow just wow amazing tune LOL im glad i clicked on this by mistake,


    youre a pretty handsome guy


    @razedWrong brother is that you?

  63. awesomejack33

    holy fuck this is amazing

  64. Yuri Andrade

    No Country for Old Men

  65. eade27

    oh no I can't stop listening this song 

    yaaa man

    listen this high and you will not regret it
    you can also listen bongo bong

  66. Bro Smith

    i love this song goodbye forever

  67. Cedrick Wallace Jr

    Ten seconds into this song and already I was slapping myself for thinking "Superstar Part Zero" was this guy's only good work. Damn I've been in the dark...


    I know I'm mad late (5 yrs), but I think that whole Exit album was dope

  68. JohnBl4z3

    no country for black men lol.

  69. HELPmeMOD

    So why is this song called "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" ??

  70. TheHyperBirds

    These guys are Canadian right?

    Yusuf Imtiaz

    TheHyperBirds yeah

  71. AndrewNWA

    Right you are!

  72. AndrewNWA

    Yes it is :) ... I miss the old MTV

  73. circuitleaf

    this video is so dope.

  74. dvocn

    wonder if he met her yet

  75. {HIndspuIH}

    2) the girl in the daisy dukes at 2:27min is also in the started from the bottom music video (3) ko_s and saukrates help keep the t.o scene fresh no matter how old they are .

  76. {HIndspuIH}

    .com artic safari yes that matt babbel or w.e his last name it (2)

  77. .The Letterheads

    is that matt from mtv? 1:35

  78. Nick Vincentini

    best name for a song though it also could be I wish I knew sasha grey or Olivia munn

  79. ritches48

    That awkward moment where you expressly state in the description that it's spelled with a lowercase k but then use capitals in the title..

  80. Badgrams

    breaks down so many stereotypes, lovin it

  81. tristan

    i met him at his concert in montreal 2 days ago, honestly one of the biggest decepointment of my life, i had such big expectation from him and he was so drunk and on coke that he fucked the hole show up :/

  82. ChuckmasterFlex

    Oh shit it's the Sage

  83. R Webb

    Pretty easily I guess, seeing as the masses are still dormant

  84. Jasmine Rayman-Kinney

    Woah, look, it's Xaul Zan

  85. deg089

    I wonder what k-os did to piss off the big boys in the media game because why else would he be so under appreciated?

  86. Dan Petz

    you actually don't get it or are you kidding

  87. stefan1132

    so annoying

  88. YouKnowThatYouDont

    lol relevance of the title to the song?

  89. ezgi

    Original by Phantom Planet is better, but this is pretty good too

  90. Billy Nou

    This song sounds better in an old Mustang :P :P

  91. OG Tej

    Not enough recognition for this tune

  92. Sia Kermani

    look at the gas price haha

  93. SoulOwn Jimi Longstreet

    Does anyone else notice Leah Millers co-host Matte Babel from Muchmusic at 1:10 & 1:20?? If it is mad respect for k-os for havin him in his video and that was a flash from my past. Props to AndrewNWA for the upload and the stellar bio of k-os...#Respect

  94. Zachary Eyre

    awsome filmed in claremont

  95. David fan

    i was looking for this song over for 2 years... i thought it was called "on the run" but its i wish i knew natalie portman.......
    still love it though :D

  96. naokohunter

    Am I the only one who got Dukes of Hazzard vibe from the video? If so, if Nelly Furtado would've appeared she definitely had to wear some Daisy Dukes! She is hot! The song is a trip!

  97. TomC C.

    In music, sampling is the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece. Sampling was originally developed by experimental musicians working with musique concrète and electroacoustic music, who physically manipulated tape loops or vinyl records on a phonograph.