k-os - Chocolate Chewing Gum (Excerpt) Lyrics

Wake up in the morning, press the Colgate
Brush my teeth, then I'm hitting the streets to meditate
Went outside, and the sky was rather grey
But I paid no attention kept moving upon my way
Went down the block, and skanked a little further
When this kid came up, he said what's up with MC Murdah?
That was then son, this is now
I live in the moment like a why to a how
Wow, that's profound, just break that down
That's when I proceeded to show him the pro to the noun
I found instead of trying to be what I was
I be what I is which makes us the wizard of us
[radio cuts out]

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k-os Chocolate Chewing Gum (Excerpt) Comments
  1. Jermaine Rebello

    Off of one of the best albums of the 2000's!

  2. Nubian Light

    INNOVATOR within the Most High, conscience of Creations. THIS IS HIP HOP people He's rocking like its "85" in 2008. OK you have to become an vessel of The Most High to crate or express any of the four elements hip hop.

  3. Pat D

    im feelin a Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh vibe here. That track La Di Da Di comes to mind when I hear this track.

    J Anderson

    Oh me oh my

  4. E. D.

    This is the hidden song from 'Hyms from Atlantis", should be part of the track "Ballad of Noah"

  5. Blitzmanguy

    wow Rahzel beatbox in this, cool.2 of my favourite artists.

  6. magillionare

    people really should know of k-os great work and rahzel's longevity! spread the word !!!!

  7. Joe .Upton

    Haha, don't worry fam, there are still some heads out there!

  8. Ruairi

    i didnt think anyone knew who rahzel was