k-os - 4 3 2 1 Lyrics


4 3 2 1
What we fighting...?
4 3 2 1
I don't know what...
4 3 2 1
What we fighting...?
4 3 2 1
I don't know what for

Clap your hands, everybody
Don't act like you never saw me
Just clap your hands, everybody
Everybody, clap your hands

Clap your hands, everybody
Don't act like you never saw me
Just clap your hands, everybody
And everybody, clap your hands

You say hello
I say goodbye
Don't leave me high
Or post to dry
Feels so good
When you're by my side
Check like Johnny Depp
Playing the role of a fly guy
I thought together
We're tougher than leather
And never
Fall for the pleasure
Under pressure
But it seems
All that glitters is gold
Maybe you sold your soul
For the golden goose
But the truth is
Long as I keep rhyming
Eyes keep shining
Soul stays divine
I remember
'96, we used to dance
I had two pairs of pants
But you had that glance, yo
Used to hang out
In the park and just chill
Now we sweep swords
In the dark and act ill
Doesn't really matter
I've got to go
Peace to maestros
That rock for sho'
We did it

4 3 2 1
What we fighting...?
4 3 2 1
I don't know what...
4 3 2 1
What we fighting...?
4 3 2 1
I don't know what for

Guess who's back
That never left at all?
With the brand new pencil
And a crystal ball
Let it fall
Break down the wall
You can't give what
You haven't conceived at all
It's the truth, foolproof
But fools need proof
So I slide to the side
And I act uncouth
But it's just an act
'Cause I might react
To those who never
Held a mic that fed back
It's just a day in the life
Of a man living in the dark
One headlight
Wake up to Dylan
The village makes the villain
I write raps while I watch
Myself on the ceiling
4 3 2 1
It's a countdown
I roll like a laser beam
Through the downtown
Its mind over matter
Maintain the globe
Peace to Metric
LJ, oh

4 3 2 1
What we fighting...?
4 3 2 1
I don't know what...
4 3 2 1
What we fighting...?
4 3 2 1
I don't know what for

What for, what for
What for, what for
What for

Clap your hands, everybody
Don't act like you never saw me
Just clap your hands, everybody
Everybody, clap your hands

Clap your hands, everybody
Don't act like you never saw me
Just clap your hands, everybody
Everybody, clap your hands

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k-os 4 3 2 1 Comments
  1. Smok Biggarton

    One of my fav videos and song..shot this video inside Gerrard Square when Zellars was there

  2. rebe xd0237

    Ni este men se salvo de la kenia os vEvE xdxd

  3. margaret williamson

    Ten timez better then kardinal official who agrees

  4. Westbound Promo

    classic, good times

  5. Christoffer Howard

    This is the best video for iPhone x

  6. OceanBby

    2019 anyone?

  7. Aron Tinney

    2019 anyone?

  8. Thomas orum

    Bruh.....just got here...sick!

  9. Dr. Derek

    yo im gonna upload my cover and song that sounds like urs to soundcloud on the 10th birthday of this video

  10. Horst Kevin Kasupke

    So underrated

  11. sydthepurepwnage4

    2018 And kos is still a legend.

  12. stpierrecanada1

    2018 still dope

  13. julio garcia

    What a beautiful model thou

  14. Jerome Byrd


  15. Cyborea Mureithi

    This shit take me back to 2011

  16. thisguyagain 2010


  17. Tribe Called Noel

    KOS where are you...we need this...you`re the male Lauryn hill...sing/rap!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?

  18. Timdunkdeez

    OK 2017 I think this Shit is still dope ..... sorry

    Christoffer Howard

    douglas tonkins 2018! 😃

  19. nanfakku

    finally found the actual song on youtube

  20. Randz88Goddex

    this 1 goes out to the whole world, mainly the leaders!

  21. Ivan Torres

    This dude reminds me of Will.I.AM !

    Mysstterious M

    Yes and, hmmhmm, when we was young, we was thinking Will.I.AM copy K-OS style (considering he was there before Black Eyes Peas).

  22. Odin

    what is good for humans in this idiotic SHIT?

  23. Bee Bee

    Still amazing in 2016!

  24. Steve Redman

    Only good thing about Gerrard Square

  25. CultOfSloth

    Idgaf what people say. K-os will forever be a Canadian hip hop legend.

    the semen demon


    Josh Whatley

    You don't even have to mention the fact he's Canadian eh. Dude is a legend in hip hop period. I'm from the State and will tell anyone who will listen with a quickness. There have only been a few emcees throughout history of this caliber.

  26. Kristinamarie Swanson

    1,612-1,613/4-5thumpings up

  27. pascal CLOUATRE

    best rapper from canada fuck drake

    pascal CLOUATRE

    @apollo ramos hes a canadian of trinidad descent he grew up in canada

    HEMAN is a JEDI

    +pascal CLOUATRE  ikr drake is a fake fuck started from the bottom now we here NAAWWWT! drake started with a silver spoon up his ass then on a horrible tv show and now he makes horrible music lol

    Jenjiyo phriendjiyo

    Drake is nothing. K-os is everything <3


    pascal CLOUATRE I know I'm a whole year late bro.... but I think Drake kinda emulated K os with the rapping and singing tip.... just sayin

  28. Paul Abbott

    Mixx this wit Feists 1234

  29. Tûññêlrãt

    The beats a sample from Soul Flower (remix) by The Pharcyde

    M D.

    +HerSilkScarfGagsMe Howard Morris and The Fatback band.

    Cody Andrews

    +HerSilkScarfGagsMe Ahh so THAT"S why I love it.

  30. Dank Dylan

    i like it

  31. Bri s

    Such a dope song. RIP to zellers

    Paul Abbott

    +Bri s   shootz he scores.


    wait wtf happened to zellers?

    Nikkita Samarina

    it went bankrupt and got bought out by Target, then Target screwed it all up and bailed after a year. i swear zellers coulda just been sustained by their all dressed chips

    joey odonnell

    RiP to Sears too

  32. cflDaBeast

    Thank God for K-OS! Super Dope!!

  33. Derpy Derp

    Soooooooo...... This is like all other vids? Needs to be validated by others.... Nothing new 2c here .,...

  34. Lv4music aka IndieBear

    What's up with this punk band in Washington taking his name?  grrr...

  35. Mala Turay

    The best thing that happened to Gerrard Sq.

  36. ItsZe Voosky

    Best music vid EVA

  37. Shammo Rahman


  38. brad galactic

    track will never get dull

  39. kiewanface

    3:14 scares me everytime. Dudes leg!!! i miss Zellers :/

  40. David Gant

    This is so very cool and keep up the great music!

  41. Mary Holliman

    i will never get sick of this song. k-os is so amazing. <3

  42. Clarence Jones

    K-Os helped make the following:
    highly recommend that jawn right there, they really went all out with the contributors for it

    John Evans

    true school history man, gotta get both of those

    Seema Omar

    they need to make more hiphop boooks like that, where its the legends giving you the facts

  43. [DERP]TheNargleFish

    Bad lip sinking in this song...

  44. NAMiTjURA z

    I dont really like this song but im still listening to it.

  45. [DERP]TheNargleFish

    360p we meet again

  46. tyler t

    Gerard Square

  47. Josh Curley

    canada.. been listening to this stuff for so long so sick.

  48. Thomas Jourdan-Gassin

    Man sounds like tribe called quest, got that q tip flow

  49. maskedman60

    he did a gree show in london ontario for this album it was hype i was glad to be a part of the crowd

  50. freakyflow

    good to know cause i always wondered what mall lol

  51. Constantine Pinchuk


  52. fauque you're Monitering systems

    Except K-os isn't a talentless slouch.

  53. Squidward Likes Krabby Patties

    I read your comment too late lol. Best time ever! :D

  54. mrkarl13

    Gerrard Square

  55. mrkarl13

    Filmed in Gerrard Square, where I hung out everyday in high school

  56. Racquel Brown

    What mall is this! I feel like I've been there before.

  57. Constantine Pinchuk

    :::WARNING::: Don't watch while high. You'll trip balls LOL

  58. misha k

    What or who is sellers?

  59. Mary-Kate Edwards

    still love this, classic

  60. tIMMVI

    Cool story bro...

  61. Sarah Zr.

    listened to the dog is mine ?

  62. TorontoStylez2006

    heaven only knows......;)

  63. porcelain

    omg i remember this song! haha

  64. Steven Rimke

    Listen to the dog is mine. Brilliant song, and not well known. Keep it up k-os

  65. elkingtonj44

    my fellow Toronto-nians , is that Matte Babel at 2:14 ? lol

  66. sweetplum


  67. William Warren-Lavoie

    This song is sooo good!

  68. DireClown

    I'm not sure how I discovered K-os, but I'm glad I did...my wife and I ended up using "Flypaper" as our first dance song at our wedding!

  69. DSeizeProductions

    If you like real hip-hop search----> Dual Seize - From Where to There
    More Canadian hip-hop for the true music fiend

  70. molesticles

    K'os and k'naan ....No.1 Coming to a chart near you.

  71. molesticles

    Lovers tiff?

  72. molesticles

    C'est bon.

  73. Nels

    Guys K-os has truly inspired me as an Mc. I believe that he paved the way for Canadian MC's such as myself. I was shocked not to find him on the list for best MC's of our time. I believe that he is just as lyrical as Common or Black Thought if not more. Anyway please check me out, Subscribe and help support a fellow canadian MC.
    PS if anyone wants to collaborate or give me any advice GOOD or BAD please do.
    Thank You For Your Time.

  74. Green Kid

    the fretless bass in this song is too dirty.. brb gotta shower

  75. rufia75

    Let's all take a deep breath and...calm the fuck down ^_^

  76. goseahawks22


  77. Ashley Perez


  78. skrilla88

    Check out K-os' new track Superbad on my channel!


    someone jus had to bring JB in here, :(

  80. Chickenpeach

    too bad Zeller is turning in to target :(

  81. DarkyDiZZ

    Still bump this everyday lol

  82. illadelphI215I

    K-Os is the The Canadian version of The Roots

  83. Nels

    canadian lyricists are the best, Shad, K-os, K'naan, Miles Jones, Classified If you don't know them get the fuck outta here

  84. VeenaShnitzle

    I love the song and the video its purrfect

  85. joncoish

    Yeah man, the first time I heard this song I was like "Damn, K-Os is going to rule the next few years"... but then the album just didn't seem to do much, at least not on the radio or muchmusic.

  86. JupilAire

    Fine. Dreadlocks, same shit just thiner. No need to be unpolite, fucking looser ;)

  87. Matt Liston

    Don't be hatin this guy i'm sure he's better than all of you put together. He Can Lay It Down Like Old School.

  88. Wanooknox

    rastas? dreadlocks dipshit...

  89. JupilAire

    Not every black guy with rastas that can sing and rap is Will.I.Am. ...

  90. Daymeaux


  91. merkyywaters

    I love that there's a Zellers in this video :)

  92. MacJayDion

    i havent listened to k os in forever.

  93. MacJayDion

    this kid below me is going to be famous man.